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The Naughty Candy Striper.
Courtney discovers the power of the PUSSY - by: Courtney

Yeah, sometimes it gets boring squirting coffee for uptight yuppies at Starbucks every day.   But then there are the days when a handsome, well-built dad-of-the-year comes in, his wife and kids in the crook of his arms, and gives me that look.   That look that usually leads me to ask for a 15-minute break and that look that leads him to excuse himself from his wife and kids for a bit.   I’ll grab him just as he’s about to guess which bathroom to sneak into and pull him into the utility closet.   The other employees know the rules and play along; mostly because I let them watch me fuck the guy on our little closed-circuit security camera.   I like to spread my legs while sitting on top of boxes of coffee filters and encourage “dad” to finger my cunt and then shove his cock inside me.   Sometimes I let them feel extra-nasty and have them cum on the floor.   Our janitor works on porn sets on his nights off and he doesn’t give a shit as long as I give him a cut.  These little escapades usually result in a very fat tip in the tip jar.  Hey; a girl’s got to put herself through college and let’s just say that I don’t work at the Starbucks for the minimum wage or the glorious title of “barista.  ”  Plus, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Sacramento, CA is a fucking expensive place to live!  You PAY for all the sunshine.  But I didn’t want to tell you about my current day job, I have a much juicier story for you.  

When I was seventeen, I got caught shoplifting.   I shoved a lipstick down my panties and the security guard caught me.   He was a fat, balding guy and I should have run.   But something in his wheezing pathetic demeanor made me stay and let him haul me to the back of the store.   He licked his lips as he stared at my huge tits heaving out the sides of my skinny aqua-blue tank top.   I could tell he liked the little feather earrings that tickled my bronze near-naked shoulders and the fullness of my lower lip that glimmered with a thin coat of bubblegum gloss.   He put his fingers all over my crotch, patting me down, I suppose, and I could see his sad little dick get hard.  But, no, that’s not the story.  

naughty candy striper

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Yes, I probably could have given him a blow job and the whole thing would have "blown over" but, hey, a girl’s got to have some principles.  So, they threw me into a detention center for a bit.   Everything you hear about the wild sex in those places is true.   I ate more pussy in my week there than in my entire 20 years.   I have nothing against pussy, so it was all fine with me.   I, unlike some of the girls, got lucky and was awarded a good lawyer.  He claimed all the usual “raised without a mother,” “absent father,” “latch key kid” stuff, but it worked and I was out of there.

I volunteered at the hospital as part of my required 40 hours of community service and was assigned to work on the orthopedic floor.    I was a Candy Striper, which is just a nice way of saying that sick old men get to stare at my ass and the old women get to mistake me for their granddaughters.  The morning of my second day on the job I overheard two other Candy Stripers giggling and talking about “Travis,” supposedly a handsome 20-something year old patient in room 404, bed 2, who had an enormous cock which was totally exposed through his open robe.  Of course I had to investigate.   I grabbed several magazines and made my way to room 404 where I found Travis watching TV.

Both of his legs were in casts and his cock was indeed exposed!  And it was a nice one: strong, defined veins, warm coloring, and a nice, fat head.   My mouth started drooling the second I saw it and I became obsessed with getting it in my mouth.  Bed 1 was empty, so there was no additional patient to deal with.   So, I sauntered over, making sure to shake my ass in my awkwardly short, hospital-issued, striped skirt, and offered Travis a magazine.  He selected a Sports Illustrated and I asked him if he played sports.  “Yeah, I’m on a football scholarship at the university, so this really sucks,” he replied and looked down at his legs.  “Did you do this playing football?” I asked, horrified that someone could get so hurt playing a stupid sport.  “No,” he laughed a little and his facial muscles relaxed a bit.   “I was in a motorcycle accident.”  

