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My Cum Fetish
Cock milking confessions - by: Sharon

There is something to be said about the male orgasm.  In my opinion men got the better deal when it comes to orgasms.  I mean think about it.  Unless a chick is a squirter other than muscle spasms and loud moaning you'd never know she came.  Men on the other hand are shooting fireworks.  Whether it is a small teaspoon size load that dribbles out of his cock or a huge stream that shoots all over, I find a guy cumming the most interesting thing to watch.  Of course I also love to participate in making a guy shoot his load and playing with his cum after he does.  My idea of a good night, is one hand wrapped around a thick, pulsing cock and the other buried between my thighs.

Now don't get me wrong, I love sex. In fact I can't live without it. But there is just something about finishing a guy off so that I can watch him cum that is so very hot. I’m just 19 years old and in love with the male orgasm and cum.  A little studying online and I discovered that I have a cum fetish.  It sounds kinky, but hey we all have our quirks.

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The first time I saw a guy cum was when I was in Jr. High.   My parents used a high school girl who lived across the street to baby sit me and my younger brother occasionally.  I was fascinated with Chrissie’s large breasts.  Chrissie would invite her boyfriend over after she sent me to my room for the night and they would make out on the couch.  I would sneak out of my room and quietly crawl down the hallway where I could watch them.  They usually covered up with a blanket, but one night I watched Chrissie kneel between her boyfriend’s legs totally naked and stroke and suck his penis until he came.  He groaned and she pulled her head back and milked him with her hand.  I had seen my brother’s penis a few times, but it was small and limp.  Chrissie’s boyfriend had a really large penis and I remember seeing the big purple head and the veins.  I remember thinking it reminded me of a volcano.  I had no idea what the white stuff was that was flowing out like lava.  It was all over Chrissie’s hand and leaked down between the boy’s legs and got all over the couch.  They freaked out and ran to the kitchen to get something to clean it up and I scurried back to my room.

The first time I jacked a guy off was my first serious high school boyfriend, Ryan.  He had a nice thick slightly curved 9 inch cock. Normally foreplay would be some groping maybe some oral from the both of us and then we would go at it like two cats in heat. That night I just decided to do something different. I pushed his boxers down and wrapped my hand around his stiff pole and started to stroke.

"Not in the mood to fuck baby?" Ryan asked as he nipped my ear and thrusted into my fist. His cock was just starting to leak a bit of milky fluid and I rubbed it into his fleshy head as I continued to play with him.

"More like in the mood for something different, baby."  I grabbed his hand and pulled it between my legs. His fingers quickly found the damp crotch of my thin panties and he pushed them aside as his fingers sank deep into my wet slit. I moaned out and worked my fist up and down his cock in time with his thrusts into me. We changed the pace and tempo more than a few times before we both came harder than ever before. Ryan's fingers were almost prunelike from how wet I was.   My whole hand and a good portion of Ryan’s abs were coated in sticky white globs of sperm.

By the time I had graduated, I think I jacked off half the senior class.  On one memorable field trip, I sat in the back of the bus while a dozen guys took turns sitting with me and getting their cocks milked.  The chaperones were up in the front of the bus clueless to my activities, but I don’t know how they missed the smell of cum that filled the back of the bus.  I developed a reputation for being a slut that followed me to college.

And now about a year and a half later and I am totally gonzo for watching guys get off. A few weeks ago instead of just handling one of my lovers I organized a two for one deal.  I'm left handed but I am fairly good with my right which comes in handy when you run into a guy with wicked stamina.  At first I thought they were going to say no, but boy was I surprised when they just shrugged and agreed.

I ran around town doing some errands and then headed home and caught a nice long shower and then waited for the guys to show up. The living room was already set up with a thick pillow on the floor for when I was jerking them off and a stack of porn on the coffee table for some extra motivation if needed. The guys were both ok in the body department with decent cocks. They also always had nice big loads which was a bonus.

The doorbell rang and I walked over trying not to just run and drag them in. My cut offs were already soaked with pussy juice and it was clear to see through my tank top that my nipples were hard.

"Hi guys come on in," I smiled at Rick and Neil as they came in. Neil was 28 and Rick was 26, we all worked out at the same gym.

"Hey," Rick gave me a quick kiss.

"So Sharon, you all ready for us?" Neil grinned at me as he leaned back against the couch.

I grinned and licked my lips, "More than ready." Pulling away from Rick I lead them around to the front of the couch and took a seat on the coffee table. "Get comfy you two we are in for a fun time."  Sitting back I watched them strip off their shirts, socks and shoes and then sit down on the couch. I grabbed the remote I turned the TV on.  On the screen were a bed full of hot chicks with various toys, the effect on the guys was quick as they were both hard within a few minutes.

I slipped my shirt off I first knelt between Rick's legs and worked his jean shorts open and down his legs. I leaned forward and I wrapped my lips around his thick cock head and began to suck. Neil was already stripping the rest away and eyeing both the live show and the porn, slowly stroking his cock. Eventually he got up and pushed the table back some. My shorts were loose enough around my legs that he could lift me up and sink his prick into my wet snatch. I moaned out and deep throated Rick's thick meat as he roughly grabbed a fist full of my hair.

Rick had less hair around his base than Neil so I didn't get a nose full of pubic hair when I hit bottom. The raunchy DVD continued to play but all attention was on me. The friction of Neil plunging in and out of my bare cunt and the pulsing throb of Rick’s cock deep in my throat had me ready to burst.  I stopped the action abruptly before I came and pulled away from the boys.  I made them sit down with their legs spread and their hands on their cocks.  I sat back and admired the sight.

My legs trembled.  I knelt down and replaced the boys’ hands with my own. I grinned up at them as I pumped them both in time. Neil's eyes were closed and his head thrown back while Rick arched up into my skilled hand. I gave them both a few licks before focusing on cock milking.  

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"Mmmm are you boys gonna cum for me?" I purred giving them a squeeze.

Rick nodded while Neil groaned out, "Fuck Yeah!" They both started thrusting up into my fists in earnest, both wanting to cum hard. I started working their heads with my thumb feeling them swell in my grasp. Soon enough their cocks were as hard as possible and throbbing in my hands. Both groaned out as they came all over my hands.  I squeezed and pulled with each pulse of cum working every drop from them.

My hands and the boys’ laps were completely covered in sticky cum and Rick and Neil looked thoroughly satisfied. As I licked my hands clean and then went to work licking the guys clean.  I suggested, "We should do this again."

Neil and Rick looked at each other and then me and nodded, "Fuck yeah."

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