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glory holes

Anonymous sex through a hole in the wall.

A glory hole is a hole in a wall or other dividing surface that is used to engage in sexual activity. Usually found in public restrooms or adult video stores, glory holes can be used for sexual acts or to watch the person on the other side of the division masturbate or perform in some way. The wall allows anonymity and often raises the mental excitement of all parties involved. Fingers, tongues, and cocks can be inserted into the hole to receive anonymous oral, anal, or vaginal stimulation.

The glory hole is normally about waist high on the wall and is made by drilling or punching an opening. The most common practice is to have one man insert his cock through the hole to receive oral sex. It is the public location that allows for impersonal and anonymous sex that attracts so many people to this activity.

To initiate glory hole activity, one person will put their finger through the hole to let the person on the other side know that they are interested in sexual activity. Many times people will slip a condom through the hole if they are interested in protecting themselves from STDs. If the other person is interested, he will accept the offer by sliding his cock through the hole to be pleasured. Oral sex is the most common act at glory holes. However, hand jobs, anal sex, and vaginal sex are not terribly uncommon. Today, you will be able to find glory holes at popular adult video and bookstores, sex clubs, adult theaters, and gay bath houses.

When a glory hole is found at an adult bookstore, the participant looking to give oral sex will usually sit down in one of the booths. A seated or kneeling person often signals to others that they are there to provide oral sex and that anyone who is interested should enter the other booth. The person receiving the oral sex will normally remain standing.

Glory holes, as a sexual practice, are more common than one would think. If you’re looking for a little anonymous sexual action, all you need to do is head out to your local adult video store and enter the booth. Remember that you’ll never know who is on the other side of that hole, so protection is probably a good idea for all parties involved. This can be a fun and hot sexual practice when done correctly.

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