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I Finally Fucked The Babysitter
Kristen had been teasing my cock for years. - By Alex

Back in the old days, I had to take my wife out to dinner or the movies or something just for a chance to feast my eyes on Kristin, our luscious little babysitter.  We'd been using her services for the past couple of years now, ever since my wife got her phone number from one of the other mothers.  Kristin was usually available when we needed her, her hourly rate was reasonable, and our kids seemed to genuinely like her.  

My wife Leah liked her because she left the house clean, and I liked her because she gave me a boner when she smiled at me.  Kristin's a little on the short side and a little on the thin side - but with decent knockers.  They were just big enough and really, really firm.  She always came across as Little Miss Sweetness and Light when my wife was around.  Leah was convinced Kristin was just a typical teenager; your average girl next door type.  She was also operating under the false assumption that Kristin was innocent.  But once Leah was out of the room, Kristin could always be counted on to turn on her teenaged trailer tramp bit, dancing around and wiggling her sweet little ass, licking her lips and shaking her perfectly perky titties at me.  

She lived on the same street we did, so over the years I'd gotten to watch a steady parade of young assholes showing up at her doorstep.  I wondered which of them she was having sex with.  I often fantasized about what it would be like to be ramming it to her, especially after the time I checked her myspace page and found a posting by a boy I'd seen hanging around the neighborhood a lot.  I got suspicious and dug through the kitchen garbage until I found it: a cum-filled condom wrapped in a wad of kleenex and buried under a ton of other stuff.  

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I never mentioned this incident to Leah because she'd have fired Kristin on the spot and probably would have hired chubby little Claire, the always-chattering, always-smiling girl who lived next door.  It was summertime now, Kristin had just graduated from high school, and our kids practically lived outside.  They played in the pool in the backyard or else they ran back and forth under the sprinkler.  Most of the time from May til September, Kristen hung out in the pool and wore one of her skimpy little bathing suits when she babysat.  She sure did show a lot of skin.  Many a warm summer night I stood at the kitchen window with a cold beer in one hand and my hard dick in the other as I watched her splashing around in the pool with my sons, her wet bathing suit covering almost nothing.  She'd see me watching her and she'd start bouncing up and down in the pool, waving at me and blowing kisses.  

Then Leah's father called to say that her mother was going to need surgery.  It was nothing life-threatening, but Leah wanted to be there to help take care of her.  So she was off to Illinois for a couple of weeks; leaving the kids and I in Washington to fend for ourselves.  

The first thing I did was call Kristin to see if she could come and help us out while Leah was gone; I couldn't very well leave the kids on their own while I was at work all day.  I had a big report due the next morning, so she said she'd be right there to cook dinner, give the boys their baths, read them a bedtime story and get them to sleep.  I couldn't help but appreciate the sweet little show she put on for me all night.  Her bright magenta thong was very visible above the tiniest denim mini-skirt I'd probably ever seen.  I kicked the air-con on high, and her long thin nipples protruded through the thin cotton of her spaghetti strapped tank top.  She promised to be over bright and early the next morning.  She walked out of the house and closed the door, and I pulled my dick out of my pants.  I stroked it furiously as I watched her walk across the yard and go into her house.  My Johnson was hard as a rock all night because I couldn't stop thinking of her.  I wanked off in the shower and again when I went to bed.  

I woke up the next morning with a massive hard-on.  I went downstairs and sat on the couch and masturbated while I waited for her.  The doorbell rang and I walked across the room, following along behind my eight inch erection.  I was still wearing my pajama pants.  I opened the door and Kristin's gaze went immediately to my crotch.  She was barefoot and wearing her bathing suit top and a pair of tiny red shorts.  My dick got even harder.  She flashed me a big smile.  Then she walked in the door, right past me and went straight upstairs to wake the boys up.  I went in my room to finish jerking off and then to get dressed.  I heard the boys come downstairs, and I heard them all laughing as Kristin prepared their breakfast.  

When I came out of our bedroom a few minutes later, Kristin was sitting there, eating a banana.  Or rather, she was sitting there leaning forward, with her legs spread, slowly sliding a banana in and out of her mouth.  I went in the kitchen to told the boys good-bye.  Kristen followed me and asked what time I'd be home for dinner.  I figured I'd be there around 7:00.  I asked her if she'd like to join us for dinner.  She accepted nearly before the words were out of my mouth.  

