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My Husband Has A Small Cock.
Kathy turns the tables on her Cuckold husband.. - By Kathy

Anyone who says that they are having great sex after a long relationship or long marriage either has low expectations, or they are a liar. My husband Mark and I both had active sex lives before we met. Mark was married once before and has a couple of kids from that marriage. I met Mark at work. He is 8 years older than me. Mark was selling copy machines and he called on my company regularly. We began flirting when he came to do some training for a copier he sold us. We ended up going out. Mark was living with a girlfriend at the time and I saw him infrequently for the first few months. It was like we were having an affair. I couldn't call him at home and he wasn't available very often. Our relationship didn't become exclusive until he broke up with his girlfriend a few months later. I moved in with him less than a week after she moved out.

I had lived with two other guys before I lived with Mark. When I moved out of my mom's house at age 19, I lived in a house with 2 of my girlfriends. We were always going out to the clubs and meeting guys. I wasn't looking for anything serious and neither were any of the guys I was spending time with. Eventually both of my girlfriends met guys they became serious with and moved in with them. I decided to move into a small studio apartment by myself, actually it was all I could afford. By then I had stumbled into a good job and was partying and clubbing less often. I dated some guys I met through work. A couple of those relationships got serious. To me that means we went out on a real date more than three times.

I always avoided any discussion of commitment or fidelity with any of the guys I was dating. If a guy started talking like that right away it gave me the sense that they were very insecure and I would immediately lose interest in them. I didn't expect exclusivity from any guy I was dating and I expected the same. But it didn't need to be talked about or spelled out. Any guy who wasn't smart enough to understand that would find himself talking to my machine and waiting for a call back that never came. Some of the guys who thought they could handle a relationship like that were actually too jealous and possessive to truly deal with the idea that when I wasn't with them, I was probably fucking and sucking another guy. It was a rare man who was secure and confident enough to really handle me on a long term basis.

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By the time I met Mark I had dated literally over a hundred different men. I have heard every sad story, every line of bullshit, every lousy pickup line in the world. Mark was different. He wasn't particularly good looking. He is at least 50 pounds overweight and although I wouldn't discover it until our second date, he has a small penis. Unlike a couple of men who I dated who had small cocks, Mark wasn't the least bit shy or uncomfortable about his size. He never made any excuses or apologies. The attraction to Mark was his confidence and charm. What he lacked in equipment, he made up for in enthusiasm and effort. The fact that he was living with someone and not so available made him all the more attractive to me. He is the first man I ever chased after. When he broke up with his girlfriend and asked me to move in, I jumped at the chance.

A couple of days before I moved in, Mark said he wanted to have a serious talk with me. He told me that he really loved me and he was ready to be committed to one person. He told me that if I was going to live with him that he needed me to be on the same page and commit to an exclusive relationship. At this point I had not been with any other man sexually for over a month. I hadn't done this intentionally, but as I grew closer and closer to Mark, my interest in other men had faded. I told Mark that what he was asking was a big step for me and I needed to think about it overnight before giving him my answer the next day. Mark understood.

The next morning I called Mark and told him that at this moment, I wasn't involved with anyone else, but that I couldn't give him a promise of long term fidelity. He seemed crushed and I figured that would be the end of us. I didn't want to lose him, but I didn't want to make a promise I couldn't keep. Mark shrugged it off and told me I was welcomed to move in anyway.

