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My mom taught me how to suck cock. - by: Stephanie

My name is Stephanie and I am Cockoholic.  LOL.   I am an only child.  I was raised by my single mom Trudy.  She has always been very open and honest with me.   Mom had been a beautiful, curvy, tough talking, hard drinking prostitute from a local stable for ten years.  She retired just a year before I was born.  Mom married one of her regular clients, Leo Ross, an older fat man with a fatter wallet.  He was on heart medication and he rarely got it up so most of their lovemaking was oral.  She always had “female problems” and was convinced she would never conceive.  One night “Leo” produced a magnificent hard-on. Mom hadn’t had a cock in her twat for quite some time. She rode it as long as she could. She tells the story that the moment he came inside her she knew she was pregnant.  Six months later Leo was indicted for tax fraud.  He died of a massive coronary before he went to trial.  Regardless, he kept his promise to take care of us.  Mom bought a modest home in south Atlanta near Sandy Springs.

My naughty story begins 18 years ago when I was a sophomore at Riverwood High School.  I was used to hearing mom fucking some guy’s brains out behind the closed door of her bedroom.  This time she was going at it in the living room.  She had to be more drunk than usual.  The noise woke me up and I looked at the clock on my nightstand.  It was 1 AM.

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I crept into the hall. I peered around the corner and I saw them. The man was moaning like a wounded animal, the sliver of moonlight shining in the window illuminated their naked bodies on the bare floor.  He was on his back with his jeans wrapped around his ankles.  Mom’s eyes were closed, her head moving up and down on his big penis.  It was the first time I had ever seen a grown man’s erection.  The guy was doing his best to be quiet.  He thrashed around with mom holding his cock firmly between her lips.  I was fascinated by how she controlled him.  He looked defenseless as she deftly played with his balls, licked the head of his prick and slid it all the way into her throat.  I was afraid I’d be caught so I slowly moved back toward my room. I stopped dead in my tracks by the guy’s guttural sound.  Mom held on tight I knew he must be ejaculating in her mouth. Mom slurped and I felt my clit swell. The stranger rolled his head back and forth as mom came up for air and saw me in the hallway.  She wiped her lips and smiled.  I darted into my room and shut the door.

The next morning, I stayed in my room until I was sure mom’s scruffy house guest was gone.  I made my way to the kitchen.  Mom was at the table nursing her hangover.  When she didn’t acknowledge me I figured I was really in for it.  I poured a glass of juice and sat down across from her.  I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.  It was tough to look in her eyes as she explained about the night before. “I don’t screw as much anymore-it hurts like a bitch since my hysterectomy.  But I still like the company of men so if they are willing to spend money on me they should be able to enjoy a top rate blowjob.”  

Mom had done the birds and bees thing when I was eleven but this was the first talk about giving head.  She said unless I was ready to give up my cherry, fellatio would keep the boys under control.

After breakfast she took me to her room.  We sat on the edge of her unmade bed.  Mom pulled a small suitcase from under her bed.  She opened it to reveal a variety of sex toys including several dicks of different colors, sizes and configurations, used to enhance her professional life.  Mom selected a rather ordinary looking prick and placed it in my hand.  It felt dense and supple.  “This is what it is all about.....the cock,” she remarked, “and it’s not what a man can do with it but rather what you can do with it that makes all the difference”.

For the rest of the morning Mom fielded my questions and showed me techniques to use when pleasuring a partner orally.  She demonstrated me how to use my tongue and teeth to heighten the experience and how to handle the balls to prolong or increase the intensity of an orgasm, the lessons were appealing and aroused me.  I ignored my wet cunt and tight nipples and concentrated on the cock sucking lesson.

Mom encouraged me to practice and gave me one of the larger latex cocks to keep.  I did my best to mimic Mom’s flawless technique I choked a lot.  Once I gagged so hard I puked but by the end of the week I could swallow the big thick dildo with ease.

