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Connie's Double Penetration Experience
Connie discovered a swinger site online. - By Connie

I stumbled across the swinging site by accident. I had decided to try out an adult dating site after being on my own for six months and getting increasingly horny. The next thing I knew I was surfing a swinging site and being offered every possible combination of experiences: group sex, couples seeking females, men seeking two women and so on. The one that caught my eye and sent a delicious shiver down my spine and right to my groin area was the ad for two men looking for a woman. It had been a fantasy of mine for some time to be fucked by two men and been growing in intensity ever since.

Before I knew it I was registering on the site and soon brought up a list of possible candidates.

I settled for Bob and Mark. They seemed ideal because they didn’t live locally, but were well within travelling distance. I didn’t want any embarrassing encounters in the local supermarket after meeting up for some hot dirty sex! There were no pictures but from their description they sounded quite tasty. I decided that I could always make my excuses and leave if I wasn’t attracted to them

"Two married men seeking horny adventurous woman for discreet bedroom adventures, no holds-barred, all night  long action guaranteed", their ad read.

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I could feel myself getting wetter as I read it, imagining being a plaything for two horny men, getting their undivided attention. The list of things we could do together was endless. I sent off a reply, butterflies multiplying by the second. This was it-no going back-I was really going to do it!

I got a reply the same night from someone called Mark. He wanted to know if I was serious about meeting up and what sorts of things I was willing to try. He began by asking me if I’d ever tried double penetration. He explained it was a fantasy of his and his friend Bob to fuck a woman at the same time. Until this point I hadn’t really thought about it but I had to admit it sounded great. Think what it would feel like to have two cocks moving inside you he teased. I think I might like to try that out. I replied .He then wrote back asking for a picture. Bob’s here right now he wrote. We’d love to see what we’ve got to look forward to! I obliged by unbuttoning my blouse a little, took a picture on my digital camera and sent it off.  Can’t you show us a little more? he pleaded. Bobs wondering if you have big juicy tits , and I am too !

I felt a delicious twinge in my clit as I undressed. I didn’t want to show them everything straight away though, I wanted them to beg for it! I had to admit the thought of them ogling my tits and getting hot for me was turning me on so much. It just felt so naughty

I took a shot of me naked except for my g- string. I pulled them down a little, just so far as to let them know I was shaved. I hit the send button and waited.

I soon got a reply and a picture of their 2 hard cocks standing to attention. You’ve got us so horny he replied. This is what’s waiting for you. We can’t wait to get our hands on those tits! We’re going to fuck you from all angles till you beg for mercy! Can you meet us tonight? Our cocks are throbbing now that we’ve seen you  !

I chuckled when I read this but the sight of those huge hard cocks made me almost cum on the spot. I was so turned on it was painful and I had to reach down and massage my clit as I thought of sucking them off together. I imagined two hard cocks in my hand ,greedily taking turns at licking and sucking them.

I emailed back to say that I would love to meet them that night and we arranged to meet at a hotel halfway between both our towns.  The nervous excitement was almost too much to bear as I began to get ready

I went for a soak in the bath, then took out a black low cut wraparound dress. I called a cab and set off, filled with nervous excitement at what was in store for me.

Luckily the hotel bar was pretty empty when I got there apart from the two men sitting in the corner. They looked up and smiled at me as I walked in and I made my way over to them nervously. They both stood up to greet me.

‘I’m Bob-nice to meet you’ the blonde one said shaking my hand and letting his eyes wander down to my chest. The dark one Mark introduced himself, pecked me on the cheek and went off to get some drinks. I sat down next to Bob and we began making the usual small talk. Mark soon returned and sat at the other side of me so that I was in the middle. I must have drank my wine pretty quick because I was soon relaxed and flirting wildly with both of them .I could feel Bob edging closer and he leaned in to kiss me. His tongue began probing my mouth as his hand made its way to my tits. He started caressing them softly and teasing my nipples with one hand, as his breathing got shallower. ‘Hey steady on’ Mark laughed.’ The bartender’s still around!’ Bob, however paid no attention as his tongue started making its way down my neck to my cleavage. I was getting so turned on I didn’t care if he started sucking my tits right there and then in full view of the bartender! I felt completely out of control and my cunt was throbbing so hard I thought it would explode. Mark laughed and pulled me away right before Bob freed my tits from my dress. ‘Let’s take this upstairs’ he whispered to me, taking my arm. I could see his knob bulging through his trousers. ‘Otherwise you’re going to get fucked right here in the middle of this bar! ’I laughed, but the thought of it was appealing. Still, I didn’t want to get arrested for getting fucked by two men in a public bar! We quickly made our way to the room, and both of them got undressed and sat me down on the bed.

Mark immediately started to explore my mouth with his tongue before moving his head down to take one of my nipples between his lips .Bob was already undoing my dress effortlessly and he joined Mark by sucking on my other nipple. ‘You have fantastic tits’ he murmured nibbling them all over. I felt Mark’s hand slide teasingly down to my pussy, and slipping inside my g-string. I moaned softly as his hand came in contact with the hot smooth flesh before his finger slid inside me, making me gasp. ’Let’s get these off her’ he ordered Bob. They both grabbed one end of the g-string and pulled them down over my knees and ankles until they dropped onto the floor. Mark stood on the floor and kneed and eased his hard throbbing cock into my mouth. I held onto him with my hand as I guided him in deeper and deeper. I suddenly felt Bob’s tongue on my clit and he started lapping me furiously, his tongue darting all around my wet cunt. This made me suck Mark even harder, and I couldn’t stop a moan escaping from my mouth as a demanding tongue started  darting in and out of my hole.’ Yes that’s it, take it deeper’ mark ordered as his throbbing cock pushed to the back of my throat .By this time I was weak with lust and he placed his hands on my head and started fucking my mouth. ‘You love this, don’t you, you dirty little slut’ he laughed. I suddenly felt myself give way to a huge orgasm as bob pushed his tongue even further into me. I screamed out in ecstasy, but it didn’t come out as scream as Marks cock was still riding my mouth; it was more of a gurgle.

The next thing I knew bob was lying on the bed and they both positioned themselves at either side of me.

‘Now you’re satisfied’, Mark whispered into my ear, ‘let’s do what we talked about.’ With this suggestion I felt my pussy immediately start to throb again

Bob eased his cock into me first, letting out a moan as he slid easily in. Mark came from behind and slowly eased his huge knob in right up to the hilt. Both of them groaned as their cocks pushed together when they started riding me, filling me up completely. Mark’s hands groped my tits and his wet tongue licked my neck as he fucked me faster and faster. It was by far the most delicious fuck  I’d ever experienced. All at once I felt the most intense orgasm I’d ever had ever had build up to a crescendo. ’I’m going to come again!’ I gasped , digging my nails into Bob’s back. This revelation made them pump me even harder. I felt I might pass out as  my soaking cunt started to contact, squeezing their hard cocks inside me even more .They both simultaneously let out huge groans as they came hard and fast .I could feel them pumping their hot cum into my pussy as far as it could go and it seemed to last forever. All three of us collapsed, covered in hot sweat and gasping for air

‘Jeez!’ cried Mark as his body relaxed ‘Now that was fucking amazing!’

I said my goodbyes not long after and got a taxi back home, all the way going over every delicious detail of my encounter. I couldn’t believe I had been sucked and fucked by two horny married men. It felt like a dream. I couldn’t wait for my next experience. After that I wanted to try anything and everything…..

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