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"I could tell by the increasingly large bulge in my pants that I probably WAS going to like it.  I walked over to him and got on my knees in front of him.  As I started to lick his cock head he removed his shirt and was now totally naked.  I was still fully clothed and, for the first time in my life, took the cock of another guy into my mouth.  "Oh yeah...that's good", he said.  "Just suck on the head for a minute."  READ THE FULL STORY

True Stories About Bisexual and Gay Men

Truth or Dare
Brianna and Whitney dared their boyfriends to blow each other. 

Cassidy caught her husband sucking cock.
She caught him red-handed sucking a guy off in the park.

Sauls secret gay life.
A married New York lawyer and a secret gay life.

Anita caught her husband wearing lingerie and sucking cock.
Now she's fucking all his friends.

Nick's walk on the wild side.
His girlfriend has a cock.

Jerry likes cock and pussy.
Jerry hooks up with a couple he met online and has gay sex.

William is cruising for some bi married cock.
Confessions of a bi married man.

Having gay sex with my brother in law.
A gay man has sex with the husband of his twin sister.

Sucking bi cock at an adult bookstore.
Sucking cock on the down low whenever he gets a chance.

I picked up a gay hitchhiker and let him suck me off.
Straight male lets a gay hitchhiker suck his cock.

Todd and his girlfriend fuck her ex boyfriend and Todd takes it up the ass.
Todd is bisexual and has sex with his girlfriend and her previous boyfriend.

Steve's first bisexual experience.
A married man had gay sex on a business trip.

Pizza delivery to room 207 at the Motel 6.
A pizza deliveryman parties with a bi couple.

Howard dresses up in lingerie and secretly sucks cock.
A married man dressing like a woman and sucking anonymous cock.

Ken calls a hooker with a big strap on dildo.
Man explores gay fantasies with a female with strapon and her gay friend.

“Slide your seat back,” Scott said in what I figured was his bedroom voice, and it was pretty damned sexy.  I slid my seat back and tilted it.  Scott reached over and unbuckled my belt.  I helped him slide my pants and briefs down, exposing my mostly-hard cock.  GAY HICHHIKER STORY

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bi and gay male true erotic stories bi male sex, MMF threesomes, true cock sucking story

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