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Swinging With A Bisexual Couple
A Craigslist hookup with a bi couple. - By Jerry

This is a story of about the most fun that I’ve had with a couple while single.  Before I start, I should say that I am a bisexual male, and really enjoy expressing that part of myself from time to time.

Anyway, I had been very sexually inactive for a long while, and found myself perusing the craigslist personals, wondering if they actually worked for anyone, when I found an add asking for a man to help with massaging a posters’ wife.  Intrigued, I replied, and found a prompt response, including the longed-for phrase “we are bi friendly”.  I soon found myself driving toward a strangers’ house, simultaneously nervous and extremely turned on.  I never could quite figure out whether it made me hornier or more calm, knowing that they could turn out to be some sort of robbers or kidnappers or something.  The whole drive, though, I was just so much on edge that I was on the brink of exploding.

At this point, I came over and put one hand on her creamy, tanned breast, as I first started flicking my tongue out, then started licking, then finally started licking on her nearly perfect nipples.  My other hand I kept on my pulsating
dick, which was, by now, back to crying desperately for relief.

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As I pulled up to their house, I saw her opening the door, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile.  Her hair was shoulder length, auburn and curly, as if she had just been swimming.  She had firm, strong legs that indicated that she was in shape, but from working, rather than long hours in the gym.  “It’s been a long day, and I really need my legs rubbed,” she said, as she guided me upstairs.  It wasn’t very long later until I saw him.  He wasn’t as striking as his wife by any means, but at the same time, was still quite intriguing.  He had brown eyes and a sharp accent, saying “we don’t get much of a chance to do it, but when we do, it’s a wicked blast.”  “No fucking doubt,” I replied, as we moved into the bedroom.  

We were barely in this room for ten minutes before the wife had dropped her towel, revealing a firm behind, and the top of her strong thighs.  Not even giving us a chance to look at her front, she lied down face first on the bed, and the two of us began rubbing her—I worked on her back, while the hubby started firmly massaging her legs.  Soon, we heard a soft groan coming from her, and we got firmer, and slower in our motions.  We crossed paths, and I gave him a quick peck on his lips before I started rubbing on her legs.  It wasn’t long before the bulge in my pants left me compelled to inch my way up her legs toward her warmth.  Before I could even think about it, I had started to run a finger along the folds of her outer lips.  They felt so soft, and I could hear her slowly moaning in response.  I continued giving my attention to her sex, losing myself in the moment.

Just at that instant, I turned aside and saw the hubby loosening his belt, revealing an absolutely gorgeous dick, capped with a prince Albert.  “Get that over here, I have to suck on it NOW,” I commanded, and he obliged, first letting me run my hands up and down the luscious shaft, just before completely devouring him.  Meanwhile, his wife took the opportunity to turn herself over, revealing her tastefully shaved public hair, lovely six pack abs, and a pair of breasts perfectly balanced in size and shape, capped off with nipples that seemed like nice firm Hershey’s kisses.  Between the metal-tipped cock in my mouth and the lovely lady I was feeling with my hand, I felt my cock stiffen to ridiculous levels.  Suddenly, however, I just wanted to taste her.  

I took his dick in my hand, and proceeded to lower my lips on her clit.  I heard her gasp as I did so, and proceeded to move in gently, teasing her at first, and then proceeding to really start to attack her.  I felt hubby pull away, and turned to see him taking his piercing out and replacing it with a condom.  Before I could even so much as beg him to enter me, I felt that luscious dick pushing up against my opening, as I was really starting to go after his wife.  Both ends of me being used, I knew I couldn’t last much longer, and I was right.  I came with such force that I nearly fainted, and simply lied on my back while he pulled out of me, removed his condom, and then started to furiously fuck his wife.  In my orgasm-induced stupor, I enjoyed sitting back and watching the fun for a little bit, but it was not long at all until I found myself rock hard again—a reaction that was completely understandable, considering the way that her breasts rocked up and down as he pounded into her, slowly at first, but then, much more rapidly.  My eyes were utterly transfixed between the way her body reacted to each thrust and watching the way his ass tightened and loosened as he just kept on going in and out of his lover.

At this point, I came over and put one hand on her creamy, tanned breast, as I first started flicking my tongue out, then started licking, then finally started licking on her nearly perfect nipples.  My other hand I kept on my pulsating dick, which was, by now, back to crying desperately for relief.  

Relief it wouldn’t get… yet

I continued exploring her body with my mouth, even as her husband was thrusting inside of her.  By now her moans had grown wholly incoherent, and I could tell he was close, too.  In a few minutes, I had broken off from the pair and started to examine his smooth white skin from behind.  At first I just rubbed him a bit, feeling the texture of his back—rougher and firmer than that of a woman.  It was so sexy.  It was even sexier as I began to grab his ass—I started to simply rub him at first, but that turned out to be unnecessary, as the furious fucking he was undergoing had both husband and wife moving along.  He clearly needed something more, and the moment had simply gripped me—I knew exactly what to do—I started to rub the area underneath his balls, as I watched him moan approval.

Then, I lubed up my thumb and stuck it in his ass.  At first, I just kept it perfectly still, in perfect rhythm with his thrusts.  Then, out of nowhere, I felt his ass clench against my hand, and the wife yelling “OOOOOOHHH FUCK!! FILL ME!!!  RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!”  And, through my hand, I could feel him oblige her, as the two of them moaned in unison, coming cleanly and totally.  But wifey was hardly done.

She rolled out from underneath her love, and came and grabbed my cock, declaring that she was going to be the one who made it come, and that it was going to come right now.  She started furiously stroking it, not even giving me time to disengage or to put on a condom.  She simply attacked me, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I enjoyed every minute.  Which of course, was only a millionth as enjoyable as the second during which she decided to wrap her lips around my head.  I soaked in the minute, but I hardly had time, as she moved her head up and down my shaft, all the while alternating her attention between using her lips on my head, and licking the shaft with her very, very skilled tongue.   She must have gotten really into it, because before I even knew what was happening, she had put a condom on me, and lowered herself onto my now desperate cock.

The time for teasing was over as she rode me and her husband was taking a break.  By this point, I was so desperate to come, that I just ended up doing it, losing all of my self control—as I did, I felt the orgasm start at my crotch, and quickly start to spread to my chest, to my legs and to my face.  By the time I had really come to, I noticed that hubby had taken this as an opportunity to go inside of his wife again.  They fucked, going in and out at at less desperate pace, until they finally both came, and we all three laid on our backs on their queen size bed.  By then, it was 3:30 am.

They said that they had a lot of work to do the next day, and I needed to leave anyway.  So, I went and got my clothes back on, cleaned up and headed for the kitchen for a glass of water.  This is when I hear a child’s cry.  I am startled, until one of them said “Yeah, we’re parents.”  That’s why we wanted you to come down here.  A little more freaked out, I continued to head toward the door, followed by a wife wearing only a robe.  At the door, she kissed me goodbye, and I headed home, simultaneously sexually sated and a little freaked out that I allowed things to go this far.  Still, I will never forget my night with the married bi couple.

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It wasn’t long before the bulge in my pants left me compelled to inch my way up her legs toward her warmth.

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