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Aunt Mary
Jake is fucking his mom's sister. - By Jake

It’s three o’clock in the morning and I can still smell her on me.  Her taste is still on my lips.  Her perfume lingers in my clothes.  Traces of her lipstick still cling to my neck.  I watch her stupid cat clock’s tail tick back and forth and I think about leaving.

I think there is a part of me that wants to stay.  Truth be told, most of me wants to stay.  But the question still remains.  How much of a good thing is enough and how much crosses the line?  I light up a cigarette, giving me time to ponder. 

Then I hear her stir from her sleep.

The noise brings recent images to mind.  I can see her through the wall, standing from the bed with a big goofy yawn.  Her skin glows warm yellow from the bedside lamp, her perky ass arched in the air on its own accord.  She turns to see the kitchen light on, cocks her head to one side and tosses back her long fire-red hair exposing tit’s the size of grapefruits and long jutting rose-colored nipples.  Her mile long legs carry her to the door way.

She’s wearing her olive bathrobe.  I was half right.  She leans against the door jam, lifting a glass of water to her thick red lips.  Her shoulders hike back, opening the robe to show her immaculate shave job downstairs.  Nothing but a small red trimmed garden- an unstuck match above the Heaven I’ve exploited for…what is it…a year now?  Christ, where does the time go.

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She smirks at me.  I’m sure the bulge of my dick, now totally in attack mode, is etched out cleanly in my jeans.  She always knew how to do it to me. 

“Restless, Tiger?” she asks.

This woman owns me.  I have every inch of her mapped out.  I know all her hotspots and she knows mine.  She likes it hard, likes it rough.  She likes it in both doors.  She sucks like a pro and purrs like a kitten when you pet her right.  She’s a freak.  She’s the fuck buddy of my life.

She’s my Aunt Mary.

I tell her I’m leaving.

I grew up in Denver and fucking hated every second of it.  Mom’s a cunt, Dad’s a dick and the suburb our little shitty house was in made me wanna slit my wrists, so when I graduated high school, college was to be my escape.  Luckily my two idiot parents didn’t save jack shit up for my continuing education so I was stuck keeping it local at Colorado State in Pueblo.  Only 2 hours separated me from them, but it was enough to at least buy me some peace a quiet.

The first year of college wasn’t too bad.  The meals sucked and I had to share a room with a complete douche bag but my grades stayed pretty alright.  I don’t like people so I spent most of my off hours sitting on the roof of my dorm complex drinking cheap vodka and smoking even cheaper cigarettes.  I couldn’t find a job in Pueblo, mostly for lack of looking, so money ran short and Mom started sending me pissed off voicemails about my lack of responsibility.  When I finally called her back, she told me visit my aunt Mary who lives in Pueblo, across town from campus.  Mom said she might be able to help me find work. 

Turns out she’d help me find everything but that.

“You’re leaving?” she says, “Bullshit.”

She shifts her weight from one door jam to the next and cocks up a mischievous eyebrow.  She’s about ten years my elder but it doesn’t show one damn bit.  And, worst of all, she’s right.  Deep down I don’t want to leave.  Deep down I want to plant her face against that doorway and give it to her like I know she wants it.  But there’s something in the air tonight…

I tell her this isn’t right.  I tell her we’ve already done too much.

“Not by my count.” she says, “Now come over here and make me proud.”

When I finally agreed to meet up with aunt Mary for the first time, Mom told me to be nice.  At the time my uncle had just left her for one of his many make-up slathered secretaries.  I’m not one for condolences, but as I found out, neither was she.

By the time I reached her house, aunt Mary was already half-plastered and saluting shots into the air, toasting her new found freedom.

“May that old cocksucker catch the worst of STDs, lousy bastard.”  She chased this with tequila then offered me some. I turned her down.

“That sister of mine raise a tight ass?”

I told her no and that it just felt creepy drinking shots with my aunt.

She wore the same olive green bathrobe.  Didn’t even bother to change for company.  Even then I found her hot.  It was the way she moved.  And her fucking hot milf body didn’t hurt.  But, Christ, my aunt…hot or totally fugly, it shouldn’t have mattered.

