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Come Around To The Backdoor
My husband is a useless fucker. - By Rebecca

When I first married Patrick, he couldn’t get enough fucking, but last year when I turned 35, my sex drive surged, and I started wanting it every day. That’s when Patrick’s urges slowed down completely. Now, he doesn’t even seem to care about sex, and it’s all I think about. I wake up wishing that Patrick had a woody, and the wanting goes on until I fall asleep and dream I’m fucking random guys in the neighborhood.

I get through my day by surfing the Web for erotic stories and pictures, masturbating between doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and making sure Patrick and my three kids have everything they need. I usually take about five of my little breaks per day. The slightest thing gets me horny: a new character on one of my soaps, a new teacher’s assistant at my daughters’ daycare, our sexy mailman, who arrives every day at 2 pm, exactly when I get out of the shower, coincidentally.  

I have a collection of dildos that I keep for my breaks, and sometimes I just let my fingers do the work. The people I’ve met online—I call them my cyber-fuck-buddies—have taught me all kinds of new ways to please myself. I always thought I was adventurous, but my cyber-fuck-buddies will try anything, and now I’m interested in all sorts of shit that Patrick doesn’t like—anal fucking, spanking, swinging—did I mention anal fucking? Patrick and I don’t even talk dirty for fuck’s sake.

I reached through my legs so that I could fondle his balls. Then, I guided his hard cock toward my asshole. He dropped the purple snake into my hand. After Ted began to slowly drill his cock into my ass, I shoved the vibrator into my

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One time, I was im-ing this guy Ted about the different shit we’d like to try. Ted was wild in the chatrooms! He’d describe how he wanted to lick pussy and submit to a woman’s every need, and he’d have every woman in the chatroom asking him to a private room. Anyway, he had me so worked up with his words—descriptions of how he wanted to meet me in some random hotel room and ass-fuck my brains out—that I got out my favorite vibrator, the purple snake, and videotaped myself getting off. I quickly uploaded the dirty footage and emailed it to Ted. His emails filled my inbox within a few minutes.

Back when Patrick and I were dating, we decided to dabble in a little anal, but I whimpered once, and Patrick said he was afraid he was hurting me. I begged him to keep going, but he said that anal just wasn’t his thing. We’ve been married for fifteen years now, and he still hasn’t managed to get his dick anywhere near my ass. I’ve pretty much given up on him doing anything but the standard missionary position for the rest of our lives.

Maybe it’s because I don’t look as great as I used to. Like any other housewife with three kids to take care of, I’ve put on a little weight, but I think it’s in all the right places! Grocery store checkout boys still check out my big tits and hard nipples when I walk down the frozen food aisle. Of course, the baby tees that show off every nook and cranny of my curvy body don’t hurt.

Since that online interaction with Ted, the idea of meeting one of my cyber-fuck-friends is so tempting. Recently, late at night, I got into bed with Patrick and told him that it had to happen. We had to get some action into our marriage, or I was going to look elsewhere for it.

He turned over to face me and said, “Tonight?”

“Tonight or never,” I said.

He got on top of me as I spread my legs to reveal my wet, aching snatch. His half-engorged cock rubbed against me. I licked at his nipples and rubbed my juicy twat against him until his dick swelled to its full size. Then he slipped it inside of me in the same motion he had used a million times before. His same old routine made my mind wander to my cyber-fuck-buddies. He finished in no time. Even with my honesty about needing more, he gave me the same boring performance that had earned him the nickname “5-minute man.” I knew right then that Patrick was never going to try anything new. He was happy being the old humdrum husband.

Well, I decided I was fine with being the naughty housewife. I decided that I would get online that night and ask one of my cyber-fuck-buddies to meet for a real live anal-fest.

I placed an ad on for a guy with a small to medium cock to meet for some virgin anal. I was interested in fucking big cocks, but this being my first time, I thought I should slide in slowly.

After a couple days of reading eager responses to my ad, I decided to meet my old friend Ted. He wrote letter after letter saying that he could not get that video of me making myself cum out of his brain. He said that he felt so badly about the fact that I had to make myself cum. He wanted to make me cum.

Ted lived two towns away and offered to rent a room at the hotel of my choice. On the big night, I told Patrick I was going to meet my friend Laurie, but instead I headed to the Burger King where Ted suggested we meet. Before I slipped out the door, I stuck my favorite vibrator, the purple snake, into my purse.

When I got to Burger King, Ted already had a drink in front of him. He asked right away what I wanted and went up to the counter to get it. We sipped sodas and talked about the different people we’d met in chatrooms. I couldn’t get over how shy Ted seemed. Online, he had talked about kinky shit constantly. This was the same guy who stuck butt beads up his ass before he talked to me so that he could slowly pull them out when I made him cum.

As he spoke about what he did for a living, I opened my purse on the table and let him see the purple snake. I slipped my shoe off and rubbed my foot across his crotch. Unlike what I was used to, Ted’s cock was swollen to the consistency of stone. I rubbed his dick through his pants with the ball of my feet. I grabbed his balls with my toes while Ted’s eyes scanned the people in the booths all around us. He stuttered and sucked his drink down until I heard gurgling.

I threw the rest of my soda out and we each drove our own cars to the hotel. Ted had rented the room and had it all set up with flowers. He shut the door behind him.

“Will you please suck my cock,” he asked. “You’re so fucking hot, and I haven’t had a blow job in a long time.”

“I’ll suck your cock, I promise,” I told him, “but first you have to keep your promise to me.” I squirted lube into my ass and rubbed it in while I sucked Ted’s cock with more feeling than I had dedicated to Patrick’s cock in along time. I sat up on top of Ted and sucked on the purple snake for a few seconds. Then I handed it to Ted.

“Get my ass ready for your cock,” I told him. I turned around and sucked his cock while he gently pushed and pulled the vibrator into my twitching starfish.

After a little while, Ted said, “It’s time to keep my promise. I’m ready to fuck your tight ass.” Ted was grabbing a condom.

“No, fuck me without it,” I ordered him.

I reached through my legs so that I could fondle his balls. Then, I guided his hard cock toward my asshole. He dropped the purple snake into my hand. After Ted began to slowly drill his cock into my ass, I shoved the vibrator into my pussy. Ted moaned loudly as he thrust his big cock in and out of my asshole. Getting anally fucked felt as incredible as I’d always imaged it would. Waves of intense tickling ran through my body. I felt energized in my fingertips. He continued to fuck my ass harder and deeper, grabbing my hips so that he could buck into me. Now, this was the wild Ted of the chatrooms!

I moved my vibrator in and out of my pussy and rubbed my clit with my index finger. Ted let out a huge moan, and I felt his hot jizz shoot like a bullet into my ass. Immediately, I began to cum the most intense orgasm of my life. I screamed into the pillow

I turned around and sucked Ted’s cock clean, swallowing every drop of his cum. I had promised a proper cock-sucking after all.

That first time with Ted was awesome, and we met a few times after, but I don’t really see him anymore. Now I look for guys with big cocks and guys who crave a tight ass. I’ve learned that I like a big cock in my ass just as much as I like a giant boner in my snatch. I have an ad posted on a popular sex site. My ass is open for business, and every day I get requests to meet new people.

Patrick never seems to wonder where I am. He never asks. Usually when I get home, he’s sound asleep. I no longer keep him up complaining about my sexless life!

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I turned around and sucked Ted’s cock clean, swallowing every drop of his cum.

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