I could barely concentrate on my presentation at work that day.  The only thing I could really think about was Kristin's sweet little body and the way she liked to lick her lips while she danced around.  I couldn't wait to get home.  When I got there, she and the boys were playing in the backyard in the pool.  She came in to greet me, dripping wet.  Her nipples were long anyway - and coming into the air-conditioned house from the warm water outside made them exceptionally hard, as well.  She had a new bathing suit on.  The bottom was a shiny silver thong that barely covered her cunt hairs in front.  She handed me a cold beer and suggested I get rid of my work clothes and change into something cooler.  She smiled at me disarmingly and her hand brushed against mine as she handed me the beer.  She turned and walked away, her ass swinging slightly as she walked.  

Dinner passed by in a blur of desire.  Afterwards, Kirstin cleared up and got the boys ready for bed while I had a couple of beers and looked over my accounts for the next day.  When she came downstairs, she asked if I wanted another beer.  Yeah, sure.  I turned the computer off and told her to grab a beer for herself if she wanted to.  Then I went up to tuck the boys in and kiss them goodnight.  When I came downstairs, Kristin had turned the living room lights down a little and had lit a few candles.  She'd put on an Usher CD, and was laying all stretched out on the couch, with a beer bottle lifted to her lips and her right leg thrown up over the back of the couch.  God, she looked hot!  She'd set my beer on the end table.  I crossed the room and picked it up and downed most of it in one long gulp.  I looked down at her laying there and felt the blood pulsing through my penis.  "Well, time for another beer.  Kristin, you want one, too?" I knew she did.  When I returned from the kitchen with the beers, she was sitting up cross-legged on the couch.  She'd also kicked the lights down another notch or two.  

I sat down next to her and passed her a beer.  I was itching to touch her, but was suddenly afraid I'd been misreading her signals.  After all, she was barely out of high school, for Christ sakes! Her tanned thigh brushed against mine.  She ran her tongue around the top of the beer bottle as she looked up at me and smiled wickedly.   I gulped nervously.  "Would you like to fuck me?"  I heard the words come out of her mouth, but didn't believe she'd actually said them.  My beer slipped from my hand and hit the floor.  

Then she was on top of me and all over me.  I felt her hot little mouth covering my own as her hands tore my shirt open.  Her tongue snaked in and out of my mouth.  She bit my lip.  I was loving this.  As she kissed me, her warm little mouth trailed down my neck towards my chest.  Her tongue lightly licked at my left nipple as she blew cool air on it.  Her fingernails raked up the insides of my thighs.  My dick jumped to attention within the tight confines of my pants.  I put my hands on her waist and was surprised at how small she felt.  

Leah wasn't a big woman, but she was a good six inches taller than Kristin.  And she'd had two children and her body was beginning to show it.  I felt her hands tugging at my belt.  Her tongue was just sort of dancing all over my chest.  My hands cupped her hard little butt.  My dick was pulsing.  "Can't we go upstairs and do it in your nice big waterbed? I don't want to fuck on the couch." For one brief second, I wanted to tell her Leah'd kill me if I had sex with another woman in our bed.  But then I realized Leah'd kill me if she knew I was having sex with another woman on the couch (or anyplace else, actually) so it really didn't matter...   So up the stairs we went...  

I went to pee and she was naked when I returned to the bedroom.  I carefully locked the door then took my shorts off and laid down next to her on the bed.  She kissed me and rolled me over onto my back.  She clumsily took my dick into her mouth and started sucking.  She'd obviously not done this often, but her inexperience was more than made up for by her enthusiasm.  Her hot little mouth slid up and down my rigid pole, licking and sucking all the way.  She was sort of curled up on the bed, slurping greedily on my cock as she played with her own long nipples.  I really didn't want her to take her mouth off my cock, but I wanted some of that sweet young pussy.  

I pulled her hair to get her attention.  She removed her lips from my cock and climbed on it, riding fast and furious.  I was enjoying my first chance to suck on those long pink nipples.  I grabbed her round hard little butt cheeks and met her thrust for thrust.  It wasn't long before I was pumping her hot little cunt full of creamy hot jism.  Her own orgasm followed seconds after mine.  Her breath was coming in funny little gasps.  She threw back her head and screamed my name before collapsing on my chest, laughing softly.  

We had mad monkey sex every night for the next six nights.  She told me she was eager to improve her blow job technique, so we started off every session with my dick in her mouth.  Her cunt was hot and tight and like nothing I'd ever felt.  She even let me try fucking her in the ass one night, but was quick to let me know my dick was too big for her asshole.  We generally stayed awake half the night, sweating and touching and making each other come.  And then all too soon Leah's mother recovered from her surgery and Leah returned home.  Sex with her wasn't nearly as exciting now as it had been in the past.  My wife has absolutely no idea anything happened between us, so Kristin was still our babysitter after that - until she went off to WWU at the end of August.  She and I met up a few times at a cheap no-tell motel on the highway out of town.  She'll be coming home for the Christmas holidays soon.  I can't wait.  

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