Up to this point, I had been able to resist staring at his cock, but once I pictured him on a motorcycle with his short, wavy hair fluttering behind him and imagining my thighs scissored against his hips, my arms wrapped around his muscular waist…I couldn’t resist!  He noticed the angle of my stare.   “My name’s Travis,” he said and his cock twitched.  “I’m Courtney,” I said, never taking my eyes off his cock.  Suddenly the doorknob turned and his wife entered the room.   He apologized to me and covered it up with the bed sheet just as his wife walked up to the bed.    I escaped while they exchanged endearments.   

They were way too perfect and pretty together.  He was definitely the football hero and she was the swooning cheerleader.  So I left the room, but watched for the wife to leave.   When she left, I went back into the room to find Travis's hand under the sheet: he was playing with himself!  I decided to play coy and said I was sorry I didn't knock and turned to leave, but Travis asked me to stay.  He made a joke about my giving him a sponge bath, so I moved closer to the bed and said "I wish," but explained that was the job of the 350 pound nurse's aid.   Nonetheless, Travis made no attempt to hide his fully erect cock that was standing at full attention under the flimsy sheet.  “You must be a boy scout.  .  .  ” I said.  He looked at me confusedly, “Why?” “Because you’ve pitched a tent,” I quipped and slid my hand under the sheet and stroked his cock.

It was so smooth to the touch but so hot and hard!  It felt wonderful and I sighed.   His skin felt like satin on my palm and his sex energy passed through my hand and into my entire body.   I was now on a mission and nothing could stop me.  Travis, wanting to participate in the action any way he could, slipped his hand under my little skirt and bent his fingers around my cotton panties.   The outsides of his fingers stroked my outer lips that were already full with expectation.   As my grip on his cock tightened, he shoved three fingers up into me.   I was so wet, there was no resistance.  All this had been going on with the door open, so I slipped away for a minute and shut the door.   Then I came back and crawled onto the bed from the foot of it.

I took my black hair out of its bun and ticked his genitals with it.   Then I looked up at him as I took his cock in my mouth.   He grunted his satisfaction and placed his hands on both sides of my head, pulling my face down harder on his cock.   So, I took it completely into my throat and sucked him and played with his balls.   I turned around so that I was straddled over him, my face in his crotch and my cunt glistening inches from his lips.   I tickled that little area underneath his head with my tongue, guys love this!, and then pounded him hard with a couple really hard-sucking thrusts.   This usually sends guys over the edge, but Travis was holding on.  As I bounced my face on his cock, he plowed his fingers into me again and again.   I was becoming raw and sore from the irritation and the angle, but the pain felt good.   Suddenly, he changed his approach and began hitting my g-spot.   When he did this, I sucked him even harder and felt the stiffening begin in his thighs and watched the tightening of his balls.   I knew he was getting close to his orgasm and this always gets me really excited, too.  He could probably tell from the way my pussy walls clenched his fingers, so he added the final touch, a little bit of tongue on my asshole.   As soon as he did this, I moaned deeply.   The reverberations from my moan caused him to start shooting off in my mouth, which caused me to cream all over his face and hands.

We were too caught up in the moment to notice that door had opened and we were no longer alone.   Until the nurse screamed.  She grabbed me by my hair and scolded me as she wiped the jizz off my lips and chin.   I knew I was busted, so I told nurse “rotten crotch” to fuck off, pulled up the panties Travis had worked down around my knees, and left the hospital.  

When the male hospital administrator called me the next day and asked me to come in for a meeting, I threatened to file charges against the hospital if they didn't inform my probation officer that I had successfully completed my community service.  But the administrator assured me he wasn’t seeking anything of that nature.  I got the hint.  I went to his office the next day.   Ah, yes, there were the pictures of the wife and kids.  His office was cool, his leather couch was soft, and his eyes had that look.  I fulfilled my “duties” so well, the administrator not only gave me full credit for my hours, but he also arranged to have a small sum paid to me for “services rendered.”  It all worked out quite nicely in the end.  

So, I learned a valuable lesson.  Who needs to steal when you can harness the power of the pussy?

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