“Let me ask you something, nephew of mine.  You ever heard of a revenge fuck?”

It took me thirty seconds to gather my shit.

“Calm down, jumpy.  It’s a good fucking question and I want an answer.  Keep your pants on,” she leaned forward for effect, “If you can.”

There was something not right going on.  At least something out of the ordinary.  Somehow the topic of conversation, once I sat back down of course, always crept its way back to sex.  She asked me everything- exploits, girlfriends, preferences.  I didn’t mind.  She was cool as hell and I started to get tipsy after she conned me into a couple shots.  Something happened that day.  A moral qualm kinda got kicked out the window.

I left after midnight, glazed as fuck.  We laughed all night about random shit.  Nothing too crazy happened save for weird vibes- which I soon became totally cool with.  I wrote it off as a crush and drove my drunk ass home.

That night I awoke to hear my roommate fucking his ditz of a girlfriend.  She seemed dissatisfied.

“It’s been a year, Jacob,” says to me, her stomach still shiny with last night’s load, “We’ve talked about this until we’re ready to puke.  Sis doesn’t know.  Your Dad doesn’t know-”

I interrupt her.  I tell her I don’t care about them.

“Well you might wanna try that sometime.  I am you’re fucking aunt…pun not intended.  Or maybe it was.”

I tell her I’m not joking.  This time it takes me an eternity to gather my shit and stand from the table.  She doesn’t say anything so I walk towards the door.

“Jacob,” she stops me.  I turn to see her head cock to the other side.  She lifts her arm towards me and beckons me with a single finger, “Come here.”

A couple of days later I got a phone call during one of my classes.  I tucked myself behind me desk and answered in a whisper.  It was Mary.

“What do you like to eat?”

I told her I was in a class.

“That’s great.  You want a cookie?” she giggled.

I asked if I could call her back.

“Just tell me what you like to eat, ya brat.  It’s a simple question.”

I said the first food that came to mind.  Spaghetti.

“Wine it is then,” she said, “Dinner.  My house.  Tonight.  Don’t stand me up now.”

I hung up the phone and went back to my notes.  Then I noticed I had a monster boner.

That night when I got to her house, Mary had the stove on, already cooking and already drinking.  Two wine glasses sat on the table, one full and the other half so.  She pointed to the full one and winked at me, “That’s yours.”

The meal was fantastic.  The conversation continued to stay sexual.  Though she was extremely aggressive, I couldn’t quite pin her intentions.  That or I just couldn’t believe them.  After half a bottle of wine for dessert, aunt Mary sat her glass down grandiosely and looked at her toenails, painted deep red.

“Can I tell you something, Jakie-poo, and you not take offense?” she asked.

I just shrugged…and probably wobbled a little bit.

A single spiral of her flaming red hair was cradled by her long eyelashes, her deep green eye peered out from under it in inquisition.  Her voice dropped lower into a full, throaty half-whisper, “Promise?”

I nodded.  My heart was pounding for some reason.

“You know,” she choked out, “for a nephew…you’re entirely too sexy.”

The room fell silent save for the bubble of boiling noodles.  We just sort of stared at one another through a misty wine-induced haze.  I realized we were drifting closer to one another.  I went for it.

We kissed slowly but firmly, her warm tongue entered my mouth along with the taste of fermented grapes and maniacal ideas of every little dirty thing I could do to this woman If I only had the stones.  This went on for what seemed like fucking forever.  Then I felt her bare feet under the table, edging up my pants leg.  Her toes began to graze the bulge in my jeans. 

She pulled back a little from the kiss to look me dead in the eye and whispered, “Easy tiger.”

Then the smoke alarm went off.  It seemed that somewhere along the line the spaghetti caught fire.

I walk towards her cynically.  I expect an aggressive attack.  She reaches for my head and brings it to her bare chest.  I feel her hot breath, filling and leaving her lungs.  I rest in between her amazing tits and get even harder.  I hear her voice from within and without.

“They say in times like these, it’s best to go back to where it all started.  When doubting a decision, one must return to its origins…how did this all happen, Jacob?  When did you decide this was ok?”

It doesn’t take much to take me back.

