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A Thick Cock and a Cummy Pussy
A married lady is playing fuck and forget. - By Lizz

Let me start off by saying I am not anything special and I love my husband and children but deep down I love having thick cocks in me and my husband knows it. We are your average family and to see us well you wouldn't know we are little sexaholics!

One day out of the blue my husband said Liz I want you to get online and find a local guy that can just fuck and pound your pussy like you love it. Well he didn't have to ask me twice because the search was on for a big, thick cock! It didn't take long to find a guy that caught my attention. He was 24 years old I was 31 at the time. We agreed to meet at a local neighborhood bar for drinks and talk and for me to relax a little because I was really nervous about the whole thing! He told me what he would be wearing, jeans and a black tight shirt. I parked away so I could see him first and was he hot or what? I knew I should take full advantage of this. I mean I didn't look so bad. I had a tight red dress on and some sexy boots and I was showing some cleavage. He was way more relaxed than I was but after a few minutes of talking and getting to know each other.

I got a lot more comfortable and we headed to his apartment. I was still just a little nervous because it was my first time doing this. I still had my husband in the back of my mind but I knew he would love my wet creamy pussy when I came home! Scott and I sat on his couch and we started kissing. His hands started wondering all over me and he was squeezing my 36 C breast. I could feel his hard stiff cock so I moved over on top of him and started grinding on it. My pussy was so wet my thong was soaking wet. He moved his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my thighs and moved up to my wet pussy. He couldn't believe how incredibly wet I had gotten. He was able to put 3 fingers inside me and finger fuck me. I was in heaven already and horny as hell! He whispered in my ear, I want to take you to my bedroom and worship this pussy! He carried me to his bedroom where we took our clothes off. I think he loved that I was totally shaved and tanned. He got on his knees and started kissing my thighs and massaging my pussy.

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I grabbed his head and forced his face in my pussy. He started tonguing and eating my pussy as I spread open my vagina with my fingers so he could lick all of it. The slurping sounds of him eating my pussy juice and fingering my pussy made me gush all over his face. I have a sucking fetish I think so I pushed him on the bed and went straight for his thick 8 inch cock. I loved how smooth he shaved his balls and I took it as deep as I could and I played with the head with my tongue Well out of the blue he flipped me over and put me on all fours and started kissing me on ass cheeks. I was a little disappointed because I wasn't done sucking his cock but we had plenty of time so I wasn't too worried. Well he was kissing my ass and massaging it. I could feel him licking my butt all over. It felt really nice and relaxing. But it felt even better when he stuck his tongue in my ass. I had never had my asshole tongued but I loved every minute of it. I am a squirter so with him filling my asshole with his tongue and fingering and playing with my clit I thought I was going to dehydrate. I was cumming back to back non-stop. He asked me how many fingers my opened up wet pussyhole could take. We wanted to see. I spread my legs opened and relaxed. He started with one then two then three. The fourth one made me cum and cum. His sheets were soaking wet. My pussy juices were everywhere.His dick had pre-cum and he rubbed it in my face! He told me what a good little slut I was and he tried to add another finger but I couldn't take it!

I told him I needed to finish sucking his cock so I took his thick long dick and deep throated it. Somehow I didn't gag. I took it to the nuts and licked and slurped and sucked. I could tell he was about to explode but he didn't want to cum like this so he asked me if he could cum in me. I said yes. I was so damn horny by now I guess I would have said yes to just about anything. With that he jacked my legs around his shoulders and I could feel him put his cock in me and cum inside me. We laid there for a minute and he said now for the main course. He kneeled down and started kissing my legs and licking my clit. He laid me back and licked his cum out of my pussy. I told him to put some fingers in me and make me cum again. He started getting hard again. He started licking my clit and then he picked me up and sat me on his face and started eating my pussy. He was telling me how beautiful my pussy was and how he wished he had it to come home to. I was in pure paradise. I was bouncing up and down on his face. I could feel his chin on my clit. I decided it was time to take charge of his cock and ride it. I got off his face, his face was soaking wet with my pussy juices. I had straddled him and leaned over and licked my cum off his face. We started kissing and I took his nipple ring and played with it. It felt nice. I started rubbing his shaved cock and rubbing his cock. His cock was so damn thick. I couldn't wait to mount it and fuck it! I lifted myself up and slowly let his cock go inside my wet pussy. It was such a big cock! It felt so good going in. I think I must have came instantly. My cum was going down his leg he told me. I was spurting my cum all over. Guess its a hidden talent I have with the right cock! That cock felt so good in me. It filled up my pussy. He grabbed me by the hair and he told me he was about to cum. I think he came more the 2nd time. He asked again if he could cum inside me. Of course I said yes. He is definitely a moaner and a screamer when he cums! I could feel his liquid shoot off in me.

He wanted to go again but I told him it was time for me to go home. I kissed him and told him thanks. He told me he had had some wine and his fireplace ready but I had my man at home waiting for me. I left and never saw him again. He did email but I never responded!  This was just a one time fuck for him!

When I got home, sure enough my husband was waiting for me naked in our bed. I was a little weirded out by all this but I was just giving him what he asked for so the next thing I had to do was let him eat my cum filled pussy. I didn't say a word. I undressed and went straight to sucking his hard cock. I could taste a little pre cum. I could not wait for him to fuck my pussy. Wow two men in one night I had hit the jackpot. My husband said how wet is my pussy? I told him he would have to find out! So he put his finger in me and I was soaked! He knew I had a good fucking. He said he could tell I was opened up and just been cummed in. He started fingering my pussy and asked me to give him details of my night out. I told him every single detail. His cock was rock hard. He couldn't wait to have a taste of his first creamy pie! I spread my legs as far as I could and he started sucking on my clit and fingering my wet creamy pussy. I could feel his tongue going inside my pussy and he was eating a nice creampie.

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I was so turned on. My husband was eating another mans cum out of me. My husband came up and started kissing me. I could taste cum. I told him I wanted him to fuck me with his hard dick. I spread my legs open and his cock fell in my slick pussy. He had found a new love. Freshly fucked opened up pussy. He was in heaven! He fucked me a few minutes and took his dick out and I sucked his dick. It was so wet and hard. I sucked his dick and licked his balls. He felt so damn good. I told him I had to have his cock back in me so he started rubbing his dick on my clit and we kissed like teenagers. It felt so good. It had been awhile since I was this horny and willing. He stuck a finger in me while we were fucking. I couldn't believe it was in there with a dick! I sucked his wet finger. Hmm yummy that was good. He told me he wasn't going to last long. I wrapped my legs around him and he came in gallons. He wanted to lick me out again. So he told me what a good girl I was and went down on me and ate me out and cleaned me up. I was tired. He asked me not to shower because he wanted to wake up and fuck me again which he did.

This is when we found out he is a cuckhold husband. He has let me go out on a few occasions and fuck.  I also get really turned on when he tells me about his past sexual experiences. I have let him fuck a few other women. The fact that he is eating them out and cumming in their pussies makes me hot and horny 

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