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My Wife's Swinging Secret
She and her ex-husband tried swinging. - By Rick

I pulled into my driveway and shut the squad car off.  It was actually a decent afternoon for Portland—cloudy, but not raining, and warm enough to be outside.  The boys were taking advantage of it by tossing a football in the front yard.

They both called a greeting when I got out of the car.  They were decent kids.  They had never really treated me like the evil stepfather.  The teen years were approaching fast, so that could change, but I hoped not.

I went inside and yanked off my accoutrements—gun, badge, nightstick, etc. and stashed them on the top shelf of the hall closet.  I pulled off my shirt and hung that up, as well.  Maggie launched herself at my leg with a squeal as I put the hanger on the bar.  My little angel.  I threw her up in the air a few times while she shrieked and then carried her to the kitchen with one arm, dangling her four-year old body like a sack of potatoes.

Colleen was standing over the stove, stirring a pot of something that smelled Italian.  Probably chicken Parmesan, one of my favorites.  She smiled at me absently and tasted the sauce.  For a moment it occurred to me that she looked damned good for someone that cooked like she did.  My wife could throw down a meal.

I dropped Maggie into a chair and she demanded juice, but I went to the stove first and wrapped my arms around Colleen.  Her auburn hair had been pulled into a tight knot, exposing her throat, and I pressed a kiss against her neck as my hands went around her waist.  She gasped and stiffened for a moment, and then relaxed against me as my hand slipped down to fondle her crotch, feeling her labia beneath the material of her jeans.

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She laughed softly and shot a quick look toward Maggie.  “Did you pull over some hot chick this afternoon?” she asked.  I kissed her neck again and pulled away, feeling guilty.  It was true.  I had pulled over a Mustang convertible with the hottest fucking blonde I had ever seen sitting in the front seat.  She had been wearing a glued-on dress so short I could almost see her pubic hair when she leaned over to pull the registration out of the glove box.  The top of the dress had barely covered her nipples, which were clearly visible beneath the material.  I had been forced to keep my clipboard in front of my pants to hide the instant erection I got when she turned a fuck-me smile on me.

I don’t remember much of the encounter, except that I let her off with a warning, of course, and went back to sit in the squad car and daydream about those red lips sliding up and down my cock.  I parked there for awhile until my raging erection subsided, trying to think of anything non-stimulating.

I poured Maggie some juice and went to take a shower.  As I soaped up, I noticed my cock was still semi-hard and I considered jerking myself off, but I had a vague hope that Colleen would be up for some action tonight.  I should have tried to talk the blonde into coming home with me.  Maybe Colleen would be up for a threesome.  I laughed at the ludicrous idea as I shut off the water.

Colleen handed me a towel, surprising me.

“What’s funny?” she asked.

I toweled my hair and let the water drip off my body onto the rug.

“I pulled over a guy that looked like that hot actor you like… what’s his name?  I almost asked if he wanted to bring a chick over tonight for some swinging,” I joked.

“You should have,” she said with a laugh.  “Actually, I did that once.  It didn’t turn out so well.”

My brain skid to a halt and I had to put it in reverse for a minute.

“You did what?”

Colleen blushed.  “Swinging.  Only once.  Bob wanted to try it, so we did.”

I had no idea what to say.  Colleen had always seemed so… conservative.  We had never even tried anything kinky.  Switching positions was adventurous to our sex life.  Hell, chocolate syrup would have been pushing the envelope.  Or so I thought.

“And?” I prodded, suddenly wanting details.

Her blush darkened.  “Well, it was Bob’s idea, but he completely freaked out when I started enjoying myself.  I guess he thought I should hide nervously under the blankets while he and the other couple went at it.  It turned into a bad scene.”

I ignored the part about Bob.  Her ex-husband was a fucking whacko—one reason his boys had taken to me so easily.  God knew they needed someone more stable than Bob in their lives.  I was more interested in Colleen’s “enjoying myself” comment.

She started to leave.  “I shouldn’t have mentioned it.  My sordid past.”

I grabbed her wrist.  “Actually, this is fascinating.  I thought I knew everything about you.  What part of the swinging thing did you enjoy?”

Her eyes flashed.  “Are you going to start thinking of me as some sort of lesbian slut, too?”  Wow, Bob must have really done a number on her to make her that defensive, I thought.

“Actually, the thought of you in bed with another woman turns me on,” I said and grinned.  “A lot.”

Her green eyes widened.  “Really?”

I laughed.  “Can’t you tell?”  Her gaze roamed downward and she smiled at the sight of my cock, back at attention once more.  Maggie called from downstairs and Colleen groaned.

“I’ll take a rain check on that until the kids are in bed,” she said.

“As long as you tell me all about your sordid past.”

Colleen blushed and went out.

