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Can I Call You Daddy?
I'm old enough to be her father. - By Rudy

My name is Rudy.  I am a 44 year old married guy with 4 kids, including 23 year old twin daughters.  I got married to my high school sweetheart right after graduation.  Other than a couple of brief affairs with women I met at work, my sex life has been nothing worth writing about.  That is until last March when I fucked the company slut, Carol.  

Shortly after I got married, my father in-law got me a job at the plant where he worked.  It was a decent job with steady hours and benefits.  The second shift lifestyle is not healthy for a married person.  Back then the legal drinking age was 18 in Wisconsin.  We would get off work at 11PM and then head to one of several local bars and drink until the bar closed.  I stayed on second shift for three years until I had enough seniority to bid on a day shift position.   I don't know how my marriage or my liver survived.  

While I was still an hourly employee, I got to know a couple of older married ladies who worked in production.   One of the ladies, Lynn was a cute but chubby blonde who was 10 years older than me.  She was married to a mean looking Mexican guy who was insanely jealous and treated her like property.  My work station was close to hers and we often took our breaks together.   As we got to know each other, she confided in me and started to share intimate details of her life.  It turns out that Lynn's husband was jealous for good reason.  He had caught her cheating a couple of times.   I had been married for almost four years at this point.  My twins were three years old and my wife was pregnant again.  Between taking care of the twins and being pregnant, she was worn out and our sex life was practically dead.  Lynn started to look very appealing.  An open mouth kiss by a remote water fountain one day was all that it took to ignite an affair that lasted several months.  Lynn would tell her husband that she was going shopping with her friend Laura on Saturday mornings.  Laura apparently knew what the truth was and she covered for Lynn.  Lynn and I would meet at a no-tell motel and fuck for a couple of hours every other Saturday.  Our affair ended when Lynn quit work to stay home with her kids.  Almost immediately Lynn's friend Laura started being extra friendly to me at work.  Laura worked in another department.  I didn't get a chance to see her very much at work.  She was old enough to be my mom.  She was in her late 40's, I was 23. Laura had a decent body, long red hair, and a great ass which she liked to show off in skin tight jeans.  But Laura looked really hard in the face.  Laura was divorced and her kids were all grown.  She lived in a trailer park that was about a mile from where I lived.  I had heard stories about Laura over the years.  She had a reputation for liking to go out drinking after work and after a couple of drinks she liked to fuck.  I was on a fitness kick at the time and was riding my bike a lot.  Laura invited me to stop over for a beer sometime and one evening after work I was feeling pretty horny and took her up on the invitation. I rode my bike over to Laura’s house. She answered the door wearing a silky robe. She invited me in and practically attacked me.  We ended up having sex on her sofa.  She was a very passionate lady and she loved to suck cock, but she had a very loose sloppy pussy.  Intercourse wasn't very satisfying, but I continued to tag her for several weeks.  One day at work Walter, a scruffy, dirty old maintenance guy approached me and told me that Laura was his girlfriend and that I better stay away from her.  My first instinct was to kick his ass, but then it dawned on me if Laura was fucking Walter, she would probably fuck anyone.  After Laura confirmed that she was "dating" Walter, I totally lost interest and worried that my dick was going to fall off.

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Within a couple of years I had the good fortune to be selected into a management training program.  I served a long stint as a production supervisor on third shift.  During my management training, I received training on sexual harassment and ethical behavior.  There were plenty of examples in the company of managers and supervisors who got fired because they couldn't keep their dicks or in some cases their pussy in their pants.   I understood it would be a career ending decision to sleep with any of the hourly employees.  I sure got a lot of offers.  The women on third shift all seemed to be particularly loose and horny.  I never took the bait even though I was very tempted.

Eventually I got promoted to the job of plant scheduler.  It got me back to day shift and out of the hot factory and into a cozy air conditioned office.  The second floor offices where I worked also housed the accounting department and customer service.  Besides the controller, I was the only guy on the floor with ten women.  I maintained a professional relationship with the office women.  They were a nasty catty bunch.  I didn’t trust any of them.   I took my breaks with the production supervisors downstairs.  

The first time I saw Carol was three years ago when she came to work as summer help in accounting.  It was normal practice to bring in young ladies to help out in the summer.  What struck me about Carol was how skinny she was.  Carol stood about 5’9", and probably weighed less than 100 pounds.  I would guess that my neck was bigger around than her waist.  She was nothing but a kid to me.  She was 18 at the time.  My twin daughters are two years older than her.   Carol had long full dark brown hair, big brown eyes and pouty lips, she was a very pretty girl, but I never had the least bit of sexual feeling or thought about her that summer.

