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I Fucked The Church Lady
Just another rest stop on my highway to hell. - By Roger

It was Saturday morning and I was rudely woken by my door bell. “Shit! It wasn’t even 9:30 am!” Rubbing my eyes, I opened the door in my briefs. I realized I should have put on pants but it was too late. There in front of me was an older lady, mid forties in a long skirt and a blouse. She announced that she was here witnessing to the neighbor hood about the special gift that our Father Jesus gave to us. She had that typical determined look as I was brought up to know as a ‘Holy Roller’.

My name is Roger and I live in a large apartment complex. We are ripe easy pickings for solicitors of all types.  This church lady was just like all the rest that ignored the ‘No Soliciting’ signs and preached on. She was telling me about my salvation but her eyes kept drifting to my crotch and the bulging package concealed within.  She was fiddling with a hand full of papers, but I noticed her eye direction and my dick started to twitch. Seeing the movement in my pants her eyes froze on the prize as she continued to talk. Looking back up to my face, she realized that she had been caught. Blushing, she handed me a cartoon book about Jesus and was getting ready to leave when I told her to wait.

she was staring at the buldge in my underwear

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Leaving the door open, I went to my wallet on the counter and pulled out a few bucks. I handed it to her and told her it was for the book, if she would come back on Wednesday afternoon I would be dressed more appropriate and we could discuss it in more detail. I watched her ass wiggle as she walked up the stairs to the next apartment.  I noticed how nice her body looked for an older lady and promised myself that I would make a go at her.

Sure enough, approximately one in the afternoon on Wednesday, she showed up at my door; this time in a blue blouse and a red skirt. Even though the skirt was below the knee, it was shorter than the previous skirt on Saturday.  She was carrying several different pamphlets and her Bible. I welcomed her inside and offered her a sweet tea that I had made up ahead of time with just a little Southern Comfort added to take her edge off.  The alcohol was there but the taste was not.

We chatted and I told her how my wife had left me for another man, divorced me and had taken my house and everything I owned. She was very concerned for my soul and my eyes began to tear. We sat on the couch, not to far from each other, talking about God, occasionally having eye contact.  We were both looking at the same pamphlet, our hands touched and we both looked up, our eyes locking.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. This was it, either I get slapped or she kisses me back. Our lips met, my tongue slipped forward, her mouth opened up and we were kissing hard and deep. My arm pulled her close as we continued to kiss; my fingers deftly cupped one of her breasts. She moaned and melted into my hands, kissing me harder, her tongue tickling my tonsils. My other hand cupped her ass and I pressed forward, rolling her onto her back on the couch. Her hands were roaming all over my ass.

I kissed her harder as my fingers went to work on the buttons of her blouse. Opening it up was a simple white bra. Pulling her blouse free from her skirt, I pushed up her bra cup releasing her soft C sized tit. Her nipple hardened as I slipped my lips around it, sucking and exploring the pale round globe. Sucking and flicking at her nipple with my tongue, my hand roamed lower to the hem of her skirt. My palm traveled up the inside of her thigh pulling her skirt with it. The long journey of my hand stopped at the juncture of her legs. I cupped her warm mound with my palm. My thumb began to rub up and down her slit, feeling it moisten with my touch. Her body arched allowing me more access to her. I gently pulled down her skirt, baring her wonderful legs. She wore simple white cotton panties; her pussy mound prominent underneath the thin fabric.

My fingers rubbed over it, slipping into her slit as far as the cloth would allow.  I pulled her up, removed her blouse, and then undid her bra. Her tits were wonderful with minimal sag.  My lips went to the other tit ravishing it with the same attention given to the first while I cupped and played with the free tit. My fingers slipped down her belly. I worked my finger tips under the elastic of her waist band, travelled further until they were parting her moist lips. I stroked up and down her slit and played with her clit. Sucking her tit deep into my mouth, I plunged my fingers deep into her love canal. Her legs spread and she moaned. Her hips thrust up into my hand; her body urgent for my touch.

My free hand worked at the button and zip of my pants. I quickly worked my pants and briefs down as I sucked and played with her wanting pussy. I maneuvered my body in front of hers at the edge of the couch, kissing her deep I pushed my dick forward, letting the head slip slightly into her opening. She was warm and wet, tighter than I expected.  I slowly pushed and pulled it until it was slipping all the way in. Her body melted around my dick. Her hands cupped my ass.

