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Blackmailed Over Black Cock
My step daughter caught me cheating on her dad. - By Roxy

My name is Roxy, and I have always had a major problem with cheating. My cheating is the reason my first three marriages ended. When I met Roger two years ago, I thought my cheating days were over. He was much nicer than any of my husbands had been. His only flaw was that he had two kids, daughters. Carolyn is now 25 and married. She lives over in Green Bay. Kendra is 16, and she lives with her mother. She’s also got a room at our house, and she is always popping in without any warning.

After a month of dating Roger, he asked me if I wanted to get married. I don’t know why he was in such a rush. He did say that I gave him the best head he’d ever had, and since I’ve heard that before from my other husbands, I don’t think he was lying.

Anyway, Kendra and I have never really gotten along, but this summer the shit really hit the fan, and now I often find myself kissing Kendra’s ass. Roger thinks his baby girl is a saint, but if I was in any position to tell Roger what she was really up to, he’d have to see his little girl in all of her evil glory. I won’t be telling Roger anything though, and if I’m lucky, neither will Kendra.

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erotic story blackmailed over black cock

Things between Kendra and me were always rough. Roger described his sweet little girl since the day I met him, so when I met this cum-guzzling whore, I thought she must be his daughter’s friend or something. The first time I met her, a thong was sticking out of her low-rise pants, and her halter top showed every curve of her tits. I looked over at Roger when he introduced us, and he was grinning. All he saw was a nice young girl. The way Kendra was watching me, I could tell that she was thinking the same shit about me. I imagined her daddy must’ve been telling her what a nice sweet woman he’d met, and here I show up.

Kendra was civil to me for a while, until she busted into Roger’s house one day. She’d skipped her last class and come to our house to watch TV, only when she walked through the door, she caught an eye-full of my naked ass on the floor sucking her dad’s cock. Roger, all red in the face, immediately ended our afternoon delight and started kissing Kendra’s ass. I made no secret of the fact I was pissed. I banged dishes around. Kendra was a bitch to me after that. I don’t know why she got worse after that. I mean, she had to have known I was fucking her dad. I started looking for examples of Kendra fucking up. I was determined to show her dad what a little bitch she was.

When she spent a weekend at our house, I peeked into her room while I was getting the laundry together. I was disgusted to see that she had left her dirty clothes strewn all over the floor as if it was my job to clean them up. I had half a mind to leave them there, but I can’t stand clothes all over the floor, so I took the clothes and added them to the wash. Before I threw them in, I checked the pockets. I couldn’t contain my smile. Inside her pocket was a strip of five condoms. I ran over to Roger’s man cave and showed him what I had found.

“Well, they must belong to her friend,” he argued.

“That’s just an excuse kids give,” I told him. “Let me tell you something. It never belongs to the friend.”

“Well at least she’s being responsible,” he said.

I was so angry.

“This?” I threw the strip of condoms at him. “This is being responsible?” I couldn’t take it anymore. If he didn’t get it, I guess I’d have to explain the obvious to him. “Your daughter is a filthy whore!” I screamed.

“Now wait a minute,” he argued.

“I’m just saying,” I argued, seeing how mad he got. “She’s not a good little girl like you think.”

For the next few days, I watched, but Roger didn’t say anything to Kendra about what I had found. He didn’t treat her any differently either. It was like he didn’t even care that she was fucking enough cock that she carried a strip of condoms around. She continued to breeze into our home as if she owned it, and I continued to treat her like the whore that she was.

I also got to thinking.

See, I had always thought that Roger was such a\smart guy that he would never let me get away with being the sort of raging slut I was before we got married. But now that I saw how easily Kendra had it, and I knew I could get away with cheating. I knew that even if the truth was staring Roger in the face, he wouldn’t see that the woman he loved was a conniving slut. Once I realized that, I was constantly horny, and I knew just the guy I wanted to cheat with—Dwight—a big black bastard that still hung out at the bar I used to frequent. He had a giant black cock, and he loved to make the white bitches cum.

Roger was always leaving town for overnight trips. I’d have no problem sneaking off to get me some black cock, but I thought about it for a few days before going through with it.

The next time Roger left town, I went to the old bar for a drink and Dwight spotted me as soon as I walked in. As I drank a few drinks by myself, Dwight kept licking his lips and grabbing his cock. I knew he wanted me to suck that big black dick. Like I said, I give legendary head, and Dwight knew me inside and out. We asked the bartender if we could borrow the back room for a little while. She smiled. She was used to our horny asses.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” she said as she gave us the key to the back room.