Apparently Carol was the product of a broken home and neglectful father.  She mistakenly confided her life story and most intimate secrets to the office bitches that summer.  She was naïve to the fact that those rotten cunts couldn’t wait to spread the gossip.  Carol’s wild sex life soon became the talk of the office.  I was out of the loop for the most part, but I was hearing some regular second hand stories from my supervisor buddies.  I began to look at Carol differently.  I knew that second hand gossip was probably embellished, but if the stories were even half true, Carol was quite the slut.

One afternoon I walked up behind Carol and Peggy the Pig at the copy machine.  They didn’t see or hear me and I overheard Carol make the comment that she had a date that night and, “All I need from a guy is to feed me and fuck me.”   Carol didn’t stop talking even after she realized I was there.  

When the summer gig was over, the customer service manager offered Carol a full time position in the department.  Carol got married the next year and started to fill out a little, but she was still incredibly skinny.  The dress code was pretty casual.   Carol usually wore jeans and a t-shirt to work.  The clothes fit loosely.  Carol’s breasts were something less than an A cup.  Two little bumps.  I could see the outline of a bra under her shirt.  I assumed it had to be a training bra.

Carol’s presence in the office was refreshing.  She got along with everyone.  Her personality was always cheerful.  She was like a ray of sunshine in a dungeon.  She wanted to learn more about scheduling and would come into my office and ask questions when she wasn’t busy.  It was a sincere interest to learn in the spirit of making things work better in the office.  I was happy to teach her what I knew about scheduling and manufacturing.  I took her out into the plant to explain the manufacturing process.   I had begun to have fantasies about Carol, but I was maintaining a strict professional relationship.

Carol’s desk was in a central area of the office behind a cubicle wall.  There was no line of sight from her desk to my mine.  We began to email each other frequently.  As everyone knows, it is far easier to say stuff in email than it is face to face.  Emailing Carol all day made the days go by a lot faster.  It also made our growing friendship a lot less obvious to the bitches.  Carol confided in me through email that she was upset with her husband.  He had lost his job and was making no serious attempt to find a new one.   I warned her to be careful what she said to her female co-workers and told her that she had been betrayed by them already.  She pressed me to know what I had heard.  Reluctantly I told her one of the more scandalous stories I had heard.  That she had sex with four different guys on one weekend.  Carol was shocked that she had been betrayed, upset that the whole plant knew her business, but I think most upset by what I thought about her behavior.  She was relieved when I told her that I wasn’t an angel and didn’t judge her.  

When one of the more bitter and disgusting customer service reps quit, they hired a lady named Kim to take her place.   There was something about Kim that really sparked something in me.  She was my age, a little plump, but sophisticated, well dressed, and very competent in her work.  Her hair and makeup were always perfect, she had well manicured nails.  She wore a fragrance that made my cock hard.  I was totally smitten by her from the day she started.  The reaction wasn’t lost on Carol and she took me to task.  Her jealousy was obvious.  She asked me via email if I wanted to fuck Kim to which I replied, “Hell yes.”   Then she asked, “What’s wrong with me?”  I reminded Carol that I had daughters that were older than she was.  I told her I was flattered by her attention.  I never imagined that a young girl like Carol would be interested in a guy my age.

Kim had large breast which she showed off with low cut blouses.  Carol had met my wife at the company Christmas party and was aware that she also had large breasts.  Carol asked me if her small tits had something to do with my lack of interest.  I knew Carol was very self conscious about her small tits.  She told me that she hoped to be able to afford implants someday.  I told her that while I loved big tits, I also found something very sexy about skinny girls with A cup breasts or flat chests.  It was the truth, but I don’t think she believed me.    

I wanted Kim really badly.  I openly flirted with her.  I knew she was married.  I tried to get a read on her.  I wanted to ask her to have a drink with me after work, but I was scared.  I asked Carol to feel her out for me.  Carol reported back to me the next day that she told Kim that I had the hots for her.  Kim was apparently flattered but not interested in anything extra curricular.  I was bummed.  Carol repeated her statement to me via email, “What’s wrong with me?”

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There is a storage room in the rear of the office that has doors at opposite ends.  I told Carol to enter the store room through the north entrance and meet me in 10 minutes.  I entered through the south door and waited for her.  She showed up with a big smile.  She was pretending to be shy and coyly asked me what I wanted.  She was wearing a sweater and brown corduroys.  We stood back there silently for a moment just looking at each other.  I moved toward her and we began to kiss with open mouths.  She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close.  I had my hands on her firm thin waist.  It felt amazing.  The kiss was amazing.  My wife and I rarely kissed anymore, and never like this.   Carol moved her hand down to touch me through my Dockers.  For a young lady she knew how to fondle a cock and balls.  I slid my hand down the front of her pants.  They were loose so my hand slipped easily underneath her silky panties and over her surprisingly hairy mound.  My middle finger found its way into her sopping wet trench.  I rolled my finger over her hard clit a few times and she sighed.  Carol seemed ready to throw down on the floor and start fucking right there.  She pulled my hand down farther into her pants and asked me to finger her.   We had been in the store room for about 10 minutes and I feared someone would come back there and catch us.  I told Carol we had to stop and pulled away and went back to my office.  I sat there and smelled her delicious pussy on my fingers and felt the room spinning.  I was intoxicated with lust.

