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Two Holes, Two Brothers, Two Cocks
My true double penetration experience - by: JoAnne

I opened the door and smiled seductively at Brian, once again hardly able to believe a guy so good-looking could be interested in me.  Then again, I supposed it helped that I was a nympho.  I looked beyond Brian to see an even hotter guy accompanying him.

“This is my brother, Jake.  You said he could come along.”

Fuck, yes.  I was getting turned on just looking at the two of them.  Funny, but I always thought my first threesome would be with a guy and another girl.  I smiled.  This was even better.

I opened the door to let them in.  Brian gave me his usual greeting—a double squeeze of my large boobs.  I sighed.  Just once I wouldn’t mind a hug or a kiss, but I guessed he saved those for his wife.  Brian was married, which was the way I liked my men these days.  With no strings attached.

After my four-year relationship went bad a couple of months ago, I preferred to be footloose and fancy-free.  Brian and Jake sprawled casually on the couch and I offered them drinks.  They accepted and I fetched a couple of beers from the fridge.  It was always a bit awkward, getting started.  I was kind of at a loss with two of them.  Brothers.  It was weird.

I sat down across from them and set my diet soda on the table.

“Have you two… done this before?” I asked.

Jake grinned.  Damn, he was cute.  Black hair, super tanned, and perfect teeth.  I wondered if he was married, too.

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“Sure.  We always seemed to fall for the same girls, so we learned to share.”

“Plus, Jake is hot,” Brian added.  Jake punched him in the shoulder.  It looked like the blow would hurt, but Brian didn’t flinch.  Definitely brothers.

I started to wonder how to set permanent hooks into Jake, but shut down that line of thinking immediately.  I had no desire for another relationship.  Eddie had crushed my heart when he left me for that scrawny, anorexic little bitch, telling me that it was too bad I’d gained so much weight.  Well, Eddie, some guys like a little cushion for the pushin’, you asshole.  Two of them sat across from me right now and both were ten times hotter than Eddie ever dreamed of being.

“Do you two kiss each other?” I asked curiously.

Brian grinned and then leaned over and planted a kiss on Jake’s mouth, gripping the front of his brother’s shirt in a fist.  Their tongues twisted as they pulled apart a bit and then their mouths slammed together again hungrily.  I suddenly realized I’d been wrong to think two guys having sex was gross.  I was suddenly turned on to the point of a dry throat, sweaty palms, and racing heartbeat.  Wow, that was hot.

Brian’s hand dropped to Jake’s crotch and trailed over a bulge that made my eyes widen in shock.  Jake moaned slightly against his brother’s mouth.  Brian broke the molten kiss and grinned at me.

“Should we go upstairs, Jo?” he asked.  My voice was hoarse.

“Oh yeah.”

I lived in a loft apartment I’d acquired when Eddie had left to move in with Ms. Thin.  My bedroom was more of a large balcony that overlooked the living area below.  The bed and one long dresser took up nearly the entire loft.

Brian began to disrobe immediately when we got up the stairs.  He looked a lot like Jake, except his hair was dark brown instead of black.  I had met him online when I put out an ad for a fuck-buddy and mentioned that attached guys were acceptable.  Brian never really talked about his wife and I didn’t ask.  I was curious, but did not want to get too personal, or act like I wanted something more.  Brian was too good in bed to scare away.

I peeled off my dress to reveal the bright blue lace bra and panties I wore.  Sure, maybe I had gained a few pounds in the past few years, but diets just didn’t seem to work for me, and I was allergic to exercise.  Besides, the guys I had picked up lately didn’t seem to mind.  Just that weight-obsessed fucker, Eddie.

Jake pulled off his t-shirt to reveal a great, muscular chest.  Brian had already sprawled on the bed wearing only his boxer-briefs.  Jake suddenly dangled a camera I had not noticed before.

“Mind if we take pics?” Jake asked.  I was disturbed for only a moment.  Normally, I avoided cameras like the plague, but I felt flattered that these two gorgeous guys wanted shots of me.  I shrugged.

“Come over here, baby,” Brian said in that sexy tone I loved.  I climbed onto the bed.  Brian quickly wrapped his hands around my breasts and slipped my bra off.  He turned me around so my back was pressed against him and I faced Jake.  The flash went off, giving me multicolored afterimage spots.

When I could see clearly again, Jake was completely naked and pulling my panties off.  He snapped a few more photos and then joined Brian and me on the bed.  His cock was larger than his brother’s, I noticed.

Brian’s hand had dropped to my crotch and fondled me, sliding a couple of fingers inside.  I reached out and caught Jake’s dick in my hands.   He pressed the huge thing toward my lips and I obligingly took it into my mouth, sucking it halfway down my throat.

Brian’s hand withdrew and I saw another flash as he took photos.  The thought of seeing a pic of me sucking off Jake made me completely hot and wet, for some reason.

“Can you take both of us together, JoAnne?” Brian asked.  I was confused for a moment, until I felt his fingers touch my anus—causing a jolt of pleasure that nearly caused me to bite down on Jake’s dick.

“Mmm hmmm,” I murmured without pausing the stroking, sucking motion, and I heard Jake groan.  I felt a heady sense of power.  The bedside drawer opened and shut as Brian fetched the lubricant I kept there.

Jake quickly pulled out before he came and moved downward while Brian tucked himself against my back once more.  I felt Brian’s fingers again, slick with lube this time, press into my anus and I gasped slightly, trying to relax, because, fuck, that was an unpleasant sensation.  He inserted two fingers, and then three, stretching me out and I forced myself to breathe normally.

Jake began to suck my hard nipples, which made it easier to relax, and I felt Jake’s fingers in my vagina—God, that felt good.

Brian’s digits disappeared and I felt his cock enter the vacated opening.  I groaned as he pressed his erection slowly up my ass and then rammed it home with a jerk.  I nearly screamed—God, that hurt so much, but the sounds Brian made were so fucking hot as he whimpered against the back of my neck…  I shivered.

Jake was next, tangling his legs with mine and Brian’s as his huge dick pressed into my pussy.  As soon as he was fully sheathed and started to move, I thought I might die of the incredible sensation.

Brian pumped from behind while Jake thrust in front and I swear their cocks met and hammered each other somewhere inside, jolting a spot I did not know existed.  I found myself screaming a chant that contained a jumble of words like fuck, yes, oh fuck, oh god, and degenerated into one long oh god oh fuck fuck yes, yes yes!  I thought I heard the camera click a few times, but I completely did not give a shit.

I swear I came sixteen times when Brian slammed his last stroke home and shuddered against me with his own hoarse scream.

Jake came right after Brian, but he was a quiet one.  He just threw his dark head back and damn, was he gorgeous when he did that!  He shut his eyes while gasps of air hissed through his clenched teeth.

He collapsed against the pillow and opened his sexy green eyes to look at me.  I grinned and gave a moment of thanks to that cocksucker Eddie.  I never would have had sex this incredible if the bastard had not left me for the stick-girl.

Brian pulled out, earning another gasp, and Jake did the same.  They climbed off the bed and went downstairs to the shower.  I would have joined them, but my shower was tiny and they seemed happy enough soaping each other down.  I should have grabbed my own camera.  For brothers, they seemed entirely too intimate.  I supposed it was morally wrong, but they were so fucking hot together.  I was getting turned on again just watching them.

Brian actually gave me a hug before they left.

“You up for another round next weekend?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, thinking, hell, yes!

“Great.  We’ll bring the video camera next time.”

I could hardly wait.

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