 I began to work a steady rhythm slipping my dick into her moist depths. My lips left her tit and took her hungry mouth as I thrust harder into her open willing pussy. Her body rocked and bucked under me. I slammed deep and hard wanting this new pussy. She let out a loud moan and her body froze tight. I continued to pound her hard. “GOD!” she screamed as she came hard. My dick pulsed, the head swelled and my cum began to flow, filling my little church lady full. My fucking slowed as her orgasm subsided. I pulled my dick free and sucked her tits some more holding her tight.

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Looking into her eyes, I told her I thought that God must have sent her to me to ease the pain of my wife leaving me. I rolled over back onto the couch, sitting next to her as we continued our talk about God and her church. She slowly put her cloths back on while I continued to tell her how I believed she was a gift sent to me. I asked her to come back next Wednesday to teach me more about her church and that maybe I could even go with her the following Sunday to church. Straightening herself up, she agreed to return.  She kissed me quickly and left to save another soul.

Watching her leave, I relished in the thought of how smooth I was seducing the church lady. I was a master at it; I had several different ladies, some married even that I was fucking regularly at the time and I always in need of a new pussy. I spent the next few days with different ladies and telling my friends about the new church lady. Life as me was good and so was living in Clarksville, Tennessee; the Bible belt of America. 

The next Wednesday, the Church lady arrived right on time, about 1:30 pm. She had more pamphlets, a study Bible, plus more books. She was out to save me and I was out to have her. More tea was served and she loosened up quickly. She knew she was not here for the church; she was here for me. We never even made it to the couch before I was kissing her. My hands had her ass and I was pulling her into my stiffening dick. I pulled the hem of her skirt up as I slowly walked her backward into my bedroom.

Standing at the edge of the bed, I unbuttoned her blouse; under it was a lace white bra. It looked so innocent on this older church lady but she was not innocent anymore. She knew why she came and she came for me. Removing it, I sucked her tit into my mouth as her hands worked at my pants. Cupping her ass, I undid the back of her skirt and lowered the zipper, letting it fall to the floor.  She wore a matching pair of white panties. I bet she bought them just for me. I pushed her back onto the bed and pulled them free of her legs.

Looking up I saw her brunette bush, wild and furry.  My head slipped between her legs as I spread them wide. I smelled her sweet pussy and slipped my tongue deep in her folds. My lips found her clit and her body shook. Grabbing my head she rocked and thrust her pussy forward. Like magic I was making my church lady cum uncontrollably. I pulled back as she slowly recovered.

Removing my shirt and pants, I climbed onto the bed pushing her to the center as I did. Her eyes looked up at me and she spread her legs wide opening herself to my hard throbbing cock. I grabbed her legs and shoved my dick forward filling her completely. She screamed and moaned and I began to pound her bible thumping cunt with my dick. Her body responded and rocked back into me. In just a short time and she was orgasming again, only this time she was cursing God for the orgasm.

Feeling her come down, I rolled her onto her stomach pulling her to her knees. I shoved my dick back into her waiting cunt; she screamed at the power of my thrust. One hand grabbed her thigh and pulled her to me as I filled her with my dick and the other fondled her hanging tit as it swayed back and forth below her. She began to push back with my thrust, our bodies colliding in the middle. My hand went from her thigh to her clit, pinching and slapping her clit hard, she began to cry and moan. Suddenly with a loud “OH GOD!” her body tensed and her pussy came hard, squirting her cum all over the bed.  

Pushing my dick free, I grabbed my dick and shoved it back in the warm hole. Grabbing both hips, I plowed into her open wet cunt hard. She arched and moaned. My balls tumbled and my dick spewed forth a massive amount of cum. It pumped and flowed forth as my dick slammed deeper and harder. Feeling weak, I slowed and just held my dick deep into her pussy. My dick pulsed, filling her hole full, the contents dripping free around my dick. We collapsed in a heap on the bed and passed out. I woke a short time later to her getting dressed. I asked her to come back next Wednesday, my day off and she agreed.

I was a happy man, another piece of regular pussy. Life was good until I returned home from work the following Monday.  I found a note on my door. It seems that her guilt got the best of her and she confessed her sins to her Pastor regarding our private Bible lessons and he told her to never see me again. She informed me she would not show up on this Wednesday… or ever again.

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she put down the bible and sucked my cock

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