Once the kids were safely in bed that night, I threw myself on the bed with only my boxers on and waited for Colleen to finish locking up.  She finally crawled into bed wearing her usual oversized t-shirt that read MAZATLAN.  She looked at me a bit uncomfortably, probably hoping I wasn’t serious about digging up her past.  I definitely was.

“So, tell me all about this swinging experience of yours,” I prodded.

“It was no big deal.  Bob found this couple somewhere—I think he put a personal ad on one of those adult websites.  When he mentioned it to me, we were already having problems.  I thought Bob was getting bored with me and maybe this would pep things up for him.”

“Bob was an idiot.”

“Sometimes I think you’re getting bored with me,” she said.

“Then I’d be an idiot,” I said lightly, even though I felt a bit guilty.  If I wasn’t getting bored, then why was I fantasizing about blonde speeders and getting turned on by the idea of swinging?  Colleen smiled.

“Well, I liked it, anyway,” she said defensively.  “Not the part with the guy so much, but that might be because I wasn’t attracted to him.  But his wife—she was really hot.  Long black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.  She was gorgeous.”

“I like her already,” I said and pointed at the tent my dick was making in my shorts.  “See?”

Colleen laughed.

“Tell me what you and this hot chick did together.”

“Well, her husband liked to watch his wife with other women, so he and Bob hung back and—Leah, I think her name was—took her clothes off and then started on mine.  She was kissing and licking me after every item of clothing, sucking on my breasts and touching me everywhere.  By the time I was naked, I was ready for anything.”

My hand had crept under my boxers while Colleen talked and I began to stroke myself.  I moaned.  “God, don’t stop now.  This is really turning me on.  Take your clothes off.”

Colleen yanked off the t-shirt.  She wasn’t wearing anything else.  I rubbed my cock and watched her as she continued, “We sprawled on the bed.  God, I nearly forgot Bob and the other guy were there.  Leah stuck her fingers inside me while she was kissing me on the mouth.  Then she licked her way down my chest and started to flick at my clit…”

I leaned over and spread Colleen’s legs to stick my face between them.  I touched my tongue lightly to her clit.

“Like this?” I asked and she gasped, opening herself up to me.

“Yeah,” she said huskily.

“Then what?” I asked.

“Well, she kept licking and sucking…”

I did the same.

“And she put two fingers inside me…”

I inserted two fingers.  Colleen moaned.

“She kept that up until…”

The image of a hot babe doing what I was currently doing to Colleen nearly sent me over the edge just from the friction of the blankets on my cock.  I couldn’t remember the last time my dick was so hard.

Colleen yanked a pillow over her head to muffle her scream when she came—a necessary precaution with kids on the house.

“My God,” she said when she flung it aside.  I slid up to lay on top of her, grinning.

“What did Bob do then?”

“He had sex with Leah, of course, but I saw the way he was acting, so I didn’t dare touch the guy—not that I wanted to.”

“Bob was jealous of you and the chick?”

“Yeah, we got into a huge fight the next day.  He called me a lesbian.”

While I was talking, I slowly penetrated Colleen with my cock, inching inside of her hot wetness.

“Bob is a moron.  Just thinking about it makes me crazy hard.”  I pulled out a bit and rammed it home.  Colleen gasped and arched beneath me.

“I can tell,” she said breathily.  I shut up, then, and concentrated on the task at hand.  Colleen must have been pretty fucking turned on, too, because she came again right before I did.

Afterward I lay beside her and laughed.  “Damn, if I get that hot just thinking about it, what would happen if I actually saw you and other woman?  I’d probably lose my load in the first five minutes.”

“I didn’t think you would be up for that sort of thing.”

“Any time you want a threesome, you just say the word,” I said promptly.

“Okay, but he needs to look like Brad Pitt.”

My mind did a temporary disconnect.

“Wait, I meant—“

She laughed.  “I know.  Girl on girl action only.  I was joking.”

I thought about it for a minute and pictured some other guy banging Colleen.  Then I visualized myself pumping the hot black-haired chick she had mentioned.

“No, that’s not fair.  If I get some hot girl, you should be able to have Brad Pitt.”

She smiled.  “Thank you.”

“So, if we’re gonna do it, we should find another couple, eh?”

Colleen gaped at me.  “Are you serious?  You really want to try swinging?”

“I promise not to freak out like Bob.”

“Well, I did see this hot guy at the video store the other day.  I wonder if he has a girlfriend.  Or a boyfriend.”

“I might have to draw the line at man on man on man action,” I said.  Her eyes went slightly out of focus for a moment and she let out a slow breath.

“Are you sure?  God, that suddenly has me really turned on again.  Fuck me again, Rick.”

Jesus.  I’d been living with a raving sex machine for five years and never even knew it.  My sex life had just gone from routine to extreme.  I couldn’t be happier.

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