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Cody scored a touchdown with the nympho swinger next door.

The Limo Ride

These Dallas neighbors swapped wives in the limo.

Motor Home Pussy

Alex met a swinging couple at an adult book store.

Roger's Education

A male teacher is fucking his way through the school staff with the help of his nympho girlfriend.

Open Marriage In Golden Colorado

Andrew and Shelly have an open marriage.

Out Of Town And Horny

A traveling businessman hooks up with a married couple and they both suck his cock.

Angie Fucked The Pool Boy

Confessions of a South Florida Rich Bitch.

I Love To Fuck

Cookies loves to fuck. Confessions of a nympho swinger.

Sex Party In Savannah

A hot tub party turns into an orgy.

My Husband Fucked The Maid

Dana hires a young and fuckable maid.

My Husband Took Me To A Swing Club

A married couple in Florida go to a swing club.

I Have An Open Marriage

An Oregon wife has her husband's blessings to fuck other men and couples.

Reba's New Fuck Friends

A horny divorced BBW shares her stories of sexual adventure.

Cum Coated Girl Kisses

Luis and his wife have a threesome with another woman.

Nashville Sex Party

A swinging couple in Nashville hosts a sex party at their home.

Stuff My Pussy

Misti and her boyfriend got nasty at the pub.

The Submissive Wives Club

Donnie and Peggy joined a swinger group.

Carla And Marty Like Girls

Marty and his wife share hot bisexual girls.

Rented Pussy

Carolyn surprised her husband with a young sexy escort.

My Swinging Disaster

I talked my husband into swinging with another couple

Lick My Pussy

Samantha and her boyfriend have an open relationship.

A Married Couple's Sex Games

A Wisconsin couple bring other women and men into their bed.

I Found My Coworker's Swinger Profile

Man finds a female coworker on a swinger website.

Play Together & Stay Together

Real swinger experiences in Illinois.

Friends Share

Cheating married lady shares her lover with her best friend.

Cruise Ship Swingers

Couple meets couple and swings on a cruise.

Sex On A Boat

Girls get really naughty out on the lake.

The Birthday Present

Wife arranges threesome for her husband.

Pennsylvania Highway 83

Young man has sex with a couple he met on the road.

My Dad Is A Swinger

Daughter finds sex tapes.

The Ex Wife.

Angry man gets even with a cheating ex wife. Sends homemade sex videos to her work.

The Camping Trip.

Two couples go on a camping vacation and end up swinging.

My Wife's Swinging Secret.

Man discovers sexual secrets about his wife's past.

Trading Pussy.

Two couples on a double date swap and fuck.

A memorable trip to Texas

Man visiting a friend gets invited to a swinger party.

Adventures in Swinging.

Georgia swinging couples.

Houston Hospitality.

A Houston couple have their first threesome.

Swinging saved my marriage.

Wisconsin couple's swinging experience.

Tina goes wild.

North Carolina couple keeps things exciting by swinging.

Our first threesome.

First time swingers in Florida.

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