The chime sounded on my email program.  It was an email from Carol.  Subject: I want your cock!  I told her that I needed time to think about it.  I was worried that she would talk, she assured me that she wouldn’t.   I reminded her that I was old enough to be her dad to which she replied “Can I call you Daddy?”  I suggested that we both take a couple of days to consider the next step before doing anything hasty.   I told her that my kids would be devastated if they ever found out I had an affair with someone her age.  I told her that I didn’t want to do anything to damage our friendship.   

I knew it was wrong, I knew that tasting Carol’s forbidden fruit could cost me my job, my marriage, my relationship with my kids and my reputation.  But I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  I looked forward to getting to work to see her pretty face and her smile.   Carol craved my attention and lured me back to the store room several more times where we kissed passionately.  She begged me to take my cock out of my pants.  She loved for me to touch her stomach, ass and pussy, but when I tried to touch her breasts she stopped me.  

The risk of getting caught heightened the thrill.  Carol sat on a file folder box full of records and unzipped my pants and took my erect cock and balls out and stroked and fondled me before taking me completely in her mouth.   It was like she was in a trance.  She was totally intent on pleasing me and making me cum.  She took my hands and placed them on the back of her head and urged me to fuck her mouth.  I was sure we would get discovered any minute, but at this point I didn’t care.  I was experiencing the most erotic sexual encounter of my life.  Carol was making a subtle noise that was something between a grunt and moan.   Every time my cock was at the back of her throat she signaled her pleasure with a quiet moan.  My cock is only 8” but no woman has ever taken my cock as deeply in their mouth as Carol did.  It was obvious that she wanted me to handle her roughly and pump my cock into her throat deeper.  She massaged my balls with her hand as I begin to fuck her face harder and faster.  It was obvious that she could not only take the roughest thrusting I could give her, but she was actually enjoying it.

My thighs begin to shake and my legs felt weak.  A few minutes of steady face fucking brought me to the brink of one of the strongest orgasms of my life.  As soon as I started to cum, Carol pulled my cock out of her mouth and jacked me off into her open mouth and all over her tongue.  She rolled the cum around in her mouth for me to see.  She sucked the last drops of cum from the head of my cock.    As soon as I ejaculated I immediately started to worry about getting caught again.   Carol seemed to sense the return of my conscience and she held onto my cock firmly while gargling my cum and giving me a devilish grin.  Finally she released me and blew me a kiss as I hurriedly zipped my pants and went back to my office.  A few minutes later there was an email from Carol.  Subject:  Thank you!

Carol’s car had broke down several weeks earlier and she was getting a ride back and forth to work from her husband who had now been out of work for over six months.   Carol told me that she was planning to take the car tomorrow and make up an excuse that would give her a couple of hours immediately after work to spend with me.  She asked me to make a reservation at a nearby motel.  I readily agreed.    

That night on the way home I stopped by the mini mart and bought a 3 pack of condoms and a Styrofoam cooler and filled it with bottled Corona beer and ice.  That night I could hardly sleep.   I remember that my wife tried to initiate sex that night.  It was a rare occurrence for her to take the initiative it was the first time I can remember turning her down for sex.   When I was in my 20s it wouldn’t have been a problem to have two orgasms in one day and still be in top form the next day, but at 44 things start to slow down.   I remembered that my older brother Mark had given me a couple of Viagra a few weeks ago.  I had almost forgotten them.  I had hid them wrapped in foil in the back of my sock drawer saving them for a special occasion.

As I got dressed for work the next morning, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever have a more special occasion as I slipped the foil wrapped Viagra into my pants pocket.  When I pulled into the parking lot of work, I saw that Carol’s car was already parked.   I think Carol thought I would chicken out.  She seemed relieved when I told her I was planning to meet her after work.  The minutes dragged by that day.  It was hard to stay focused on my work.  Carol was on a tight schedule so I left work 30 minutes early to check into the room.  I popped the Viagra as I left work.  Mark said to take it about an hour before you plan to have sex.  I called Carol on my cell phone and told her what room I was in.   I left the door propped open and laid on the bed drinking a Corona trying to act cool as I waited for her to arrive.  

