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Daddy Daughter Love
The most shocking secrets are the most fun to share . - By Jennifer


I’m a 24 year old woman and recently got married to a wonderful man.  We enjoy a fulfilling sex life, but it’s nothing as exciting and hot as the sex I had with my father.  When I found this site, I knew I was going to have to write about it for the first time.

Growing up, my mother always seemed at odds with both my father and I.  She wasn’t a very nice person and we fought constantly.  She and my father argued a lot as well.  My father and I, however, always had a close relationship and would stick up for each other when mom would pick fights with us.  The times that I spent alone with my father were a welcome refuge for both of us from my mother’s anger.  My dad and I became so close that, at age 15 when I started to become VERY interested in sex, it seemed only natural for he and I to become more intimate.  At 45, my dad was a very handsome, big, strong man.  I always just took it for granted that I not only loved him as my father, but I was in love with him as well.  And, I knew he was in love with me too.  

Our first sexual encounters were sweet and seemed fairly innocent to me.  When mom was out of the house, we’d kiss, I’d stroke his beautiful, thick 9 inch cock and he’d touch my hairless pussy until we both came.  Sometimes, he’d get a little rough with me like pulling my hair while we made out, and spanking me…I really liked that!  That kind of playing around lasted about 6 months before we both decided we wanted more. But, dad hated condoms and I knew from the few times I’d had sex with my boyfriend that I was allergic to them.  My dad suggested that I start taking birth control pills so we could take our sexual relationship to the next level and I happily agreed.  

We went to the clinic together and I started taking the pill immediately.  During the two weeks I had to wait until it was effective, dad was on a business trip overseas.  I swear it was the longest two weeks of my life.  I masturbated constantly with the thought of my daddy and I having a real, grown-up love life instead of just messing around like kids.

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He came home on a Saturday afternoon.  My mom was happy to see him, but she had rudely made plans to go out with her friends that night instead of spending time with her husband who had been gone for two weeks!  But, my dad and I couldn’t be happier.  We spent the afternoon stealing quick, sexy glances at each other and smiling when mom wasn’t looking.  When she went into the bedroom to get ready to go out, I jumped into my father’s arms, wrapped my skinny legs around his waist, my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply and passionately.  He held me up by my ass and squeezed the full, round cheeks firmly as our tongues passionately clashed.  We just kissed and kissed for at least 10 minutes until we heard my mom coming out of the bedroom.  He dropped me quickly and we pretended to do chores in the kitchen.  I hoped that mom wouldn’t see the dark, wet stain that had appeared on my gym shorts as she walked through and said goodbye although I don’t know how she could have missed seeing my rock-hard nipples through my tank top or the huge bulge in daddy’s pants.

As soon as she was gone, we immediately locked our mouths together again.  Daddy reached down and grabbed a fistful of my long brown hair yanking my head back, bent down and placed his tongue deep into my mouth.  I broke away to say, “I love you, Daddy!  I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, baby,” he said with lust in his eyes.  And with that, he scooped me up into his arms and carried me into my bedroom.  

He laid me down on my bed and we immediately shed our clothes.  On his knees at my feet at the edge of the bed, he knelt stroking his hard cock.  I spread my legs so he could see me rubbing the pussy juice all over my smooth lips with one hand and squeezing a C cup titty in my other.  We both knew there’d be no foreplay…we had to fuck NOW!  

“Please put it inside me, Daddy!” I begged as my hips uncontrollably bucked up and down off the bed.

He got closer and put my little legs over his shoulders.  “Yes…I’m going to fuck my little girl!” he said with a quivering voice.

He rubbed the big, swollen head up and down my puffy little pussy lips which shot jolts of electricity through my whole five foot, 95 pound frame.  I let out a loud cry and massaged my clit up and down the length of his cock.  He held down my hips with one hand and used his other to guide the tip of his shaft to my tight hole.  

