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Cruising For Some Bi Cock
Confessions of a bi married man. - By William

For being only thirty-nine years old, I’ve got a lot going for me.  Along with owning my own commercial construction business, I have been married to a great woman for twelve years.  Together, we have three kids, two boys and a girl.  Business is good, my marriage is solid, and my morning jogs and trips to the gym help to keep me in top condition.  All in all my life is great, except for one small problem.

My wife doesn’t like to suck cock.  And nothing gets me off like having my cock in a hot mouth and feeling my load shoot down into a throat.

Fortunately, I found out a long time ago there are plenty of other bi and gay men who like sucking on a hard slab of man meat and drinking a load of cum.  The trick is to know where to find them.  As it happens, I know how to find the right places, and take advantage of them when my dick gets hard for release in a willing mouth.  

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I found that using the glory hole let me fantasize about whatever I wanted.  I could think about anything from the way my wife would shave her pussy just for me to some of the hot ass I had enjoyed at a tearoom.  Best of all, the sex using a glory hole meant

Tearooms are a great way to find plenty of guys who are willing to drop to their knees and provide some quick relief.  I first found out about the tearoom while looking for some porn to jack off to.  On one message board, I read about the fact that some gay and bi men would gather at a pre-designated public restroom and get off.  Sometimes, the sex would involve trading blowjobs or anal sex.  At other times, a man can get a blowjob with no reciprocation.  It all depends on what you are looking for.

Checking around, I found out that the men’s room at the food court of the local mall was a commonly used tearoom.  There were several ways to work out a hookup there.  One common way is to an online site to post what you want, what tearoom you would be at and when you would be there.  Often, a simple signal can be used to identify an interested party, such as going into a specific stall or using a specific urinal.  Adding a picture of your dick to the post is a great way to get attention, if you have a thick and cut eight inches like me.  

The idea of a free blowjob with no strings sounded pretty appealing, so I placed a confidential ad, giving my stats and when I would be at the tearoom.  I was a little nervous about who would show up, but I figured what the hell, it was worth a shot.

At my appointed time, I entered the bathroom and chose my stall.  Wearing jeans and sneakers was a good move, as I was able to strip down and free my cock easily.  Anticipating a warm mouth on my dick, I began to get hard and stroked my growing meat slowly, enjoying the sensations that began to course through my body.

Just a few minutes after I started to stroke, I heard the bathroom door open.  Footsteps came over to the stall door.  Tapping three times on the door, I knew I had an interested party.  Looking through the crack in the door, I saw my new buddy met my specifications.  He was around my age, in good shape, and about my height.  I unlatched the door and let him into the stall.

When he saw I was already naked, he got a big grin on his face, and immediately began to give my nips some attention.  I had never had a man suck on my nipples before, and I could not believe the sensation.  His tongue action rose both my nips to attention and made the veins on my dick bulge so much I thought they would explode.  After getting me thoroughly worked up, he moved down to my waiting cock and began to do his thing.

I had never had a blowjob like it before.  They say men can give better head than women, but I never saw why until that day.  He knew exactly how to position my dick head on the roof of his mouth, how to take in the whole shaft, and just where to flick his tongue.  He had me so worked up that I had to pull him back a couple of times to keep from cumming.  What he had me feeling was so damn good that I did not want it to end.

After about the third time of backing him away, he grabbed my ass and began to suck me for all he was worth.  I felt lost in his mouth action and before long I knew I was about to cum.  It was obvious he wanted to take my load down his throat, as he sucked me harder and harder, always keeping my dick head in his mouth.  With a moan, my cock began to jerk as ream after ream of cum shot out of me and into his willing mouth.  

After I was drained, my new buddy stood up, grinned and left the stall without one word.  After resting for a few minutes, I pulled on my clothing and made my way back to work.  

I’ve used that tearoom and others since then.  Over time, I found other sites to post messages and also some sites that would forward responses without revealing my email address.  That is how I met up with the first guy I ever fucked in the ass.  

