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Cougar Carol And Her Young Studmuffin
I fucked my best friend's son. - By Carol

We've been best friends for about fifteen years - ever since Jacyln and her family moved in next door to us. She and I hit it off right away. I saw her go out running her first morning in the neighborhood and went out to join her. Before long, we'd decided to join a gym together. In no time flat, we owned it.

My husband and hers got along well, too. They went to bars and ball games and hung out drinking beer and tinkering in their garages together. Mark and I had no children, but Jaclyn and Carl had a son named Brian. He'd been a sweet young boy when they moved in. I'd watched him grow up and turn into a tasty young thing. He's a university student now and comes home about once a month. I don't know who looks forward to his visits more, Jaclyn or I.

When he was about twelve or thirteen, he started mowing our grass in the summertime. I loved teasing him. I started out slow, bringing him big frosty glasses of cold lemonade while wearing shorts and a bathing suit top - sometimes rubbing my nipples with ice cubes first. I loved the way he couldn't take his eyes off my boobs. I loved the way his hard young body shone with sweat. Some days I'd invite him in for a shower and a snack after he was finished. I took full advantage of the opportunity to show off lots of leg, lots of ass and lots of cleavage. I enjoyed watching him squirming around, squirming uncomfortably as he tried to hide his young boy erections. I always got myself off after he left. I'll bet he did the same.

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I was free to flirt with him as much as I wanted because on the days when I was at home, Jaclyn was at the gym. And both of our husbands were always at work all day. So I was free to parade around half-naked in front of young Brian as much as I wanted. I always took full advantage of the opportunity. I never wore a bra or panties when he was around - and I always made sure my cameltoe was on prominent display. I loved his attention. Sometimes I stood at my bedroom window and watched him through the blinds - I watched him work; all sweaty and shiny in the sun - and I fingered myself.

Every summer I got bolder and bolder - until that day when we were standing in my living room. Brian's torso was glistening and sweaty. I was wearing one of my husband's big overshirts with nothing on underneath it. I casually let the shirt slip from my shoulder, exposing a naked breast, my nipple hard and standing at attention. His eyes went right to it and didn't leave.

And then we heard Mark's car in the driveway and Brian was out the back door and over the fence that separated out yards in a flash. A few days later, he was at the gym; we'd hired him to move a few things and do some painting. Jaclyn was at home, and the gym was closed due to the painting. He was moving things around in the office when I walked in. His cheeks reddened and he seemed surprised to see me. We sat and had a cup of coffee and talked. He confessed that he'd had a huge crush on me since he'd been fifteen. I told him I known about it all along and that I'd been extremely flattered to have the attention of someone as young and attractive as he was. My firm boobies were clearly in his line of vision as I did stretches and warm-ups. He stared at me for a little while and then said he thought he ought to go on out there and get the painting done. I agreed - and spent the rest of the day watching his fine, firm young body go up and down the ladder. I knew Jaclyn was visiting her sister, and Mark was working late, so I invited him to my house for dinner after he finished for the day. I made pasta and salad and a couple of pitchers of frozen margaritas; I like them on the strong side. We both flirted up a storm, but then he got up and made a mad dash for home just when I was getting ready to make my move. I was both frustrated and amused as I stood in the kitchen, diddling myself with one finger up my cunt and the other working in and out of my asshole.

The next morning he was already hard at work at work at the office when I got there. Carol had extended her visit with her sister for the next couple of days, and Mark was out of town on business until the weekend, so I planned for us to have a lot of fun.

It was one of the best weeks I'd had in a long time. Brian was working hard at the gym in the daytimes, painting and sawing and climbing ladders and carrying things and sweating. I worked out nearly the entire time he was there, sweating through my spandex. Ever since that day when he'd admitted he'd had the hots for me, we'd been loose and free when we were in the same room together - laughing and flirting and occasionally touching each other. He called me Carol Cougar, and I called him my Studmuffin.

After work, I invited him to come over for dinner every night, telling him I'd made a solemn promise to his mother I'd look after him while she was away. After we'd finished eating, we'd sit and talk and have a couple of drinks. One night, I made the margaritas extra strong. I put on some salsa music and started swinging my hips in time to the music. I leaned down and pulled him up off the couch and put my hands on his hips. He began to move in time with my movements. I moved my mouth closer to his ear and blew softly into it. Then I lightly flicked his neck with the very tip of my tongue and pressed my pelvis into his groin. I moved my hands from his hips to his ass and pulled him closer to me. I could feel how hard his young dick was getting. I must say I was surprised at how large it felt.

