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Foot Fetish

foot fetish

Are you turned on by sexy feet?

An individual who has a foot fetish is particularly attracted to the feet of their partner.  A person who has a fetish for the foot often experiences sexual arousal and satisfaction by focusing their attention on the feet of another and involving the feet in sexual foreplay.  It is also called foot worship.

Foot fetish and foot worship recently found its way into the news after it was alleged that the coach of the N.Y Jets and his wife were videotaped engaging in their mutual foot fetish when a video was posted to the internet.  While the coach never admitted to being part of the video, the incident brought national notoriety to the fetish as a form of sexual expression.

Oftentimes, the fetish begins with the feet being clad in sexy footwear, usually provided by the partner.  The footwear accentuates different features of the foot and provides access to it so that it can be admired, caressed and fondled by the partner.  As the encounter continues, the foot is unveiled or undressed by the “worshipping” partner so that they have greater access to the now “naked” foot.  As foreplay builds, the foot is often thoroughly washed, dried and further pampered by the worshipper, sometimes even with the application of nail polish to the toes.

Creams and perfumes are then applied, allowing the partner to massage and caress the feet in a more intimate manner.  As the excitement and intimacy builds, the worshipper may seek permission from their partner to sniff the foot and toes, often followed by kissing, licking and sucking.

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