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I Fucked The Basketball Team
Cheerleader confessions. - By Libby

Beth, I have been enjoying the stories on your site for quite awhile now and I have finally decided to share one of mine.

I’m wet just thinking about the secrets I’m about to confess…but at the same time I do feel a twinge of guilt.  My husband Alex thinks he is the only guy I ever fucked.  

I met Alex during my senior year of high school.  We sat next to each other in history class. We dated a few times. I think I was the only girl in the class of '97 who was still a virgin when I graduated.  I wanted to fuck Alex, but he was really clueless and shy.  We ended up going to different colleges in Texas that are about 100 miles apart.  I went away to study dance and Alex to study criminal justice. 

My parents weren't racist, but they are pretty old-fashioned and very conservative.  They wouldn't approve of their little

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We saw each other on breaks and long weekends.  Alex finally took my virginity during Thanksgiving when we were both back home.  It was a pretty forgettable experience, but I was glad that I had finally lost my cherry.  Alex gave me a friendship ring before we went back to school and made me promise to be faithful.  I'm pretty sure Alex kept his promise.  To say I didn't would be a huge understatement.

Ten years later and I'm 28 years old, and I run my own dance studio. Alex and I married in 2001 and settled in San Antonio.  Alex is a good husband, cop and father but he has always been lacking in the sexual department.  I’m still a sexual being and the lack of good sex has me fantasizing about my wild college days and thinking about Ricky Harvey, the guy who introduced me to a cock induced orgasm.

This leads me to what happened last week when I took my car to get serviced at the dealership.  The Service Manager greeted me as I got out of my car.  I recognized him before he could even get three words out of his mouth.  Ricky Harvey!.  Boy did he bring back memories.  I'm sure my face was flush, and I know my legs got weak.  Ricky recognized me but couldn't remember my name. "Its Libby",  I reminded him as I gave him a warm hug,  He seemed embarrassed and appolgized for not remembering my name,  It had been a long time and Ricky was the handsome and popular star forward on the basketball team.  He probably fucked more women in one semester of college than most guys do in their whole life.  I was just happy to have been one of them.  I could tell Ricky wanted to talk, but he was busy with customers and I had to get to my studio so we didn't have the chance.  Later when I picked up the car, Ricky gave me his phone number and offered to take me to lunch sometime.  So tempting.

Last night Alex and I had sex for the first time in two months.  I get by on masturbation, but the lack of sex worries me.  I had discussed the problem with my mom who probably hasn't seen a cock since the night I was conceived.  Mom offered to watch the kids so I could do something special to jump start our sexlife. Alex gets off work at 7pm during the week.  When he arrived I was waiting in the bedroom wearing a sexy new teddy I had bought at Victoria's Secret.  I was freshly showered and I had shaved my bushy pussy for the first time in years.  When Alex walked through the bedroom door I was sprawled across the bed freshly showered with my bare pussy showing in all its glory.  It was already a little wet because I had been fingering it thinking of the overdue fucking he owed me.

The first thing out his mouth was, “Honey why are you bald?”  I didn’t even answer him.  I got up off the bed and started stripping his clothes off without saying a word.  After I had him stripped down I dropped to my knees and took his soft five inch dick into my mouth.  It’s kinda small but when he lets me ride on top I can squeeze my pelvic muscles together and manage a nut.  Before I got three good mouth strokes on his meat he was pulling me up.  (Oh here come the lecture.)  “Honey whores do that!”  We went through this every few months.  Instead of arguing this time I laid on the bed let him pump me.  I actually counted the number of strokes while staring at the ceiling fan.  He grunted and pulled out and shot his cum on my stomach.   24 strokes and 2 minutes and it was all over.  I didn't hide the fact that I was disappointed.  I showered and went to bed.

My career keeps me fit and I still get lots of looks from men, but when I arrived at college my freshman year,  I was the ultimate “brick house”.  I had pouty pink dick-sucking lips and as my roommate Jessica used to say, "a thick juicy booty".  I had firm perky 36C cups with big puffy nipples, a flat stomach, tan skin, brown eyes and hair.  Jessica taught me how to dress to get noticed and how to shave my pussy.  

My second semester at the University I figured out that I could maintain good grades, have a social life, and maintain a long distance relationship with Alex.  I joined the cheering squad and a sorority.  That upped my social status on campus by at least a gazillion points.  After about a month of hazing I was finally a proud sister of Alpha Beta Theta.  Affectionately known around campus as the Betty’s.  To celebrate our coming out, the big sisters told us new sisters to get sexed up and be at our frat brother’s fraternity house by eleven o’clock that night.

I have always had killer legs that stayed pretty tan year round.  I put on a white and tan miniskirt and red panties.  My legs and pussy were shaven as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I put on a white belly button ring and a Daisy-Duke style shirt and a push up bra.  I put on my red "fuck-me" lipstick and moussed my hair as big as it would go,  sprayed on some “Lick Me All Over” perfume and was on my way out the door to the fraternity house.

There were sexpots and testosterone charged studs of every race and nationality piling into the frat house.  I couldn't wait to get in there and grind the night away.  I stepped into the party and I knew all eyes “well male anyway” were on my tan skin in my little white outfit.  I stepped up to the first guy I saw standing by himself (Sam).  He was sexy...dark (yes black) tall, muscular, and a well known jock from the basketball team.  I had fantasized about him a few times before I danced with him the whole night.  