About six weeks later Mom called me from her bedroom where she entertained her favorite “date” Earl. “Come in here”, she whispered loudly.  I tentatively opened her door where I found Earl totally naked sprawled out on her bed and passed out after polishing off a fifth of Jack Daniels.  His breathing was deep and labored.  My mother was quite intoxicated herself.  She assured me that Earl was out cold as she wagged his limp cock around. “Now’s your chance baby...try’ll definitely like it!”  Earl’s cock and big balls aroused both my curiosity and my craving.  Since Mom’s lessons my fantasies about the penis became intense and while I had masturbated since I was in grade school the orgasms were much more vivid when I thought about a cock stuffed in my face.  There was no way I would turn down her offer.  I gently spread Earl’s muscular legs and crawled up between them. Cautiously taking his testicles in my left hand, I rubbed them gently.  He didn’t move.  Mom slurred her encouragement as I grasped his flaccid dick and steadied it while taking my first lick of the purple head.  The taste was unique, tart and salty.  His skin smelled musky. I gingerly wrapped my lips around the head and bathed it with saliva.  Slurping slowly the shaft slipped into my mouth and down my throat.  It started to grow, filling up the space around my airway making my eyes water.  Earl moved one leg and his hand touched the back of my head. Munching on his delicious cock, I worried he would come-to and find me delivering the blow job, not Mom.  Finally confident his reactions were steeped in whiskey I moved my hand and lips up and down and all around while massaging his hairy sacs.

My wet pussy quivered with excitement, my nipples blistered with ardor.  Earl’s cock was delicious.  Mom sat at the end of the bed.  She slipped one hand into her panties and pinched her nipples with the other.  Mom encouraged and praised me.  Relishing the first squirt of jizz I wildly pumped until I milked and swallowed every drop.  My vaginal muscles quivered and electricity coursed through me.  My tender bud swelled.  I found my sloppy cunt and inserted two fingers.  Earl was sucked dry and I wondered if his head would cave in.  Mom shrieked as she pulled at her swollen clit and climaxed.  My orgasm was like none experienced before.  It left me wanting to ride Earl’s prick but he was too limp to be of any use to me.

I went to my room and used my dildo on my pussy while I replayed the events of the previous half hour like a porno in my mind.  

It wasn’t until my senior year at Riverwood that I let a guy fuck me.  I saved my cherry for the school jock, a guy named Bowie.  Bowie was the most desirable guy on campus, and I had developed a well earned reputation for being a slut by giving head to so many guys that I honesty lost count.

I wanted a boyfriend, but my problem was that no matter how much I liked a guy his dick was never enough.  Cocks were like potato chips, I couldn’t eat just one.  So I got dumped a lot.

No one asked me to the senior prom afraid what their friends might say about taking the class whore to the dance. I ended up going to prom with my gay friend Sean.  I danced with a few guys I knew.  Guys who were with girls that I knew weren’t going to put out that night.   I planted the news that I was staying at the Comfort Inn on Roswell Rd that night and I would be in room 242.  I still remember the room number because Sean was teasing me by chanting “2-4-2 ren-dez-vous”.

A waiting line formed inside room 242 that night.  Seeing their horny, pimply faces in their rented tuxedos amused me.  They were mine now. Yeah-they got their rocks off but the power was mine like an orgasmic Dracula drinking the blood of innocent virgin school girls.

By 3AM I had enjoyed more than a dozen blow jobs.  Even Bowie showed up.  Apparently his prized date, little Miss Prom Queen, Ashley Hughes didn’t put out.  Bowie got his turn.  My jaws ached.  There were gobs of dried cum in my hair and my chin was crusty.  The blended cocktail of teenage sperm in my belly only made me realize my thirst was unquenchable.

After graduation, I used the trust fund Leo had left for me to get a Sociology degree at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain Georgia.  How ironic that the daughter of a prostitute and an Mafia wannabe would end up attending a Presbyterian College.  

A little religion managed to rub off on me, but I think a lot more of me rubbed off on the students and faculty at Covenant.  I will save those stories for another time.

Mom married Earl a few years ago and they are living comfortably and surprisingly sober in south Atlanta.  Mom eventually told Earl about the unconscious blow job he received from me that night.  Earl wants an encore, but that isn’t going to happen.

I hung my shingle out as a Sex Therapist in Buckhead.  My business is booming based on word of mouth recommendations from my satisfied clients and my unconventional hands-on methods.  I have been living with a great bisexual guy named Aaron for the past two years.  I met Aaron at a swinger club where I like to play.  Aaron loves sharing me and he gets off thinking about and watching me suck cock and fuck other men.  

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