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Beg For It

Mistress Veronica punishes her short dicked slave.

I Like It Rough

Laurie fucks her bad boy ex-husband.

Bonnie's Kinky Sex Games

A divorced BBW loves sex and discovers her submissive side.

Dolly Got Spanked

Tony takes pleasure in Dolly's pain.

Strip Searched

A shoplifter is detained and violated by a female security guard.

Dana's Painful & Humiliating Initiation

Dana's initiation into an exclusive Dallas sex club.

Surfing For Married Pussy

Carol wanted to be treated like a whore.

Amy Gets Shared

Amy is collared, bound, masked and shared with a stranger.

Rough Sex For A Southern Belle

Two brothers on vacation pick up a slut and give her rough sex.

The Submissive Wives Club

Donnie and Peggy joined a swinger group.

You're Busted

Busted shoplifter has to give up sex to stay out of trouble.

Mister Fister

Angry man abuses a submissive BBW he met online.

Sandy Got Spanked.

She went home with a guy she met in a bar.

My Sex Slave.

Submissive wife is working off her husband's debt as a weekend sex slave.

No Means No!.

Woman abducted in a parking lot and dragged into a van.

Dear Diary.

She found a sugar daddy online and got more than she could handle.

My Husband's Secret Life.

Wife discovers her husband has been seeing a dominatrix.

Trudy's introduction to spanking.

New Jersey man finds a woman to spank him hard.

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