I was very concerned that our sex would start to become boring and routine. To the contrary, it grew in intensity and frequency. I often wondered if he was trying to wear me out so there was nothing left for anyone else. One night about a month after I moved in after a particularly intense hour of fucking me in every position on the Karma Sutra, Mark asked me what I thought about the size of his cock. It really caught me off guard. I replied that I thought it was very nice and he was an excellent fuck. Mark pressed me further. He asked me straight out if I had ever been with a man who had a smaller penis. Being the brutally honest person that I am, I told him that I didn't make a habit of measuring my partner's cocks, but it was definitely in the smaller range of the men I had been intimate with. To my surprise, this didn't seem to bruise his ego, but actually aroused him to hear me say that. He asked me to guess how long it was. I guessed that it was 5 1/2 inches. He said no it was actually 4 3/4 inches fully erect. I don't think any man I have ever known would admit that his penis was smaller than 5 inches. Mark didn't stop. He asked me how big the biggest cock I ever had was. Again I responded that I didn't carry a tape measure around with me. Mark asked me to show him with my hands how big it was. I remembered that I had just brought some groceries home which included a couple of good sized cucumbers. I remember when I picked them out I was thinking that the larger of the two was shaped like the cock of a well endowed former boyfriend. I told Mark to go to the fridge and look at the larger of the two cucumbers and told him that when I bought it, I was actually thinking that except for being green, it looked amazingly like an old lover's cock. He quickly disappeared to the kitchen.

When Mark returned a couple of minutes later, he stood in front of me holding the long thick cucumber next to his rapidly shrinking cock. Most guys I have known get very shy when they are in a flaccid state and are sporting what me and my girlfriends refer to as a turtle dick. He asked me if I could get the whole thing inside my pussy. I assured him that it would fit with plenty of room to spare. Surely he knew that a woman's vagina is extremely elastic. He was present in the delivery room when his ex wife gave delivery to his two kids.

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Mark pressed me again about rating his size compared to other men I had been with. My fascination for the questioning was turning to annoyance. When he asked me if he had the smallest adult penis I ever saw, I said yes even though I wasn't exactly sure. The truth was that at least half of the cocks that had been inside my ass, mouth or pussy were one-night stands whipped out in a moment of passion after a night of drinking in a pitch black room or back of a car.

One night shortly after that, I was on the computer and Mark was watching an Survivor on TV with his back to me. He told me he wanted me to do something for him and I said sure. He told me to do a google image search for the term glory hole. He never said another word and I didn't either. Later that night when we were in bed and he was making his way down between my legs to eat my pussy out he asked me if I was thinking about the glory hole pictures I had seen on the computer. I answered yes. That was the truth. I had vivid recall of one picture in particular of a topless redhead sucking a large glistening cock that was protruding through a hole in a wall. I had looked at other pictures and followed a couple of links to discover what a glory hole was all about. The idea of anonymously sucking the cock of a stranger really got my juices flowing. When Mark finally made his way to my pussy and parted the pedals of my freshly shaved flower I am sure he was aware that I was much wetter than normal.

Later that night I told Mark that I needed him to answer something honestly. I reminded him of how he asked me to pledge fidelity before I moved in with him but yet he seemed to be turned on by knowing about traits of former lovers or the idea of me sucking the cock of a stranger. I told him I couldn't help but notice an inconsistency here. Mark told me that the idea of me being with another man excited him, but he never wanted to lose me. He told me he had never loved anyone the way he loved me. I assured him that my feelings for him were very similar.

Even though I was unable to pledge my fidelity to Mark, I wasn't even thinking about any other guys. I would get calls and emails from old lovers, but I politely refused their offers and temptations. Six months later Mark surprised me with an elaborate proposal that my whole family was in on. He proposed to me at my sister's birthday party at my mom's house in front of everyone. I accepted on the spot without hesitation. We got married in the summer of 2003 in Las Vegas.

My girlfriends and my older sister always told me that the sex starts going downhill right after the wedding. They were so right about that. Mark and I talked a lot about how important sex was to me and we agreed to be honest with each other about how we were feeling. I started thinking about other men and I must have been sending out signals because I was getting hit on constantly. I begged Mark to give me more attention. Mark and I used to have sex every single night and sometimes more frequently on the weekends. By this time our sex had dwindled to just a couple of times a week and it just wasn't enough for me.

One night I told Mark that I had not been unfaithful to him since I moved in with him 3 years ago. But I warned him that I had needs that weren't being met and that if he couldn't take care of me, I was going to fuck one of the guys who were pursuing me at work. Mark knew I wasn't kidding. He suggested that I get a vibrator. I guess he didn't notice that I had 3 of them in my dresser drawer.