By the time the party was over I was pissy drunk.  Sam offered to take me home so that I wouldn't have to drive. An offer of a ride home turned into fucking in the rear bathroom of the frat house.   Sam was my second fuck and my first black guy.  Even though I was drunk I had high expectations for Sam.  So much for myths about black cocks as Sam whipped out a four inch cock.  As soon as he got two pushes into my snatch he jizzed in me.  I was so pissed.  Thank goodness he didn’t want to talk, he had to be embarrassed because the 5 minute ride home was done in silence.

The next day I was walking onto campus when another black guy from the basketball team approached me.  It was Ricky Harvey.  He whispered in my ear “I heard you fucked Sam…he’s nothing you should cum and ride this dick.”  He grabbed the crotch of his loose athletic pants.  I could see he was holding something very large.  Then he sauntered off.  I got wet thinking about it.  Later on at practice I mentioned my encounter to a couple of my fellow cheerleaders.  Two admitted that they had fucked Ricky and his cock was huge.

I planned to take Ricky up on his offer Friday night at the after-game party.  I couldn't wait for Friday to come.  I frigged myself off multiple times thinking about it.  I had one thought on my mind and that was cornering 6’6 tall dark and handsome Ricky at the party.  

As soon as I saw him that night I pushed my soft juicy melons against his chest as whispered “I’m ready to take you up on your offer player”.  He knew just what to do.  He grabbed my hand and dragged me to one of the guest bedrooms in the frat house.  He didn’t even bother to remove my skirt, his jeans or my panties.  He forcefully pushed me down by my head and told me to suck his cock.  I willingly dropped to my knees and started sucking.  It was every bit of ten inches long and thick.  I took it all the way down my throat in one swallow.  I was gagging and coughing but he seemed to be enjoying it.  

After about five minutes I felt that thick piece of meat tense up.  I knew he was about to blow…I thought he was going to be a gentleman and warn… Nope!   He shot his thick wad down my throat, and didn’t even get soft.  Before I could lick the excess semen dripping down my chin he flipped me over and shoved his thick dick in my twat from the back.  It was wonderful!  I came in two minutes flat.  I flooded his penis with my warmth.  The juices were dripping down my thigh.  I had never felt like this before I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  He must have been turned on by my screams because I felt his body jerk and he shot off into the deep cavern of my pussy.  My screaming must have been overheard because as soon as Ricky had put his dick away I saw another starter on the team standing at the door smiling.  It was Darnell.

Ricky got himself together and without a word exited the room.  I was still trying to catch my breath and my thighs were convulsing as Darnell took Ricky’s spot without even asking permission.  We never spoke a word and I never even got to see Darnell’s cock, but feeling is believing.  I know it was huge because it stretched me even further.  Darnell only lasted a few minutes. Not long enough for me to orgasm but it felt good nonetheless.  He also blasted deep inside my already cum-drenched pussy.  

Darnell slapped my ass real hard and left the room.  I was exhausted.  I rearranged my clothes to the best of my ability and left the party.  Thank goodness Alex was at a different university because like several of the other cheerleaders I got quite the reputation of spreading “cheer” if you get my drift.  

Over the course of the next few weeks I fucked Andre and Malcolm from the basketball team.  My parents weren't racist, but they are pretty old-fashioned and very conservative.  They wouldn't approve of their little "Princess" having sex with a black guy.  Let alone all 5 starters on basketball team.  

Andre became my lunch buddy.  At least twice a week he and I would meet up in the locker room down by the football field when it was deserted during the day.  The crazy thing was he never wanted to fuck me.  Andre loved to eat my pussy.  I would lift my skirt or remove my jeans and sit on the one lone desk in the locker room and he would proceed to eat my snatch.  And not just my snatch.  Andre gave one hundred and ten percent.  He used to lick me from glorious hole to glorious hole.  I would leave him looking like a glazed Krispy Kreme.

Malcolm was the first guy to fuck me in the ass.  I had always been an avid porn reader.  Anal sex stories were my favorite.  I had long fantasized about having a cock in my ass.  When Malcolm took an iterest in my butt hole, my pussy started flowing.  Malcolm's dick was short and just thick enough to be felt in my cunt.  He caught me jogging on the cross county course one evening and gave me a memorable nature lesson.   He proceeded to bend me over a bench, move my running shorts to the side and finger me.   I knew a good fucking was coming.  He roughly rubbed his dick across my juicy pussy lips.  Before I knew what was happening he was pushing his dick into my tight anal cherry.  It felt wonderful!  He rubbed my huge clit as he rocked in and out of my ass.  It was great.  We came at the same time.  I came so hard I couldn’t even finish my run.  I was too tired.  

I really miss my college days.  But no matter how bad sex is with my husband I can’t see myself cheating on him or embarrassing him.  I threw Ricky's phone number away so I wouldn't be tempted to call him.  I have a good vibrator, my memories and your wonderful stories to keep me from doing something I might regret.

Thanks Beth for hearing me out.

Libby K

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He grabbed my hand and dragged me to one of the guest bedrooms in the frat house.  He didn’t even bother to remove my skirt, his jeans or my panties.  He forcefully pushed me down by my head and told me to suck his cock.

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