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I Caught My Daughter Fucking A Black Man
Like mother like daughter. - By Natalie

My name is Natalie but everyone calls me Mrs. C because our last name is Cunningham after that old TV show.  This all happened over Thanksgiving Holiday.  My only child, my sweet nineteen year old daughter Lexi came home to Naperville about 140 miles north of Champaign where she attends the University of Illinois. Lexi is in her Sophomore year and she has the nicest boyfriend Jeff that she has been dating since last year.  My husband and I love Jeff, we hoped she would bring him home with her, but he had a family gathering of his own and was unable to make it.  

Lexi's dad and I were so glad to see her since it was her first trip home in quite a while. We chatted and had a good afternoon together but come evening she and some of her High school girl friends all decided to go out.  We didn’t think much about it and went to bed my husband got up and went to work like always with Thanksgiving being the next day I readied the house for the dinner.  About nine I decided I to make Lexi a big breakfast like I used to when she was home on the weekend.  I walked into her bed room to let her know that breakfast was ready and I was shocked to see my baby girl on her hands and knees. A large dark skinned black man in his late to middle thirties standing behind her. He had the biggest fattest cock I had ever seen and he was pounding her pussy from behind.

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I stood there in shock for I don’t know how long watching them caught up in there enjoyment of the moment. Realizing what was happening I backed out of the room pulling the door shut behind me. I went back to the kitchen and turned off breakfast.  The sight of my daughter enjoying sex, something I never even let mind think about got me thinking about a brief affair I had with a black man several years earlier.

The vision of the dark sweaty older man and my daughter and my affair got my nipples hard and my pussy twitching. I felt my breast as I walked unconsciously to my bedroom. Locking the door as I closed it my fingers slipped inside my blouse rubbing my left nipple my thumb pinched it lightly. It was stiff and sensitive. I dug thru my panty drawer and found my trusty Vibrator I had not used it in a month or so since my husband was away on a trip. God I hoped the batteries were good. I kicked off my shoes and pushed my skirt and panties to the floor. Unbuttoning my top and losing my bra I thought about the sight I had just seen my daughter being fucked so hard and joyously by the large black man her hair was wet and matted from sweat. His muscles flexing and shiny as his hips thrust in and out His long fat dick penetrating my daughter.

My fingers were trembling as I switched on the vibrator. I rubbed it up and down the slit of my dripping pussy moistening the tip. I rubbed my clit with the fingers on my other hand as I slipped it in all the way. Mmmm How I wished the machine was bigger, as big as the real cock slamming mercilessly into my teenage daughter. My mind raced back to when I had an affair with a black man I had met at the gym how he would fuck me from behind while holding and pulling on my tits. How his big dick would fill my pussy more than my husband ever would. How his balls felt slapping on my clit making me cum and beg to cum again and again.  My mind was back on my Daughter and her lover upstairs her small C cup tits hanging and swaying with every thrust of the older black man fucking her in her bed. How she rocked back into his long black dick taking as much as she could get in to her small shaved pussy the little curly landing strip of blond hair just above her clit. The sound of his balls slapping her clit below and the moans of her pleasure. The smell of sweat and sex still filled my nostrils. My hips rocked as I slipped the vibrator deeper into my soaking pussy. I then pulled it back out and rubbed the tip on my clit. I moaned in delight remembering how I loved having my pussy filled with a long fat dick and being stretched open and pounded mercilessly.

Having a strange man other than my husband filling it with thick white cum. My fingers worked on my nipples as I slipped the vibrator in and out of my pussy. My juices running like a river down the crack of my ass tickling my little ass hole. It made me remember the few times I gave my virgin ass to my black lover. I thought about how I learned to take my lover's big thick cock into my throat, something I had never done for my husband, even when we were first dating.  I remember wow he made me feel like a so sexual and uninhibited and how I would do anything to please him.

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I could hear the bed upstairs right above me rocking hard and my daughter moaning for him to fuck her harder.  The bed bouncing on the floor from the mighty thrust his body was giving her. My fingers slipped back down to my clit as I rubbed and slapped at it the vibrator buzzing deep in my hungry cunt. I wanted him in here with me I wanted a real dick pounding my pussy. I wanted to feel him cumming deep in my pussy. I heard my daughter screaming in pleasure and him moan loud. Then the squeaking of the bed ceased. My fingers soaking with my juices rubbed my clit I shoved the dildo deep and I too came hard. My orgasm started strong with a glowing rush. My fingers never ceased to work my clit and pussy it rolled thru my body curling my toes making my breast tingle. I pushed the vibrator deeper the tips of my fingers deep in my pussy holding it there. I screamed as the last of my orgasm left my body. I slowly pulled it free of my puffy satisfied pussy. Turning it off I lay motionless on the bed panting heavily. Like my daughter and her lover were upstairs.

My fingers rested softly on my clit and left breast enjoying the last few sensations that rippled thru my body. I was unaware how long I lay there but some time later I heard the front door close.  I went to my bathroom and washed my face and body after getting dressed I went back upstairs to Lexi's room. She was curled naked in her blankets a smile on her face, there were several Kleenex scattered around the room all covered in the cum of her black lover. I picked them up cleaning like a good mother always does. I paused for a brief second and inhaled the scent of his sperm and my daughter’s juices before discarding them into the trash. Sitting on the side of my dearest Lexi’s bed I told her that I had seen her having sex with the older black man. I reminded her how her father was not a racist man but that it would kill him if he ever found his daughter fucking a black man. How he still believed his daughter was pure and still his baby girl. I told Lexi that she should never bring a black man into the house again. We both agreed that he should never know of this. My mind raced back to my black lover and how I had brought him into our house and into my bed many times before. It made me yearn to have one in my bed right now. I helped my daughter get up and into the shower I realized how much of a beautiful woman she had become.  A younger smaller version of myself.

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