Mark said he would make a better attempt at keeping me satisfied. He even got a prescription for Viagra from his doctor. When I got the impression that Mark was just fucking me to keep my happy or to keep me from having an affair it wasn't the same. I felt like fucking me was work for him. It wasn't satisfying. I started to feel undesirable. I really started to worry about our marriage. I complained to my doctor about my over active sex drive. He told me it was in my head. He told me that I should be grateful for having such a high libido. I felt like it was a curse. I had come to learn the difference between lust, passion, sex and intimacy. I didn't want to give up all that I had with Mark for the sake of good hard fuck. But God knows I needed a good hard fuck.

I started reading more about relationships and sex online. Our computer keeps track of recent browser pages. One night while preparing to do a google search I noticed the history of other recent google searches. Most of them were mine. Some were Marks. I saw the word cuckold which was unfamiliar to me. I followed the path to that search and very quickly found a number of websites that were devoted to the subject. I found it curious that there seemed to be a lot of men with small cocks involved in the lifestyle of being a cuckold, with their wife fucking well endowed men with their knowledge or sometimes right in front of them. It excited me. It excited me further that Mark was obviously interested in this topic and lifestyle.

I checked the browser history a little closer and found dozens of web pages devoted to the cuckold lifestyle that Mark had been visiting. Mark and I certainly seemed to fit the profile of many of the people in this lifestyle. Many of these pages contained graphic stories and pictures. I followed one of the links on the internet history to a personal ad. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I realized that it was an ad that Mark had placed. The ad read something to the effect that a married couple with an insatiable wife and a husband with a pathetically small penis was looking for a local hung man to service the wife while the husband was present. There was a link to an email address that I didn't know about.

It wasn't hard for me to guess the password to the hotmail account. Once I opened the email I found a half dozen answers to the personal ad as well as some mail that Mark had sent to a couple of different guys. He had also sent a nude picture he had secretly taken of me getting out of the shower to three different men. Some women would have been furious with this discovery. I was so excited and aroused that I actually put my hand down my panties and masturbated while I read the replies to Mark's ad. There was one reply that had not yet been opened. I forwarded it to my work email and deleted the copy in Mark's email. When he got home a little later that night, I said nothing about my discovery.

I wondered when Mark was planning to let me in on his little surprise, or if was just a fantasy for him. The next morning when I got to work I read the forwarded email. The man stated that he was interested in helping Mark with his fantasy and that he was well endowed and lived a half hour away. He was available to play on the weekends and anxiously and hopefully waiting for a reply.

I replied to the man and explained the circumstances of how I had discovered that ad and his reply. I assured him that I was real and serious and invited him to call me on my cell phone to verify that he was talking to a female. I told him that I was willing to meet him for lunch to further prove that I was legitimate. I told him about a plan that I had and assured him he would have a night to remember if he went along with my plan. I told him to refrain from contacting my husband at the hotmail account. If my husband found out about this plan, he was not going to get the chance to fuck me.

After a couple of days of email exchanges we did agree to meet halfway for lunch. Shawn was a couple of years older than me and married. He looked just as he had described himself, very handsome. He was very satisfied with the way I looked and we were comfortable from the start. Shawn suggested that we forget the plan and just go to a motel. I told him that wasn't an option. I promised him that he could fuck me the way he wanted, but we would have to stick to the conditions of my plan. Shawn was anxious to pull out his cock and prove to me that he was as well endowed as he had described himself. I could see from the impressive bulge in his jeans that he was packing something impressive. I told him I didn't like to unwrap my presents early. It could wait until Saturday night.

I had not asked Mark for sex all week long. He didn't try and initiate anything either. Friday, I left the computer on one of the adult dating sites that Mark was visiting regularly and played dumb. Later when I went past the computer, I noticed the browser window was closed. I asked Mark if he had visited the site. He stuttered and stammered but eventually admitted that he had. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to tell me. He assured me that he wasn't trying to find a woman online. I told him that we didn't need to have any secrets between us. Finally he admitted to me that he had been thinking about bringing another man into the relationship to satisfy my high sex drive. I asked him if he was serious and he said that it had been a fantasy for a long time, but he was ready to make it a reality if I was willing. He actually pulled up the ad and showed it to me. I pretended to be surprised. I asked him when he planned to let me in on this and he said he had wanted to for weeks but was waiting for the right time. He went to the hotmail account and showed me the replies and some of the pictures of the guys who had replied to the ad. He told me it was his fantasy for me to pick the guy.