“Well, I’m back,” I told her.

We went into the office and didn’t bother locking the door. He immediately started unzipping his pants and taking out his dick. I was happy to see it was just as huge now as it was in my fantasies.

“How’s your husband?” he laughed.

I didn’t answer. I just got down on my knees and let him ram that stiff cock down my throat. He grabbed the top of my head and I let him guide his dick harder and harder into my face. At one point the door opened, and the light shone on us for longer than it should have, but I didn’t stop deep-throating that thick-ass dick. Not until a gallon of his hot jiz hit the back of my throat. He pulled his cock out and unleashed the rest of his load onto my tits.

I thought I’d feel guilty the next day. Sure, I’ve cheated on all my husbands, but Roger was different. A cheating whore didn’t deserve Roger. But once I re-tasted Dwight’s cock, I knew I couldn’t give up cheating. It would take more than a stable marriage to get me off the black cock. I was addicted.

I called Roger that morning and made sure his trip was going well. Everything was on schedule. He wouldn’t be back until the next day. When I hung up, I texted Dwight “69.”

He texted me back “my place or urs?” Even though Roger wasn’t coming back for another day, I didn’t want to chance bringing my black lover over to the house, so I went to his place. We fucked all afternoon. I felt my pussy stretching to make room for his thick cock. My snatch wasn’t used to being stretched this wide. Dwight kept commenting on how tight my twat had gotten.

“You my little white virgin,” he said that afternoon, and then he sprayed his fuck-hose all over my stomach.

We started meeting regularly after that, whenever Roger had to leave town for business which was every week. I’d usually go to Dwight’s apartment, which was a shitty place close to the bar—perfect for a convenient hookup. Then, Dwight asked if he could fuck me at my place, and once that happened, there was no going back to his place. He loved my new plush digs out in the suburbs. He liked to tell me I did good for myself.

“You must need my cock bad to put all this on the line,” he said. Sometimes, he wore Roger’s robe. He told me how it good it felt to fuck some white man’s wife in his bed. I know this shouldn’t have turned me on, but it did. There was something hot about fucking Dwight in Roger’s bed, and how much Dwight loved cumming all over me.

“Turn over bitch,” he’d say. “You all fucking sloppy.”

He got so comfortable in the house that I was always worried Roger would find out. Roger didn’t find out. Someone else did.

Dwight stopped over on his lunch break so I could help him out with his raging hard on. We were in Roger’s and my bedroom, and Dwight had me bent over the bed so that his cock could get deeper into my pussy.

He was yelling, “Scream bitch, scream!”

His cock made my whole body have to stretch out around it. Only his cock could make me cum. I mean, I came with other guys, but I always had to rub my clit to make it happen. With Dwight, I came from the power of his huge cock alone.

I was feeling the tremendous feeling of that cock, cumming like only Dwight could make me cum, when the bedroom door busted open and there Kendra stood. My orgasmic euphoria was right in time with the shock on her face and me wondering what the fuck she was doing here, and how long it would take her to rat me out to her father.

When Dwight saw her there, he didn’t wait around. He just jumped off me and put on his pants. Kendra’s eyes widened at the sight of his giant cock sopping wet with my pussy juice. He walked out and Kendra and I just stared at each other. I was scared shitless. She looked happy.

I dressed and went down to the kitchen where Kendra explained how the nurse said she could go home early but her mom wasn’t home. A quick call to daddy dearest and she had permission to walk over here and make herself comfortable.

“So, there is this purse I’ve been checking out,” Kendra said as I poured her a glass of wine. Normally, Roger would never let her drink, but that was just the beginning of many things I’d do for Kendra behind his back. “The purse is $700. I mean, I know that’s a lot, but I figured, maybe it’s worth, you know, keeping a secret or something.”

Before Roger came home from work, she’d gotten her purse as well as an iPhone. Aside from her outrageous demands, the little whore had me being nice to her, bringing her drinks and making her snacks. She started spending more time at our house. I think she was making sure that I didn’t cheat on her dad. Dwight was too scared to come over anyway.

Roger thought it was great that his daughter and new wife suddenly seemed to be getting along so well.

“Yeah, before you know it,” Kendra said, “we’ll be cruising in my new Mustang together.”

“You don’t have a mustang,” Roger said.

“Give it time,” Kendra said, and then she shot me the evil eye. That fucking bitch.

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