The truth was that I was nervous as hell.  My face felt hot and my cock began to stir.  It was the Viagra starting to work.   Carol showed up right on time.  She pushed open the door cautiously and smiled when she saw me lying on the bed.  She closed and dead bolted the door behind her and pounced on top of me.  I was amazed at how light she felt laying on top of me.  She kissed me and started to dry hump me.  My cock was harder and bigger than it had ever been.   

I rolled Carol onto her back and stripped down to my underwear.  I helped Carol out of her jeans, I tried to get her to remove her t-shirt but she refused.  I made my way down between her legs.  I had been thinking about eating her pussy for months.  I knew she had a hairy pussy, I had felt it, but I had yet to see it.  I rubbed her pussy through her panties and kissed the inside of her thighs.  The crotch of her panties was soaked.  I could smell her musky sweet exquisite scent.  I slowly slid her panties off and begin to admire the sight of her young sweet pussy.  Carol had thick meaty labia.   I softly kissed her pussy lips.  My hands were exploring Carol’s tight firm abdomen while my tongue probed her clit and pussy hole.   I stopped to put a pillow under her butt so that I could get a better angle.  My tongue teased her tight asshole.   My tongue flicked across Carol’s clit with increasing force and speed.  I inserted two fingers into her tight pussy and fingered her while starting to suck on her peanut sized clit.  Carol thrust her hips and squeezed my fingers with her pussy muscles.  Her thighs started to quiver and I knew she was ready to cum.  I fucked her deeper and harder with my fingers and flicked her clit as fast as I could.  She held my head with both hands and ran her fingers through my hair.  She squealed and moaned as talked dirty while cumming.  

I took a sip of beer and let Carol catch her breath for a couple of minutes.  I looked down at my throbbing cock.  It looked a good inch longer than normal and hard enough to punch holes in the wall.  I felt like Superman.  Carol was admiring my cock and begging me to fuck her.  I had set the condoms on the night stand and Carol saw me look at them.  She said, “I’m on birth control.”  I didn’t want to get Carol pregnant, but I was equally concerned about STDs, especially knowing Carol was a promiscuous nymphomaniac.  But a guy with an erection doesn’t make good decisions so I moved up between her legs and pressed the head of my condomless cock against her pussy lips.  Carol’s pussy was tighter than Joan River’s face.  She wrapped her legs around my back and thrust against me.  My cock slid in.  Carol flexed her pussy muscles on my cock.  I had never experienced a feeling like that.  I fucked Carol for several minutes in this position before turning her over and taking her doggie style.  I had my hands firmly around her thin waist and slammed my cock against her.  It was obvious that Carol liked it rough.  I was thankful that I had taken the Viagra.  My cock was holding up fine, but my legs and back were getting a workout.   Carol came so hard that she pushed my cock out.  I rammed it right back in and she bore down on it and she screamed out with pleasure.

Carol seemed very impressed with my stamina.  We got back into the missionary position and I encouraged Carol to touch my nipples while I fucked her.  I was close to cumming and I was planning to pull out.  Carol wrapped her legs around my back and begged me to cum inside her.  I thrust my cock in as deep as possible and begin to shoot my cum into her.  Carol held on tight and my cock stayed hard.   I suggested that she get on top and we changed positions.

Carol looked amazing sitting on top and riding my cock.  She rode up and down and milked my cock with her amazing pussy muscles. I tried to slip my hands inside her shirt again but she frowned and stopped me.   I touched her abdomen instead and she began to enjoy herself.   Normally I don’t get enough friction from this position to maintain an erection, but the combination of Viagra and Carol’s tight pussy kept me rock hard.  Carol soon experienced her third orgasm and her constant praising was starting to embarrass me.  I wondered if she suspected I had taken Viagra.  If she did she never admitted it.  Carol collapsed on me and I held her for awhile.   Reality set in and thoughts of the consequences of my actions started to flash through my head.

It seemed like we had only been together for 30 minutes, but a glance at the clock confirmed that we had been fucking steadily for two hours.   Carol had to run before her husband got suspicious.   I dressed and walked her to her car.   She asked me when we would have a chance to do it again.    Soon I promised.  I kissed her on the forehead and she was gone.

Carol and I got together several more times over the next few weeks.  She eventually trusted me enough to remove her top when we had sex.  Carol’s tiny bra was padded.  Without it, she was as flat chested as a 12 year old boy.   Carol and I have remained friends, but we agreed to end the physical relationship before we got caught or someone got hurt.  Carol is fucking a guy she met online and she is trying to help me get in Kim’s pants.  I hope to accomplish that by the end of summer and if I do I will write a story about it. 

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