I told Mark that I would have to think about it for awhile. The next day I pretended to be pissed at Mark and gave him a hard time for taking a digital picture of me in the nude and sending it out on the internet. I told him that I am not a prude, and that all he had to do was to ask. I told him I would probably go along with his fantasy but he was going to have to do something for me first. I told him that he would have to submit to me that night and do whatever I asked. He seemed a little reluctant, but excited at the same time. I told him I wouldn't hurt him. I told him that at 6 PM he was to report to the bedroom completely naked.

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my husband has a small cock

When Mark came into the bedroom, I was laying in the middle of our king sized bed with a sheer nightgown on and nothing else. I had lit a few candles and I had brought one of the wooden chairs from the dining room into the bedroom and placed it at the foot of the bed. I had a bag of items on the bed that I had purchased at an adult book store nearby. I told Mark that pursuing fantasies together required complete trust and a willingness to put the needs of your partner ahead of your own. I asked him if he was seriously prepared to do that. He assured me that he was. I told him to sit in the chair. He complied without hesitation.

I took the bag of items and walked around behind Mark. I removed a sleep mask from the bag and placed it over Marks eyes. I told him to place his arms on the arms of the chair and I strapped each wrist tightly to the chair with thick leather straps. I used larger leather straps to secure each ankle to an opposite leg of the chair. I used a belt to strap Mark into the chair at the waist, with the buckle facing the back. He was powerless to get out of the chair. He tested the strength of his bonds and quickly realized that this was a serious game. I removed a ball gag from the bag and shoved the ball into his mouth and strapped it tightly to his face. He mumbled and struggled in protest. I comforted him with my assurance that he wasn't going to be harmed. I reminded him that he needed to be a good boy if he wanted me to do the slutty thing he wanted.

I removed the last item from the bag. It was a permanent marker. I removed Mark's blindfold so he could fully appreciate his predicament. I took the marker and drew an arrow on Mark's thigh pointing to his limp penis. Next to the arrow I wrote the words small cock. On his other thigh I used the marker to write the word little dick and drew a sad face next to it. It was now 6:30. My cell phone rang.

I told the caller that I was ready and that the front door was unlocked. I told him I was waiting for him. A few moments later the bedroom door slowly opened. Shawn seemed shocked at the sight of Mark strapped tightly to the chair. Mark continued to stain against his bindings and sound out in unintelligible mumbling sounds. I introduced Mark to Shawn as my pathetically incapable short dicked husband, and I introduced Shawn to Mark as the hung stud who was about to show him how I needed to be fucked. Shawn was already undressing and he made his way toward the bed. Shawn removed his boxers last to reveal thick throbbing erect penis that was at least 6 inches longer and twice as thick as Mark's. I told Shawn to stand next to the chair that Mark was bound to and I made my way to him.

I took his magnificent cock in my hand. I ran my hand slowly down the length of it, praising him and commenting to Mark that this was a real cock. How much I had missed having a big cock to play with, to suck and most of all to cram inside my moist pink pussy. I kneeled on the floor and opened my mouth. I slowly inched Shawn's cock toward my waiting mouth and my tongue extended to meet the meaty purple head of that huge cock. His cock glided slowly into my mouth with my wet tongue wrapping around as much of the sensitive underside of his penis that I could manage. I wasn't accustomed to having such a large member in the back of my throat and I gagged a bit as I tried to breathe. Shawn's hands were on each side of my head with his fingers entwined in my long brown hair. Mark's head was just two feet away and he had a ringside seat for the opening act of what was going to be a two hour show.