Known only to me as BearLuver, this guy had a thing for thick dicks and hairy chests, which happened to make me a good fit.  He loved to be fucked in public places.  The idea of having a married man fill his hole turned him on.  We arranged to meet at a tearoom near the midtown section on a Wednesday afternoon.

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It took him all of two seconds to get his shorts off and hanging on the hook on the stall door. He immediately took my cock in his mouth and began to work it until I was hard and ready for more

Like before, I got there early and undressed in the stall.  I barely had the condom and lube laid out on the tank of the toiler when I heard the tap on the door.  Looking through the crack, I saw a slim guy in his twenties wearing a tennis shirt and a pair of walking shorts.  Quickly, he identified himself and I let him in.

It was obvious he was not disappointed by what he saw.  It took him all of two seconds to get his shorts off and hanging on the hook on the stall door. He immediately took my cock in his mouth and began to work it until I was hard and ready for more.  Happy with the results of his efforts, he straddled the toilet bowl and steadied himself on the back wall with one hand.  With the other, he spread his ass cheeks, giving me a good look at his clean hole.  

I wasted no time sliding on the condom and greasing up with the lube.  Positioning the head of my dick against his hole, I began to ease into him.  I felt the initial resistance and then the release of his sphincter muscles.  A light groan escaped his lips as he savored the feel of being violated.  After waiting a few seconds for his hole to adjust to the presence of my cock, I began to slowly move in and out of him.  

Fucking his tight hole was like nothing I had ever experienced.  Before long, I was moving faster, thrusting harder.  His breathing told me he was liking what he was getting, which only spurred me on.  Using his free hand, he began to work his own cock, which only made me that much hotter.  Before long, I felt my cum rise and I began to shoot, still moving in and out of his asshole.  At the same time, I heard him gasp and heard spurts of cum hit the porcelain tank.  After resting a couple of minutes, we said our good-byes and promised to get together again soon.

I kept enjoying tearooms from time to time, making sure to never use a bathroom that was near my work or home.  After awhile, one of my new buddies recommended that I visit a bookstore downtown.  It had plenty of straight and gay porn to enjoy.  There were ample viewing rooms in the back, with enough room to accommodate two people.  Plus, there were two booths with what he referred to as a glory hole between them.

Before hitting the bookstore, I learned a little about the basic etiquette surrounding the situation.  I would go in and choose a viewing booth and begin a movie.  I would pull my dick out and settle in.  When another guy entered the booth next to mine, I would stick my finger through the hole.  If the guy responded in kind, then I would present my dick at the hole for his inspection.  If he was interested, he would shove the tip of his tongue through the hole.  This was the signal to slide my meat through the hole and let him go to work.

The anonymity of the situation made me hard and the fact that anyone could walk into either booth and catch us added just the right amount of danger to keep things exciting. On my side of the hole, I was having the time of my life, thrusting my dick back and forth into his waiting mouth and enjoying his work.  It seemed like I was ready to cum in no time.  I let out with a huge load that seemed to keep cumming forever.  So intense was my orgasm that I had to sit down and rest for several minutes before I left.

My first time, I wasn’t sure how I would like getting sucked off without seeing the guy.  However, I found that using the glory hole let me fantasize about whatever I wanted.  I could think about anything from the way my wife would shave her pussy just for me to some of the hot ass I had enjoyed at a tearoom.  Best of all, the sex using a glory hole meant I would never know who had just given me pleasure, and he would never know what I looked like.  I could be getting head from my best friend and never know it.

I hit a tearoom and a glory hole at least a couple times a week.  My work allows me to move around pretty freely, so it is always easy to find a pocket of time to head out for a little release.  While I have made one or two fuck buddies over time, most of my encounters are one time deals, with each new round of mouth or ass keeping the experience fresh.

Nothing will ever make me leave my wife.  But at the same time, nothing gets my rocks off like having a male mouth or ass at my disposal.  For quick and easy man to man sex, nothing beats a tearoom or a glory hole in a bookstore.  There are no messy emotions to deal with, and both men get exactly what they want.  What could be better?

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