I was dizzy with excitement as he popped the fat head inside me.  As my lips stretched open to accommodate his monster dick, a fireball of orgasm erupted inside me and I screamed my head off!  I just shook and screamed as he thrust inch after amazing inch deep inside my little body.  Once he was all the way in and my pussy lips were stretched around the base of his cock, he bent down and kissed me hard.  “I love you, baby,” he said and began fucking me.  He was slow at first, but not for long.  His thrusts soon became harder and harder.  

My first orgasm hadn’t even ended when the second one began.  I came and came, screaming “FUCK ME, DADDY!” as he pounded me harder.  My titties were hammering up and down as I rode out the long, continuous orgasm.

Daddy stared into my eyes the whole time, grunting and groaning with his sexy, deep voice.  His big balls slapped against my asshole reminding me that the cum that was inside them – my DADDY’S cum – would soon be deep inside me!

He wrapped his strong hands around my throat, making me feel like such a slut!  As I heard his breath quicken and felt his cervix-punishing thrusts pounding in and out of me with more and more brutality, he yelled in the deepest and most manly voice I’ve ever heard him use, “I’M CUMMING!!!”  He buried his cock deep inside me and with a long, slow groan and his eyes rolled to the back of his head, I began to feel his cum filling me up!  It was the most amazing feeling and made my pussy pulse and twitch as if it was begging to be fed.  I screamed with one more orgasm as my father and I finally consummated our taboo romance with a belly full of his hot, sticky sperm.

He collapsed on top of me, kissing my face and neck with his cock still inside me.  I noticed that it was still hard and he began sliding it in and out of me again!

“Are you gonna fuck me some more, Daddy?” I asked hopefully.

“Jesus, YES!  I can’t get enough of that sweet little pussy!  Get on your hands and knees!”

He took his cock out of me (which I didn’t like the idea of at all!) as a massive burst of cum and pussy juice gushed from inside me. I quickly flipped over into the doggy position, put my head and shoulders down on the bed and thrust my ass up in the air with cum dripping down my thighs offering my daddy my pussy.  I felt so good…so owned by him!  I would have let him do whatever he wanted and would have loved it!

Daddy grabbed my slim hips and drove his cock deep into my burning pussy.  We both cried out as he invaded his little girl with his dirty old cock.  

“Ohhhh God, YES!  FUCK ME, DADDYYYY!!!” I cried out as orgasm after orgasm once again ripped through my whole body.

He spanked me…hard!  I screamed and squealed as he reached forward and pulled my head back by my hair.  He spanked me some more until my ass was glowing and warm.  

I felt his cock withdraw and more of our love liquid streamed out of my used, stretched out pussy.  He rolled onto his back with his glistening cock standing straight up.  All I wanted was to have that thing back inside me so I jumped on top of him, straddled him with my hands on his chest and searched for the tip with my pussy hole.  I impaled myself on that cock and rode it up and down loving the thought of how much pleasure I was bringing to my dad.  I slammed my pussy up and down on him, my ass cheeks slapping against his thighs.  He grabbed my hips tightly and began to lift me up and down the entire length of his dick.  I squealed with lust and came as we fucked.

“I want more cum, Daddy!” I begged at the top of my voice.

I rode him like a slutty bitch, my titties bouncing all over the place, using my hips like a piston to milk that juicy dick until his body tensed, his cock swelled, he rocked forward and filled me with another load.  It felt like it must have been just as big as the first one as I felt his thick member throbbing with spurt after spurt.

Then came the best moment! My mom called to say that she had drank too much while out and was going to spend the night on a friend’s couch.  

My dad and I couldn’t believe our luck…we had the whole house to ourselves all night long!  We literally fucked for 8 hours straight in every imaginable position.  I lost count of how many loads he dumped inside me, but I can tell you that he made me the happiest little daughter in the world!

My dad and I had sex every time we had a chance from then until I left for college.  We still get together occasionally but nothing can compare to the first time my daddy fucked me!

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