I alternated between taking Shawn's long pole to the back of my throat and stroking it with my hand while I licked his large hairy balls. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Mark was watching fixated. He also had a gotten a hard-on. Shawn grabbed my head firmly and began to man handle me. He was talking dirty to me, telling me how he was going to fuck my mouth and calling me his "meathole". His cock slammed against the back of my throat and my eyes began to water fiercely as I struggled and gasped for air. The gag reflex was so strong that I was afraid I was going to throw up. I wondered what was going through Mark's mind as he saw this strange man in his bedroom abusing his wife. I wondered if he knew how much I was loving it.

After several minutes of the rough handling, Shawn let up on me. I could feel his cock starting to jerk and his balls tightening up. I could taste the salty pre-cum that was flowing freely out of the wide slit of his meaty cock head. I licked the tip and let both of the men see the stringy liquid as it parted between the tip of my tongue and the head of Shawn's cock. I swallowed it all and my big brown eyes were begging Shawn for the full thick creamy load. I began to pull Shawn closer to Mark. His cock was within inches of Mark's chest. Shawn's body began to shake and he thrust his cock toward me. Shawn's cock was so thick that even with my hand gripped tightly below the head of the shaft, my fingers didn't fully meet. I stroked him firmly and aimed his giant thick cock at Mark's chest and stomach and watched as several huge waves of creamy thick sperm shot all over Mark and ran down his stomach and onto his stiff little cock. I leaned over and began to lick Shawn's cum off of Mark's stomach and lap. It became matted in his pubic hair. I continued to stroke Shawn and begged him to stay hard for me.

Shawn pulled me up on my feet and guided me back onto the bed. He positioned me in the middle of the bed and spread my legs wide so that Mark would have a perfect vantage to watch me being fucked. My pussy was so wet that as Shawn's cock slid inside and filled me up, the juices were forcefully ejected. I could feel the warm slippery fluids flowing between the cheeks of my ass and soaking the bed beneath me. Shawn took his time entering me, and took a few slow deep thrusts before he grabbed my ankles and started slamming his cock as deep and hard and fast as he could. The slapping sounds of our wet bodies filled the air. And then my sighs and moans became uncontrollable. I imagine that anyone walking outside on the sidewalk could have heard me screaming at Shawn to fuck my pussy.

I begged Shawn to let me climb on top. We traded positions and I mounted him cowboy style facing Mark. I lowered myself very slowly onto Shawn. I avoided eye contact with Mark, but I could see that his cock was still erect. I rode Shawn to three complete mind numbing, orgasms that made me convulse like I was having a seizure, each one stronger than the one prior. After the last one, I just collapsed onto the bed and tried to catch my breath. Shawn pulled me over to the edge of the bed and took me doggy style as he was standing next to the bed. I begged him to stop. I was so exhausted I wasn't sure I could stay in that position. My legs were cramping. Shawn propped two pillows under me and continued to tear my pussy up without missing a single beat.

Shawn slapped my ass, playfully at first, but then increasingly harder. He alternated slapping each cheek of my ass. I could tell when he was getting ready to slap me again, and I was never sure which side was going to get the punishment. When I flinched he would just slap me harder. He rammed his cock inside of me so hard that I thought my cervix was going to fall out. There is a fine line between pain and pleasure and Shawn was keeping me right on the edge and taking be back and forth across that threshold. Mark had to be wondering who this woman was that he was watching. He had never seen me like this. I'm not sure I had either.

Shawn grabbed the base of his cock and pulled out. He spun me around with one arm and pushed me down onto my back with my head hanging off the edge of the bed. He pressed the thick head of his cock between my lips and released his grip and the cum spread across my lips and ran down the side of my face. I opened my mouth to receive him and he used his cock to push every drop of the pearly fluid into my mouth.

My pussy ached and my ass was burning from the relentless and repeated spanking. I had never been taken so completely by any man. I was glad that Mark was here to see it. I hoped that it wasn't more than he could handle. Shawn quickly dressed and left without saying a word. I followed him to the front door and kissed him once and locked the door behind him.

I was a little worried about the aftermath of this game, but it turned out to be exactly the thing both Mark and I were looking for. We are talking about doing something similar in the near future.

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