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DP - Double Penetration Sex

double penetration

Recommended position for a successful double penetration MFM.

The term Double penetration technically refers to a female having two penises inserted at the same time into any combination of her anus, mouth or vagina.  The most common meaning of Double Penetration or DP as it is often abbreviated refers to a sex act involving a female having a penis inserted into her anus and vagina at the same time.  Many women admit to fantasizing about being double penetrated. There are a couple of positions that permit a double penetration.  Both involve the woman being sandwiched between two males with the female either facing up or facing down.  

The close proximity of the males with their penises and testicles often coming in contact is an obstacle for some men.  For this reason many males who participate in double penetrations are frequently bisexual.  The fullness of the anus and vagina at the same time provides a very pleasurable sensation for the woman, both physically and emotionally.  This also results in a very pleasurable sensation for the males who can feel the presence of each other's penises as they thrust in and out.  A successful DP requires rhythm and timing between all three participants.  The female must maintain a posture that allows continuous access to both her partners.  The males must time their strokes so that one is thrusting in while the other is pulling back.

People with experience say that the best way to complete a DP is to make sure the woman's anus is generously lubricated.  It is often beneficial to insert a lubricated finger or two to relax the sphincter muscles first.  The male who will be penetrating the anus should take his position on the bottom and let the female lower herself onto his penis slowly and control the penetration until she is completely comfortable.  As with anal sex, the male must have and maintain a stiff erection to successfully penetrate the anus.  When the female is ready to be vaginally penetrated she leans back and spreads her legs widely to give the second male access to her vagina.  The vagina is self lubricating but the addition of a sexual lubricant such as KY jelly can be helpful especially if the males are well endowed.

A woman can simulate the feeling of a double penetration by using a dildo in either her anus or vagina while her male partner penetrates the other.  Double penetrations are often associated with the swinger lifestyle, sex parties and orgies including gang bangs. Double penetrations are a popular subject matter for porno movies.  

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