It was lunchtime the day after mine and aunt Mary’s kiss.  I had just got out of biology or some shit like that and headed back for a nap when I realized my door was unlocked.  When I opened it, a naked aunt Mary sat in my swivel chair, legs propped on the desk.  She tossed me my key.

“Stole this from you last night.  Hope you don’t mind.”

She held something in her hand.  It was my roommate’s day planner.

“Judging from this,” she said, “We have thirty minutes.  So take your pants off.”

Me and my hard on just stood there stupefied.

She stood from the chair and leapt towards me, locking the door and pressing her hot steaming tits against me.  I felt her nipples through my thin t-shirt.

“I said, drop the pants, ya brat.”

She fell to her knees, unzipped my jeans just enough to whip out my cock and started sucking like mad.  All I could do was fall back against the door and try not to moan too loud.  I felt the back of her throat ramming against me and I could feel my shaft filling with precum.  With a suction pop loud enough to wake the neighbors, she let me go to stare into my eyes.  Her bottom lip dripped with my pre-junk and my dick glistened with her cooling spit.  I fucking ached for release.

“What part of thirty minutes didn’t you get?”

She hurled me onto the bottom bunk and clawed off my clothes in a frenzy.  Before I could catch my breath, she threw herself forward, her pussy crammed right against my face.

“Moment of truth, Jacob.  You gonna make me proud?”

I’d had enough of the condescension so I plunged my tongue inside her as deep as I could go, parting her wide and soaking my face in her juices.  She grabbed onto the to bunk’s undercarriage and stifled her screams the best she could.  My dick was so hard it hurt but when I blindly reached out to stroke it, I felt her hand slap mine.

“No. No. No.  Save it up, you’ll need it.”

Her breathing is almost hypnotic, calm and blissfully warm.  She just stands there with me, buried in her breasts, rubbing her fingers through her hair.

“Hasty decisions are bad ones, Jacob.  Think hard.”

Five minutes in and she was riding me hard.  Her hip bones cut into me but I didn’t care.  Her pussy was fantastic.  The best I’d ever had.  We were both sweaty and red faced, gasping out for air.  And then I felt it, bubbling up inside and ready to burst as her tits bounced vigorously.

I told her I was about to cum.  She slapped me.  Hard.  All fell silent.

She hesitated, then said, “Sorry.  Did I hurt you?”

I was so ready to go I wasn’t even phased by it.  No I told her.  But I wanted to make her hurt.

“Then do it, Tiger.”

I started to thrust some more but she stopped me with a finger to my mouth.

“Can I ask you a question, dearest nephew?”

I nodded.


Another nod, more impatient than the last.

“Will you fuck my ass?”

I stand there pondering ever harder.  I am ever harder.  Go back to the beginning she says.  I think I will.  Has all of this been worth it?

Lubed up supreme, I slid right in and starting pounding furiously.  Old uncle whats-his-name no soubt neglected her.  Shit was tight but it was nothing like this.  It was my first real experience with anal…and it was fucking ruling my world.  I had two fistfuls of cheek and I started getting dizzy from the action.

Then she came.  I felt her ass clench around my dog and her whole body burned like her hair, bright fucking red.  Her scream echoed down the halls.  It still echoes in my mind.

She turned to me, still stuck with my cock and with a vicious mouthful of spit and lust she told me, “Fill me up, Jakie-poo.”

I bust a load immediately, filling her up and causing overflow.  I fell to my back and choked down some breath, still cumming all over my sheets.  Wait…not my sheets.

The door unlocks and in walks my roommate.

It was a tough semester socially from then on.

But it was a badass year.  Aunt Mary and I have been discreet lovers ever since.  Except for the tiff I had with my asshat of a roommate and a verbal warning from my residence advisor, mum was the word.  And mum it remains.

She still cradles my head in her chest, though her breathing intensifies.  My guess is that she found the surprise I have for her downstairs.

“So what’s it gonna be, Jakie-poo?  You really gonna leave aunt Mary?”

In the end, these decisions are never really hard.  You just can’t be too hasty.

“I’ll cook you spaghetti,” she teases.

I slide my hand down her long, soft thigh and stroke her clit with my fingers.  She lets out a little gasp, “Easy, Tiger.”

Here’s to another good year.

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