The spell was broken when his cell phone started ringing. He jumped slightly and moved away from me in order to answer it. Then a very concerned look crossed his face. He blew me a kiss and was out the door in no time flat. I took my daisy dukes and tank top off and laid on the floor and rolled my nipples between my fingers 'til they were hard. Then I brought them to my mouth. I licked just the tips of them, then blew on them - making them even harder. My poor empty pussy was totally wet, and my clit was sensitive and swollen to double its size. As I lay there finger-fucking myself, I tried to imagine what his cock would feel like filling and stretching my dripping and aching cunt. I made myself cum too quickly to suit myself this time, so I finished off the bottle of wine I'd opened for us to drink with dinner. Then I dozed off to sleep briefly and got up and hopped in the tub, and where I masturbated again by spreading my legs wide apart and holding the shower nozzle and directing the spray directly at my clitty. I got out of the shower, toweled off and slept like a baby.

I got to the gym early the next day because I had a ton of paperwork I wanted to get done. I was surprised to see Brian already there. He was extremely cheerful and seemed really happy to see me. We both had a busy morning and decided to get some fresh air and have lunch out on the back deck. The sun was shining bright and we were both sweating. I was wearing my bikini top and my shorts couldn't have been shorter or tighter. I worked really hard to keep my body - and in particular, my ass - as tight and hard as it was.

I was aware of the fact that I had completely sweated through my skimpy clothes. They were so wet I may as well not have had them on. Brian's eyes were locked on my nipples. I leaned back in the chaise lounge, closed my eyes and worked on my tan.

A few minutes later, I felt Brian tousling my hair affectionately. He was saying he thought we ought to go back inside and get back to work. He leaned down and offered me his hand and helped me up. As we walked through the door, I felt his arm drape itself loosely around my shoulders and give me a slight squeeze. Feeling his skin against my skin sent shivers up my spine. I walked ahead of him into the office and turned suddenly to look at him. As I glanced up at him, he took my face in his hands and wordlessly brought his mouth down hard on mine. I responded by snaking my hot tongue into his mouth. He groaned and grabbed my butt. My cunt was on fire.

His hot hands moved to my breasts and began kneading them and rubbing my nipples. My poor cunt was positively steaming by the time he put his hand down the front of my shorts. I arched my back and spread my legs and he found my swollen and sensitive clit. And then all of a sudden - for no reason at all (well, no reason to me, anyway) - Brian slowly pulled his hand out of my pants. He leaned back and took a deep breath. Then he told me in a husky voice that he was going to go back to work now. He turned and walked out of the office and left me standing there, gasping and weak-kneed. I got myself off immediately.

As we walked out of the gym and locked up that evening, we agreed to meet in a near-by park the next night. Brian had the next day off, so the time passed incredibly slowly as I filed mounds of paperwork and worked out all by myself. He was ten minutes late, and by that time I'd managed to convince myself he wasn't going to show up. He joined me in our vehicle because it was larger and more comfortable. Almost immediately, he shoved his big hands under my shirt and mashed his mouth against mine. I sucked on his tongue and felt his erection through his pants. He unzipped his fly and pulled his dick out and put my hand on it. I leaned down and wrapped my hot red lips around his long fat cock and sucked on it for a few minutes. Then I flicked my tongue across just the very tip of the head a few times before abandoning his penis entirely to lick and suck on his balls. He grabbed my head and groaned really loud as he started furiously fucking my face. He shoved his thick cock down my throat - I nearly gagged on it - and then pumped me full of thick hot cream. I smiled with satisfaction as I looked up at him and licked his wad from the corners of my mouth.

We made arrangements to meet at the local no-tell motel the next week. I tingled with anticipation the whole time - and masturbated more during that week than I ever had in my whole entire life. It seemed to me that my fingers were always inside my cunt or my asshole.

His car was already in the parking lot when I arrived there. I leaned in the window and kissed him and we walked into the office together and registered, under the names of Mr. and Mrs. Then we went to our crappy little room, closed the door, and tore each other's clothes right off. Hands and tongues were everywhere.

For a twenty-year-old kid, he was a damned experienced lover. I had to wonder what Jaclyn would say if she was aware of how well her son knew his way around a woman's body.

He licked and sucked on my nipples and nibbled on my neck until I was sure I was going to explode. Then we repositioned our bodies until his dick was in my mouth again and his face was buried in my pussy. His tongue pushed itself inside my hot and hungry cunt, then came out and licked at my pussy lips. He sucked on my clit as I licked his balls and sucked his huge cock.

I wanted more than just his tongue inside me and climbed onto his massive cock and started riding it as hard as I could. It felt absolutely amazing - his was the biggest, fattest cock I'd ever had the pleasure of fucking. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening "playing pretzel", as he called it - twisting our bodies into strange and wonderful positions.

It was easy for us to keep on seeing each other - even after his mother and my husband both returned to town. Now he's away at college again; he's a junior at Mizzou. He usually comes home once a month, and we always manage to get together. But it'll be Christmastime soon, and he'll be home for a couple of weeks. Like I said earlier: I don't know who's looking forward to it most - me or his mother.

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