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Cruise Ship Swingers
A vacation to remember. - By Susan

My husband Tony and I just got back from a spectacular seven day Western Caribbean cruise. We decided after working so hard on our business to take some much needed time for ourselves and treat us to a cruise.  We had never been on one before but a few of our friends had and told us we just had to go. We would have a wonderful time, they said.  Well little did we know just how much fun we were going to have.  

The ship was stunning and after we had spent the day exploring and spending time by the pool, we got all dolled up for our formal dinning experience.  Tony said he couldn’t take his eyes off me when I emerged wearing my black low cut evening dress that had a slit up to my mid thigh.  The dress certainly showed off my ample cleavage.  While we were at dinner we met a beautiful couple from Scottsdale, Arizona whose names were Barry and Marie.  The four of us hit it off remarkably throughout dinner.  We learned we had so much in common, from our kids to owning a prospering business.

Barry had me bent on all fours on the small bed slamming his thick cock deep into my pussy when Tony moved over to me and shoved his hard long cock into my mouth.  The feeling of having a cock stuffed in either end of me felt so

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Barry asked us if we wanted to join them at one of the nightclubs after dinner.  We gladly accepted and together we partying for a few hours at the club. Tony and I had so much fun drinking and dancing the night away; so did Barry and Marie. The four of us certainly had way too much to drink that night as we were crammed tightly into a small booth. It was very cozy being crammed up against one another.  Barry was seated next to me; suddenly I felt his hand creeping up underneath my dress and slipping his fingers into my panties!  I glanced over at Tony and he was kissing Marie while he was feeling up her huge D cup braless tits. What the hell, I thought; this is our vacation, time to live it up girlfriend!

We closed up the nightclub and headed back to our staterooms, giggling and groping each others partners along the way, with a bottle of champagne.   Our cabin was a small stateroom on the Riveria deck with two small twin beds.  We asked Barry and Marie if they would join us for a nightcap in our cabin.  Without hesitation, they eagerly accepted.

Once we shut the door to our cabin, it was a flurry of hands, cocks, boobs, mouths, tongues, ass and pussy mixed together like a game of naked Twister.  Tony and I had never discussed the idea of swapping with another couple.  Thing just sort of happened that night.  It was incredibly hot and sexy.

After that night, Barry and Marie hung out with us the remainder of the cruise and we swapped and fucked them every night.  We later learned that Barry and Marie were very experienced swingers.  

On one particular night, I got to experience having two guys at once which had always been a fantasy for me and I had never expressed this to my husband.  Tony was busy finger fucking Marie to a squirting orgasm while he sucked and nibbled on her hard clit.  Barry had me bent on all fours on the small bed slamming his thick cock deep into my pussy when Tony moved over to me and shoved his hard long cock into my mouth.  The feeling of having a cock stuffed in either end of me felt so incredible. I wanted more! It gave me such a sense of empowerment and made me feel so sexually erotic.  I took Tony deep into the back of my throat and tongued his full balls while Barry thrust harder and deeper into my love box.  I glanced at Marie who was totally enjoying the show, masturbating her sweet wet cunt. Barry then suggested that we change positions, and he lied with his back on the bed and had me straddle his cock facing him. He then instructed Tony to enter my asshole.  This made me a little nervous because well to be honest. Tony and I never tried anal before.  I guess we were pretty simple with our lovemaking most times.

I swear to God the suggestion made Tony’s cock swell even thicker.  He slipped behind me and grabbed the KY and made sure he put a lot on my tight puckered asshole.  I slid down onto Barry’s thick cock and offered my ass to my husband.  He lined his cock up and gently began to insert his helmet into my tight space.  Barrie reached in between us and began to stimulate my clit and suddenly Tony’s cockhead was in. Soon they both worked up a steady rhythm and they began to pound into my fuck holes.  I had never felt anything so exquisite! My husband began to shout, “Susan, oh fuck Susan, yes, I’m going to blow my load inside your ass!” This made me fuck them back even harder, and soon Tony announced he too was going to shoot his load.  Tony shot first, emptying his hot creamy cum deep into my bowels.  I could feel the heat of his sperm filling my guts.  Seconds later, Barry shot his load and I could feel his fat dick throbbing and twitching inside my cunt filling up my womanhood with his cum.  Marie had worked herself into a frenzy watching us and came moments later.

The following evening I like to call it Ladies Night! After some dancing and drinking at the club, we headed once again to our cabin.  Marie introduced me to the special passions that can be experienced between two women.  She led me to the bed and told the boys to grab a chair and enjoy the show.  She then took my face and kissed me softly all over my face and then gave me the most sensuous erotic kiss I had ever felt.  My pussy immediately began to leak like Niagara Falls! After that mind blowing kiss, she began to kiss down my neck to my tits and she expertly licked and sucked my sensitive erect nipples until I shuddered with an intense nipple orgasm. I had never experienced such erotic tenderness.  She then pressed me down onto the pillows and ran her hands all over my body, teasing me until I begged for her to take me.

The boys were enjoying the show immensely as they sat back sipping their drinks and stroking their very hard cocks, smiling ear to ear nodding their approval.  Marie slipped her hand between my thighs and gently cupped my soaking wet pussy causing me to gasp.  Her hand felt so good.  She slipped a finger into me and then a second and immediately found my g-spot. She stroked my little love button, until I screamed out and squirted over and over soaking the small bed.  

Marie was evidently very pleased with my reactions to her touch and she then crawled over me into a sixty nine position.  I have never experienced the pleasure of another woman’s pussy until that moment.  She was smoothly shaven and also very wet.  Her sweet heavenly scent filled my nostrils and I slid my tongue into her wet folds.  The men applauded as we ground our mouths hungrily into each others cunts.  We remained embraced with each other for quite a while feasting on each other until giving one another several delicious orgasms. When we were finished playing with each other, we knelt before our spouse where they ceremoniously jacked off over our faces until they both exploded, giving us our sweet creamy desserts.

The last night of our cruise, we wanted to make it a special night so we decided to go all out and have a full swap.  I went with Marie’s husband Barry to their cabin while Marie went to our cabin.  Barry fucked me over and over until the wee hours of the morning and once again when we woke.  He explored every hole and filled each one as well not just once but twice.  He also taught me several new positions that I can’t wait to try out with Tony now that we are back home. Tony also had a fabulous time fucking Marie. He told me about the incredible blowjob she had given him and how she also let him fuck her ass.  After my double penetration night, I can’t wait for Tony to have more ass time with me. This cruise was the best idea we ever had. It gave a new life to our sex life.  It was always ok before, but now Tony and I are like a couple of sex starved teenagers all over again.

 As for Barry and Marie, we still keep in touch.  We traded emails and write weekly to each other.  Barry and Marie continue to swap with other couples in Scottsdale and tell us about their fun filled weekends.  Tony and I are planning a trip out to visit them very soon.  I can’t wait.

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cruise ship swingers

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