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My Girlfriend Has A Dick.
A walk on the wild side. - by: Nick

Sometimes you never know that you're looking for something until you find it, or rather it finds you. Two and a half months ago things were pretty normal for my wife Molly and me. We've been married for two years and things are still good between us so the last thing I was expecting was to find myself with a piece on the side when she went out of town. At 28 I was still a bit of a horn ball and will do just about anyone or anything.

That Saturday with Molly gone I decided that the action in Lakewood was a bit stale, so I was off to Denver. After some driving around, I spotted a bar called Charlie's.  It looked interesting enough so I found a parking spot and headed inside.  At first I didn't realize that anything was out of the ordinary about Charlie's until I sat down and ordered a beer. When I turned around to check out the other bar patrons I noticed that everyone was grouped up male/male and female/female.  Nothing strange there.

"Here you go sweet cheeks," The thin guy behind the bar said as he set my bottle down. I nodded and took a sip. That and the two guys making out on the dance floor confirmed my stray thought; I was in a gay bar.

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Most straight guys would have packed up and left like a bat out of hell at that point, but instead I continued to enjoy my drink, the music and look around.  It wasn't that bad of a place really.  The décor was a bit cheesy, but overall everything else was decent.  I ordered a small basket of fries and another beer.  Lost in my own thoughts I looked to my left when I heard a feminine but husky voice about a chair down from me.

"Johnny, can I get a Jager and Jack please?" She turned and smiled at me. What I did could be described as staring. Her dress was not only tight but very low cut, the entire areola above both her nipples were showing and those heels were at least 5".

"Sure thing Mandy." He turned and got busy with making her drink. Mandy with her platinum blonde wig, and even in the low light the bar I could see that it looked like doll hair.  My food arrived and I started eating. The food did little to distract me from thoughts of her. There was just something about Mandy that wouldn't let my mind or my hormones go. We traded looks on and off for about five minutes or so before Mandy got up and sat directly next to me.

"Hi there, I saw you looking my way. My name's Mandy." She held her well manicured hand out, the other holding her drink.

"Nick," I shook her hand with the non salt covered one. "I saw you looking my way too." Taking another sip of my beer I gave her another once over. Despite the fact that she looked like a hooker, she was still hot. Normally I might not have been so adventurous, but hey with the wife away and one beer already in the tank tonight was a new night.

"So Nick," she flipped her hair over her shoulder, "Do you like what you see?" Mandy smiled and sipped her drink slowly.

"Surprisingly yes I do." I pushed the empty fry basket away and turned my body around so that I was facing her.

"Nice to know. So what's a nice straight married boy like you doing in a gay bar like this?" We both laughed at her little joke.

"Slow night at home, thought I would find someplace interesting to hang out for a bit. Maybe meet someone new and interesting." My eyes continued to roam over Mandy. Without the heels she was just a bit shorter than me. Her body overall was perfect, toned and stacked in the right places, the tight pink dress she wore only further highlighted that fact.

"Mmm well I'm glad you stopped here. I was afraid I was going to have a slow night and no fun." We both continued to make with the small talk which revolved around anything and everything. Mandy and I both played softball and both thought NASCAR was ridiculous. After Mandy killed a second Jager and Jack we decided to call it a night. Because Mandy lived in Denver we decided to go to her place instead of making her make the drive all the way to Lakewood and then back home.

Mandy's place was a nice little condo. I parked my car next to hers and followed her up the walkway to her door.

"Here we are, home sweet home." She unlocked the door and we headed straight for her room. I was already about half hard when she closed the door and asked, "So you sure you can handle a girl like me?"

"I wouldn't be here if I couldn't." I pulled my shirt off and watched her push her dress down and off. I had to give her doctor credit, the tits were fake but they were damn good fakes. Closing the distance between us, I pulled her into a slightly rough kiss as I let my hands take the unguided tour of her body.  The thin scarp of panties Mandy wore did little more than hold her cock in. She moaned as my hands explored all of her. I nibbled on her neck as I gave her tits a nice squeeze and then her hard cock a firmer one.

The feel of her cock throbbing in my hand had my own at full attention. For the first time ever I had the urge to suck someone's cock. There was just something different about Mandy. It didn't feel like I was with another guy. I was just with a hot girl who just happened to have a cock. Walking backwards I maneuvered Mandy onto the bed and the rest of our clothes off.  Her cock was about 5 inches and shaved completely along with her balls.

She grinned up at me as her hand curled around my cock and gave it a few pumps, "My my aren't we a big boy?"

"Yes well I did eat all my veggies when I was younger." Joining her on the bed we continued to explore each other until Mandy slithered down my body and sucked my cock. Damn she was good, better than good really.  She sucked better than any girl I knew. Arching up into her mouth I groaned and had to hold back from grabbing her by the wig and fucking her mouth. Instead I rubbed her shoulders and let her go to work.

Mandy gave my cock and balls intense attention until I just let go. "Fuck Mandy," She deep throated my cock just as the first spurt of cum left my cock and squeezed the rest from me with her skilled throat. Sitting up she smiled at me and licked her lips.  There was a fat drop of pre cum gathered at the tip of her cock.  Just laying there, looking at her like that I knew I wanted to suck her cock.  I kissed her and tasted some of my own cum on her tongue that was something I was used to from my own wife, this time however it turned me on more.

Eventually I made my way down her body licking and kissing, she ground her body against me as I nipped and suckled at her nipples working my way down to her cock. Having gone way past the point of no return I just closed my eyes and gave her a few test licks before just going for it. To be honest it was like eating my wife out in a way because the moans were the same even if the parts weren't.  Mandy was definitely worked up, because she didn't last long.  Her cum was a little salty but not in a bad way.  I ended up spending the entire night with her and then heading home in the morning.

That could have been the end of it but it wasn't.  I began to see Mandy on a regular basis.  It also helped that we played in the same softball league because it made it easier for us to hang out more, under the pretense of sports fun.  Eventually things went further between us and we started having sex.  My wife had never been interested in something like that so doing it with Mandy was something that was just between me and her.

Molly was out of town again and as soon as she was gone I drove straight to Mandy's. She answered the door wearing her usual long blonde wig and just a short silk robe.  We sat and talked over a few glasses of wine and then headed to the bedroom. The lights were turned down and she had a bottle of lube sitting on the night stand and a box of condoms. We rolled around on the bed naked for awhile making out and rubbing up against each other.

Mandy grabbed the lube while sucking on my cock and began to work her slick fingers in and out of her ass stretching herself open.  Her moans had me ready to pop so I pushed her head away and grabbed one of the condoms and slipped it on.  She gave me a kiss as she wiggled her ass and got onto her hands and knees fully.

There is definitely something to be said about fucking Mandy.  It's hot and great.  Her ass was so tight that I was sure I wouldn't last longer than a minute.  My wife's pussy was tight but this hot tight ass was in a class of its own.  Once I was fully inside of her and sure that I wasn't gonna cum like a high school virgin I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Mandy liked it rough, she began rocking back into my thrusts and screaming my name out. I reached down and grabbed her cock and started to jerk her off wanting us both to cum at the same time.

She didn't hold out long after that and covered my hand and the bed with her cum.  The flexing ass muscles were more than enough for me as well and I came harder than I ever did with Molly.  We cleaned up a few minutes later and laid there wrapped up in each other's arms.  It's strange but I do love being with Mandy.  I don't want to leave my wife and Mandy hasn't asked me to, or hinted she wanted to change the way things are between us.

I still for the most part see myself as straight. So my girlfriend has a cock? She's still my girl and I wouldn't change her for anything.

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